Monday, July 22, 2024

Social Cash Transfer payments underway in Nabwalya chiefdom


Government has paid more than seventy Social Cash Transfer Beneficiaries in Nabwalya Chiefdom in Mpika District of Muchinga Province.

Mpika District Commissioner Sampa Muswema who flagged off the payments assured beneficiaries of government’s commitment to alleviate poverty among vulnerable groups of society.

Mr Muswema noted that government managed to pay beneficiaries in Nabwalya chiefdom despite the area being located in the hard to reach.

“The Social Cash Transfer programme is for all Zambians who are eligible and the people of Nabwalya are not an exception,” said Mr. Muswema.

The District Commissioner further outlined the beneficiaries as the aged, people living with disability, child headed households among others, all from Kazembe and Kapangula areas in Nabwalya.

“I would like to urge you to be praying for the President for the continued implementation of this program,” he said.

And Community Welfare Assistant Committee (CWAC) Secretary Peter Chibesa, said the programme has helped to alleviate poverty among beneficiaries.

He said beneficiaries have been able to build houses, pay school fees for their children and are able to afford at least three meals a day.

Meanwhile, one of the beneficiaries, Josephine Nkope, praised President Lungu for the programme which has managed to change her living standards.

Ms. Nkope said that the funds have enabled her build a house and buy food for her children and grandchildren.

“There has never been a president in Zambia who has been able to implement a program such as this, President Lungu should be commended,” said Ms. Nkope.


  1. Great development. The toilet cleaning upnd diasporans are upset..come to Zambia you get some social cash. Kikiki

  2. Peter walikwata amenso boi. Umuntu teti akubepe. Thats not Zambian money. Even the people in t he pictures are no Zambians. Imitwe fye yalipusana neya ma Zambians.
    Unprofessionalism in journalism. Shame. Fake news.

  3. Fire this journalist for plagiarism, clearly not Zambian money or people. Is this the caliber of journalism at LT?

  4. Praying for Lungu because I took what was mine anyway?!?! All this evidence when we petition, if we loose. PF should pray that we UPND don’t loose…. kikikik

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