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Government committed to harnessing aquaculture subsector opportunities-PS


Northern Province Permanent Secretary Royd Chakaba has said the government is committed to harnessing the lucrative opportunities in the aquaculture sub-sector in the region.

Mr. Chakaba said the province provides numerous opportunities for aquaculture production because of abundant land and freshwater resources.

He said the government has also created an enabling environment for investment and growth of the aquaculture sector.

Mr. Chakaba said this during the familiarization tour of Kalungwishi Estate which has invested millions of Kwacha in aquaculture through its subsidiary company, Miracle Fisheries.

The Permanent Secretary is impressed with the investment which Kalungwishi Estate has made in the aquaculture sector.

He said the role of the private sector in economic growth is very important.

He disclosed that Kalungwishi Estate has invested US$1.2 million in the project and created numerous employment opportunities for the local people thereby improving the living standards of people in surrounding communities.

“Kalungwishi Estate through Miracles Fisher has created direct and indirect jobs for people in Kasama and as government we are very excited,” he said.

Mr. Chakaba further said the government of President Edgar Lungu is committed and dedicated to promoting the growth of the aquaculture sector in the country.

He emphasised that investment by Kalungwishi Estate in aquaculture is significant in improving the social economic status of the province and the country as a whole.

The Northern Province Permanent Secretary said government is ready to support such investment because it is eager to ensure that the country’s fish industry is boosted.

Mr. Chakaba also toured Kasama sugar, a company belonging to Kalungwishi Estate which he said is making an important contribution to the country’s economy.

Meanwhile, Kalungwishi Estate General Manager Derick Siyanga said the Permanent Secretary’s visit to the company was an indication that government pays attention to the undertakings of the private sector.

Mr. Siyanga explained that such visits give the private sector an opportunity to present the challenges their companies are facing and how they can be mitigated.

He explained that the Kalungwishi Estate, through its company Miracle Fisheries, is producing 250 tonnes of fish per year.

He however pointed out that production could increase to over 500 tonnes of fish if the company could be allowed to acquire the exotic species found in the southern part of the country.

And Mr. Siyanga encouraged people to exploit the investment potential in the province and utilize the enabling environment the government has created for the growth of the aquaculture sector.

He also urged government to direct more investment to the area and boost the growth of industries in Northern Province.


    #PF kuyabebele !
    August 21th 2021 VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!

  2. Aquaculture is NOT the solution for our people. It’s a destructive practice that eliminates our native species of fish and replaces them with generically modified clones that are unfit for consumption and harm native fish. Let nature take its course and she will regenerate and provide bountiful lakes and rivers. Tightly regulated fishing is the answer here, not aquaculture.

  3. Typical horrible PF government behaviour. More than six years of Lungu’s tenure you hear nothing while they empty the coffers – and then two months before the election: suddenly they come up with socalled clever plans, but as usual they don’t tell you where the money is going to come from!

  4. 10 years later and you’re still speaking of “ potential”? And near election time nonetheless?

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