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Robbers steal over K500, 000 from Mwinilunga businessman


Police in Mwinilunga district in Northwestern province are investigating a case of aggravated robbery in which three unknown people entered a house of a local businessman of Indian origin and walked away with cash amounting to K150,000 and US$16,000 respectively.

Northwestern Province Commissioner of Police Joel Njase has confirmed the robbery in a media statement yesterday and said the incident occurred on June 3rd, 2021 around 07:00 hours in low-density area.

He said the victim, Asif Iqbal Shekh aged 44, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of SADAF enterprises, reported the matter to police.

Mr. Njase said that two masked males with one wearing a head sock entered Asif’s house through an unlocked door.

“The perpetrators entered the house through the unlocked door and ordered the occupants to give them money,” he said.

He said the suspected robbers, who were armed with two pistols and another unknown fire arm, tied Mr. Asif together with other two occupants, a female named Safrina Asif 36, and a male juvenile Shaku Abdul 15, using shoe laces and placed them in one room.

The police chief said the perpetrators ordered the occupants of the house to show them where the money was kept and went away with the stated amount.

Mr. Njase explained that the complainant sustained a cut on the lip and complained of general body pains as fists are alleged to have been used to beat him.

He said police have since visited the scene and found the drawers of the display cabinet open, shoe laces and ropes in two separate rooms.

“The gate was found unlocked, no signs of any breaking were observed hence intensive investigations have been instituted,” said Mr Njase.

Meanwhile, Mr. Njase has cautioned members of the public against keeping large amounts of cash in homes, stating that it is risky to the family and the surrounding communities.

He added that the habit equally has social economic effects on the country.

Mr. Njase has also called for enhanced monitoring of financial transactions in the business environment.


  1. Very sad story indeed. The culture of keeping such large sums of money in the house is not only very dangerous but had negative effect on the economy. The Asians in general have the tendency to mop up forex from circulation and hold it in their houses. The at the opportune time they externalise the forex. People need to cautious on how much money they hold in their homes. The holding of money affects the economy. These guys need to be charged me for money laundering also.

  2. Historically Mwinilunga has been a quite place in terms serious crimes apart from isolated petty crimes. This is a result of an influx of people trying to make a fortune out of gold in the area. I believe Zambia Police Service will manage to bring the culprits to book. People of Mwinilunga should always be on high alert and cooperate with the police to root out undesirable characters who have invaded the area. Today its Shahk who has fallen victim tomorrow it will another business man or woman.

  3. These must be desperate upnd thugs. Hh wakaso.he doesn’t take care of his cadres or relatives so this is the result

  4. Insala yamwa Lungu ngatawibile kunya amenshi.,
    There are too many starving people in Zambia so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of food.

  5. Most Indians at Varun Beverages Ltd, in Lusaka, came to Zambia with nothing, they get favours from their fellow Indians at that company, In just a short period of time you see them driving around in big cars and living the good life. Zambians who are supposed to be paid 2000 US $ are paid 2000 kwachas instead , the rest is paid to Indians with no qualifications and experince. Zambians are given 1-2 years short contracts while Indians who just arrived in the country are employed permanetly, Maybe those so called ”robbers” in Mwinilunga are just frustrated Zambians that went to collect what belongs to them

  6. So Iwe mwaiche KZ, how much are you paid to be spewing drivel on LT all day? I don’t think you do this for free. You need to declare your pay so we can assess the taxes you need to be paying. And who pays you? Your buddy ECL? Bakabwalala imwe. You’re all going to prison in August.

  7. Thank God these thugs didn’t kill them.
    Imwe baffikala why blame us who keep cash home and not give to fvcking PF banks? I once went to Zanaco and was told there was no electricity and tellers were just outside drinking maheu.

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