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HH’s reckless and inflammatory statement has potential to create anarchy and civil unrest-PF


The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) media director has said that the statement from the opposition United party for National Development (UPND) claiming that Mr. Hakainde Hichilema has survived an assassination attempt, is not only reckless and inflammatory but has the potential to create anarchy and civil unrest in the country.

In a statement released to the media, Mr. Mwanza said that Mr. Hichilema’s statement fits so well in the UPND strategy which is anchored on a desperate attempt to solicit Public Sympathy and a scheme to cause civil strife and public despondency.

Mr. Mwanza said that UPND has no message to convince the people to vote for them so they have resorted to a very dangerous strategy of trying to cause anarchy and division in the country by always claiming that the state wants to kill Mr. Hichilema with the hope of drawing public sympathy so that Zambians can vote for them based on sympathy.

“Zambians ought to know that such tactics are very dangerous as they can lead to a total breakdown of rule of law and put the country on flames,” Mr Mwanza said.

Mr Mwanza urged Zambians to rise and condemn what he described as the irresponsible and very dangerous path that UPND has taken.

“We should never allow their desperation for power to lead this country on a path of civil war. We must guard this peace jealousy, ” he concluded


  1. Maybe he is himself a murderer, why always does he speak of killing because no politician has been assassinated in Zambia for political reasons.

  2. For other parties No rallies, no roadshows, no door to door, no church, no ZNBC. What exactly does PF hope to achieve from this devious scheme? It surely shows how narrow minded PF & ECL are. These antics will come to hunt you as you are just losing that plus 1 vote to get you over 50% to win the election. Good luck with your decampaign

  3. Aba nabo ba Antonio Mwanza. He behaves like he is the spokesman for Zambia ninshi he is just a party media director. It’t not even a government job. Elyo you should even get your gratuity pantu very soon your party will starting failing to pay you a salary when they are kicked out of power.

  4. It appears the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) media director’s strategy is there is no fire that can’t be put out by pouring more petrol on it.

    Some leadership.

  5. HH is no different from the proverbial boy who cried wolf. That boy always feigned attack by a wolf until people got fed up with his stupid SOS cries. But one day the real wolf arrived and because of his lies no one listened to his cries. This time around he was attacked by the wolf. HH can do better by learning from this story. One day he will have no one to cry to. Apusa maningi, mambala!
    He knows he is losing so he has to clutch on to what he hopes would be a sympathy vote from Zambians.

  6. Are PF going to arrest HH again? You want to cancel elections? PF just stop provoking HH and Zambians, Zambians are popular more than PF thugs.

  7. Its not strange that the the Trigger happy ZPS could have shot at HH’s Convoy . Is not a fact that the Notorious ZPS missed HH at Govt Offices and shot and killed Nsama Nsama and Joseph Kaunda in cold blood? ZPS also shot and killed young Chibulo. These killings are on record so we wonder why Antonia Mwanza is hallucinating. Where on earth have u seen a heavily armed Police Force killing Citizens? Where on Earth did u ever see a Police Force running Elections? Where on earth have we seen a Police Force directing Opposition Political Parties what Campaign Methods they should use and shouldn’t use? How can Zambia have free,fair and credible Elections when all Electoral Institutions are State Captured? More questions than answers.

  8. * Authoritarian
    * Rigid
    * Unlikable

  9. Its like Antonio Mwanza is having problems to give coordinated statements may Brian Hapunda must be called back to make a difference or add some relevance to thee PF campaign effort. As things stand Antonia is not making the grade, the job is beyond his capacity.

  10. Only danger I see is PF, Police, ECZ -who stopped rallies but could not layout the procedure how to canvass for votes. Now PF want HH to be under house arrest without campaigning! Astonishing stupidity!

  11. Don’t worry my brother let him continue causing trouble and putting the security of this country at risk . He will soon have to answer these charges which he is accumulating. We trust in the police to deal with that thug hh. They have just killed a pf cadre. It won’t be long before this f00I hh is charged with murder. Trust me

  12. I can’t believe that it’s easy for Chinese to tour Zambia and put beacons any way than it is for the opposition.

  13. Mwanza and PF are clearly panicking. Are surprised by the support that HH gets. Get one thing clear: Zambians are NOT very much in favour of HH, but they are SICK AND TIRED of Lying Lungu and his band of corrupt thieving cadres, and consequently will vote for HH in order to get Edgar China Lungu out!

  14. Stop blocking him……..

    PF and their rats are not sleeping with diarrhoea caused by thinking of HH 25/8

  15. Mwamona Nomba – There are 10 billion reason why the Chinks have free access…they basically own you and your unborn grandchildren all thanks to PF and this dull man in State House!!

  16. The way Kaizer Zulu thinks. You would wonder if he is still a boy or an adult. No wonder he was fired by ECL. He is so immature.

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