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Maize and Mealie Meal exports will be increased to empower farmers and bring in foreign exchange-President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu says maize and mealie meal exports will be increased in order to empower farmers and also to increase the country’s foreign exchange.
The President has also announced that government will ensure that the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) embarks on the purchasing of cassava in order to empower farmers and also to promote crop diversification.

President Lungu was speaking when he met chiefs from Mansa district in Luapula province where he discussed wide-ranging developmental issues.

Among the chiefs who the President met included Chief Mabumba, Chief Kalasa Lukangaba, Chief Chimese, Chief Chisunka, Chief Mibenge, Chief Matanda, and Chief Kalaba who he assured that the government is committed to promoting the cultivation of fallback crops such as soya beans, cassava, groundnuts among others in order to promote crop diversification and to promote provincial investments.

And the traditional leaders have welcomed the 150 Kwacha per 50 kg bag maize floor price which the government has set.

Senior Chief Mabumba who represented other chiefs said the maize floor price is a good price that will empower farmers and motivate them to even work harder for the coming farming season.

The Chiefs have thanked the President for his dedicated and passionate leadership and have since assured President Lungu of their support in the forthcoming election in order for him to continue on the path of development.


  1. How many times did people advise you to allow the export of Maize. Your government refused so many times. What has changed now? Sounds like a campaign gimmick.

  2. My president you are very wise. Great timing for this decision. Farmers can you please take note. As a farmer myself I will take advantage

  3. It’s too late, as u haven’t any plan for this nation. U just wasting your breath, at now nobody is listening as your days are over.

  4. More than six years of no action and no decision making – only corruption and stealing – and now less than two months before the election you come up with these plans? Too late, lying Lungu, Zambians have made up their minds: NO MORE ECL, GBM, CK, GL, KZ – I hope you have made an escape plan for August 12, because jail cells beckon for August 13!

  5. No corruption your mind is corrupted with faeces. You will crry again in August like last time. Don’t say I did not warn you

  6. Let’s drop the price of mealiemeal so that it
    Is affordable to all Zambians first.Then we
    Can think of exports.zambians cant afford
    To buy 25kg but 5kg or Pamela.

  7. So much to do in so little time. Just admit already, it’s over for you. Braii the remaining impalas and fry all your fish from your ponds. Your days there are numbered.

  8. People with warped thinking run on empty all the time and they keep making excuses to survive by the day. We are to blame for giving them an audience, space and time.

  9. Not all Zambians have made up their minds to change Govt.Yes some Zambians have decided to change Govt and others like me have not so we shall see how it will be come 15th August. Mr President development is progressive now that we have successive bumper harvests and the country is food secure, the time is ripe to open export of the commodity. Your works sir in silence speak volumes and for those who are objective can only say well done sir you deserve another term.

  10. How many times did we advise this empty suit to stop harassing people trying to export maize and mealie meal to our neighboring countries? And now suddenly he has seen sense? We told this clueless guy that you can earn forex by exporting maize and mealie meal to our neighboring countries. It went right over his empty head. He needs to go come this August. Vote him out. Let him take Kaizar Zulu with him. These are indeed wasted years.

  11. The PF have gone into panic mode over prospects of losing elections to the Freemason. Although he’s gained but I don’t think it’s enough to turn the tables. We told you that not only is he ineligible but very weak as well. I can see fear in their eyes. Wina azalila a mambala! We told you

  12. Abwekele ku Chawama uyu muntu nafilwa!

    5 years full term not realized that and farmers have been exporting maize.

    This man must be dozing in state house.

    PF must go!

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