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Government to continue supporting traditional leaders-President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu says his government prioritised traditional leaders’ affairs because they are key to national development.

Meeting chiefs Katumba and chieftainess Nyanje of the Chewa and Nsenga people in Sinda district, President Lungu said chiefs should interact with government and dialogue over development issues.

He told chiefs to continue supporting him and his government.

And chief Katumba commended government for the many developmental projects being implemented in all chiefdoms of Sinda district.

He said the lives of many people in Sinda has been improved hence people in his area were supporting President Lungu in the forthcoming election.

Meanwhile, chieftainess Nyanje urged President Lungu to continue with the heart of kindness to help the poor people in the country.

President Lungu arrived in Eastern Province this morning and since toured Nyimba; Lusangazi and Sinda districts.

Earlier, President Edgar Lungu has asked chiefs in Nyimba district to always dialogue and interact with the local political leaders and his office in order to foster development in the area.

President Lungu said it was important for traditional leaders to point out what development achievements have been done and appreciate it.

He said it was also pleasing that the chiefs in Nyimba district were appreciative of the various pieces of infrastructure that government has put up in the area.

ZANIS reports that President Lungu was speaking in Nyimba today when he met chiefs Nyalugwe, Ndake, Senior Chief Luembe and Chieftainess Mwape, all of Nyimba district in Eastern Province.

President Lungu said traditional leaders should also tell government the kind of development they need to have in their areas.

He said it was not good for people to merely complain about what has not been done without acknowledging developmental achievements that have been scored.

And President Lungu said development was a gradual process which requires people to be patient with government as it continues to develop all key sectors of the economy.

And President Lungu further called for the diversification of the agricultural sector.

And speaking on behalf of other traditional leaders who met the President, Chief Luembe thanked government for opening the 2021 crop marketing season early and raising the floor price for white maize to K150 per 50 kilogramme bag.

The Chief said the move has kicked out briefcase maize buyers from business.

He further thanked government for building secondary schools in all the chiefdoms in Nyimba district and for the social cash transfer being given to vulnerable people.

Chief Luembe also said people in the area were grateful for the rehabilitation of the Great East road, which he said has eased movements and reduced travel time.

The traditional leader has meanwhile expressed happiness that the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) has connected power to some remote places in Nyimba.

President Lungu is in Eastern Province to inspect development projects being carried out in the region.


  1. Lungu “supporting traditional leaders” meaning you’ll continue the bicycles bribery program?

  2. Vote no to PF top down leader ship.

    “A 2017 study by the Rockefeller Institute of Government found that traditional blue states like Connecticut ($15,643), Massachusetts ($13,582), New Jersey ($13,137), New York ($12,820), and California ($10,510), contributed significantly more in federal taxes, per citizen, than traditional red states like Mississippi ($5,740), West Virginia ($6,349), Kentucky ($6,626), and South Carolina ($6,665).
    Not only do some states contribute more to the federal budget than others, but some also receive less from the federal government in return. On average, each of our 50 states receives about $1.14 from the federal government for every tax dollar they send to Washington.”
    PF time out!

  3. That’s right my boss. It will translate into many rural votes because pf puts rural zambian first

  4. Edgar China Lungu means that he will continue BRIBING the chiefs, or “empowerment” as it is called in PF speak. I trust the chiefs will just accept the money and vote for somebody else!

  5. Hey KZ we are still waiting for OP to show up? Or maybe you have lost the phone number? But surely your ex boss will be able to assist? Or does he not pick up the phone any longer when he sees that it’s his miserable failing ex employee calling from the UK?

  6. Not sure why these chiefs could be supporting negative inflation numbers, depleted reserves, run away inflation, unacceptably high unemployment, unstainable debt achuired through reckless borrowing, suspension of rights and liberties. Unbelivable

  7. Campaigning in chiefdoms for him but for others just mere movement attracts tear gas from Police, very embarrassing for such a once promising country. I would rather we won clean as PF and not through stifling democracy

  8. Dear Eastern province Chiefs,

    Kindly tell his excellency that the eastern province would be better off with a road 150km from Petauke to Serenje to have a direct link to the Copperbelt and Northwestern province markets. That is what would be real development. Market for farming inputs by passing Lusaka. That is what empowerment is? This is what will lift the people of the eastern province. Mwebo amwape muliye bauzye apresident kuti atipangileko museu oluta kuSerenje?

    Forget the 2.3bn project for the Muchinji rail line from Chipata via Petauke to Serenje. Just ask him for this 150km road.

  9. PF is a big let down looking at how they have performed in government even in comparison to MMD, What they promised they would improve on has all gone down and before covid

  10. These sentiments ALWAYS puzzle me. Do these people know that traditional leaders ARE part of government? There is a constitutional institution called House of Chiefs. Traditional leaders ARE part and parcel of government. To think that they are to be ‘supported’ by government is the same thinking of the European Colonial masters who thought of them as less than rulers. It may be lost on many Zambians that some paramount chiefs travelled to England to protest against the Federation and the Litunga was part of the independence negotiations.

  11. This lazy man Edgar needs to rest he is devoid of any ideas remove the bribes and he is empty!!

  12. To the ugly bab00n above, How can a lazy man need to rest? This is what we mean when we say thinking with your tribe.

  13. President Lungu believes in working together for benefiting Zambians. He is always working with traditional leaders, stakeholders, etc. for the development. #LeavingNoOneBehind

  14. President Edgar Lungu emphasis unity as power and it reflects in his working model! He is not a walk and talks President. He always says what he means without giving fake promises like HH.

  15. Traditional leaders praising His Excellency and his decision, still some fools will have problem with it. They get cramps in their stomach whenever someone says nice things about the President. As no one says good things about HH, ever except his handful of supporters. ???

  16. Just a few more months we have to bear the drama of UPND. Once the elections get over, HH and his team will disappear.

  17. The President gets to know the needs and wants of rural areas from chiefs, and chiefs distribute the funds and items among the people received by the government. That is why they share a strong bond.

  18. We must appreciate the amount of hard work and dedication our President puts in order to improve the lives of Zambians. He is one of a kind!

  19. It is sad that some people criticize such a great leader only to give benefit criminal and unpatriotic #Bally. Shame!!!!

  20. President Lungu is committed to make Zambia a poverty-free nation, and so he is making our rural population strong with the help of traditional leaders.

  21. Ah, the PF comments team is back: see above comments from Dug, Graham, Ivy, Ron, Mary, Ruth and Marge. Quite sad that this is the best the PF can come up with. Probably just one underpaid cadre wasting his time. Even the UK based troll KZ is doing a better job (although not that much better) HAHAHA

  22. But honestly ladies and gentlemen, what makes Kainyokolola Zulu so gutless? In everything that he does, all he sees is HH and Tongas! Could it be that HH sordomised your mother leaving her with a vile STD?

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