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Street lighting in Mufulira progressing well


The street lighting project in Mufulira District under the Zambia Township Roads project is progressing well.

Mufulira Municipal Council Assistant Public Relations Manager, Thandiwe Tembo said street lights have so far been installed on 15 kilometers of roads in the district.

Ms Tembo disclosed that a total of 20.5 kilometers of roads in the district are expected to be lit under the same project.

Ms Tembo said the Zambia Township Road project which commenced in 2019 has seen a total of 63 kilometers in the district upgraded to bituminous standard, adding that the contractor, AVIC International is now installing street lights in selected roads under the project.

She said some of the roads where street lights have been installed include Kansuswa ring road, Chikala Bwamba, Butondo, Maina Soko and Kombe roads.

Ms Tembo added that other roads are Kafironda, Intebe,Chisokone, and Mupambe roads.

She said the street lighting project will not only give the border town a face lift, but will also increase security for people moving at night.


  1. Good work PF govt. Development we applaud BUT corruption we don’t tolerate. Unfortunately projects like this have the cadres like Max score millions through balloon project pricing. This Unfortunately is the stench of PF development projects which overshadows the little development we see.

  2. After more than 50 years of independence, a relatively straight forward thing as street light installation is being sold to us as development. And we have an international company in charge of the project.

  3. Soon we’ll here that a WHOLE leader has gone to commision the street lights! Mu Zambia namo kuwayawaya fye

  4. Soon we’ll hear that a WHOLE leader has gone to commision the street lights! Mu Zambia namo kuwayawaya fye

  5. In Lusaka, some streets such Burma road, Chilimbuli, town centre, Lumumba /Mumbwa road junction all the up to Star Cottage, no street lighting and they tell us that they moving this country forward. At Radian stores area, there are always call boys who block the road and extorting money from motorists. Charge between K5 and K10 depending on size of vehicle. This blocking of the road causes much traffic jams into Mumbwa road up to Zamanit and nothing is being done by the police.

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