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Ministry of Health to recruit 766 health workers by next week

Health Ministry of Health to recruit 766 health workers by next week

The Ministry of health has assured that it is doing everything possible to save lives and to ensure learning institutions and other economic activities are sustained, as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to escalate.

In yesterday COVID 19 update, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services Kennedy Malama observed the anxiety arising from the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases,

Dr Malama noted the complacency in adherence to public health guidelines and new variants detected in the country and called collective efforts to curtail the surge in COVID-19 cases.

“It is clear that the escalating COVID 19 cases we continue seeing are being fueled by; Laxity in adherence to public health guidelines, Super spreader events of various forms and of course the effects of the SARS COV 2 variants of concern detected in our country namely B.1.1.7, B.1.351, B1.617.2,” Mr Malama said.

He also implored leaders from all sectors in the country to take the lead in ensuring the safety of the people they lead by encouraging them to adhere to set public health guidelines on COVID-19.

“Today we call upon our Traditional, Religious, Political, Civic and Cooperate leaders to take pole position in the response to COVID-19,” Dr. Malama urged.

Dr Malama also commended health workers for their tireless efforts to serve lives and dedication to duty, amidst swelling numbers in hospitals.

He further announced that the recruitment of 766 health workers to strengthen the system would be concluded this week.

“We are delighted that the recruitment of 766 health care workers is being completed this week and expected new staff to start reporting from next week,” he said.

Further, Dr Malama announced that the Ministry will be receiving 108,000 additional AstraZeneca and 100,00 Sinopharm Vaccine doses to supplement the vaccines assigned for the second dose recipients and those that are yet to receive the first dose.

Mr Malama added that the Vaccination for the second dose will resume on June 23, 2021.

The Country has recorded 1,231 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 giving a 12% positivity with the cumulative total of confirmed cases now 101,996 and six deaths.

In the breakdown of the new cases announced by province, Lusaka tops at 562, Southern Province is next on 211 cases, Eastern province is on 183 cases, followed by Central province on 118, Western Province with 84 cases, North-western province 32 cases, Luapula 26 , Muchinga 9, Copperbelt and Northern province on 3 cases respectively.


  1. It would be hard to pick just 1 nights nurse from those in picture. Only tribal names would make it easier to select one of those beauties.

  2. A very positive move. Whether it is as a result of the recent action by Dr Sampa the RDAZ President that has necessitated this decision we may not know. Most times ‘freedom fighters’ make the ultimate sacrifice. Also we are seeing a resurgence of COVID-19 and this indeed is the right time to beef up on health personnel numbers. Government is hereby commended. But the backlog is still huge and colleges are still graduating more and more potential public service staff. We need to have better strategies to manage these numbers. Maybe the 65 retirement age needs revisiting.

  3. Really laughable…this is typical of a reckless govt with no vision Doctors and nurses were on go slow because of salary arrears and salary payment delays just last week and to add salt to injury they want to add more staff on to the payroll. I wonder who they are trying to fooool

  4. This recklessness is the reason $1.2 billion is missing from Ndola -Lusaka construction project ….it would be irresponsible on voters to give PF and Lazy Lungu another 5 years

  5. As serous as covid is , and Zambians must be carful……..6 deaths ????

    More people are dying of lack of medicines and lack of proper nutrition at the moment.

  6. imwe bantu, has anyone on this street been visited by the door to door campaigns? if so what questions are you asking them and if not please don’t forget to make videos of your interactions and post on social media, we would like to hear their answers to your questions.

  7. Kikikiki, government yama cadres. No planning at all. What are u going to pay them mwebantu sure. U fail to pay 2 workers then u want to employ other 20? Don’t forget there is also a shortage of diesel in the country waiting for u to solve also as well as well as elections for u to win come August.

  8. You can’t talk about creating jobs when you already know that they’re not going to be paid! And without vaccines, what are those health workers going to do? Bury the dead?

  9. Why most women in Zambia are light skinned..what chemicals do they use…you rarely see a dark skinned woman in Zambia…do they use mekako

  10. No one can deny the fact that only because of the hard work of our health service, doctors, and nurses, the country able to control the rising cases of the deadly virus.

  11. HH supporters should feel embarrassed, because of their leader HH the cases are now rising in the country. He was the conducted rallies, gathered people across the country, and broke the Covid-19 protocols. Simply shame!!!!

  12. Time has proved that only HH and his team brought destruction in Zambia! He is the only one behind the evil crimes. This cannot be coincident.

  13. We, the people of this country welcomed the great decision by the health minister! Now, what handful of fools think it doesn’t matter.

  14. The health minister recruit nurses to the health service. Now, what wrong with this??? But still as a habit, HH supporters will criticize the decision, and later they will only cry that there is no job for teacher, nurse and bla bla bla…

  15. It like recruiting soldiers to go to war without guns and ammunition. Try fighting Boko Haram with bare hands!

  16. Kaiser Zulu stop calling pipo dogs are so full to argue or put across your points in a civil manner.
    Now it is clear who the country is in an economic crisis if HE ECL had advisor of your caliber.
    Let’s learn to accept different views


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