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Vice president Inonge Wina and PF Presidential Running mate arrive in North-western province

General News Vice president Inonge Wina and PF Presidential Running mate arrive in...

Vice President Inonge Wina has arrived in North-western province on a two-day working visit.

Mrs. Wina touched down at Zambezi district airstrip at about 09:30 hours, in the company of Patriotic Front Presidential (PF) Running Mate Nkandu Luo, Members of the central committee, and senior party officials.

Speaking upon arrival, Mrs Wina encouraged people in Zambezi district to hold peaceful campaigns ahead of the August 12 general elections.

Meanwhile, Mrs Wina has advised people on the need not to drop the guard in the fight against COVID-19.

“I am encouraged that you are all masked up. We need to protect ourselves from the virus that has killed a lot of people,” she said.

Mrs Wina said people must not listen to political leaders who are refusing to follow the COVID-19 health guidelines, adding that such people must be held accountable for their actions.

And Patriotic Front Presidential Running Mate Ngandu Luo said that the PF government has been well tested for the past 10 years adding that it will build on many successes, scored so far in terms of equitable distribution of social and economic development.

Professor Luo said massive development delivered by the government across the country, under President Edgar Lungu is what distinguishes the party from others contesting in this year’s general elections.

“I am glad to hear that people in this district will vote for PF ahead of the elections starting with the President to the council Chairpersons, this is what we want to see,” she said.

Professor Luo has since encouraged people in the area to vote in numbers in the August 12 general elections, adding that every vote counts.

While in the province, the Vice President will first call on five local traditional leaders and later hold meetings with party officials and all parliamentary and civic election aspiring candidates on party tickets.

Mrs Wina later in the day will call on Senior Chief Sikufele of Manyinga district and meet two traditional leaders from Kabompo district, and also inspect the construction sites for the civic and district administration.

She will wind up her first day of tour in Manyinga with meeting party officials and all parliamentary and Civic election aspiring candidates on a party ticket.

Members of the central committee and senior party officials have accompanied the Vice President.



  2. The last time this happened that a sitting minister flew to Zimbabwe with an ANC entourage was a big scandal. She had to re-imburse government coffers for each person who travelled with her. Thats because the plane was paid for the tax payers. Here we have Wina travelling with people who are not government officials on official government business. We should be demanding more accountability and responsibility from these officials.

  3. Misuse of government and people resources. Luo is not entitled to use ZAF planes and why stop others to campaign when PF is doing it using inspecting projects.
    Please Zambians is this the type of leaders we need that take advantage of the system. Wake up people these are not interested in your lives but thier pockets. Ask yourself how the government annocues it’s recruiting medical last week then yesterday it say they have completed the exercise without advertising. Is this the life you want to get a job you must be contacted or corrupt.
    It’s your vote and decision. A litre of cooking oil is more expensive then petrol which is imported.

  4. In what capacity is Luo on that entourage…this is something that needs to be challenged but opposition is sleeping…she is using GRZ resources whilst the old grandma is sleeping in the hotel

  5. This is an abuse if authority Mr kashindeni and masau chauulu…this is were u need to act..how can the vice president be moving with members of the NEc of a political party and calling it a two day working visit.

  6. The will be a time of paying for Mr Luo
    Just like ministers had to pay back people don’t learn

  7. Thank God you arrived safe mother. We wish you a successful trip. We thank you so much for your dedication even in your old age. You are a role model.

    Chant down Babylon don’t be jealous. It’s not my fault i am the best political strategist in the world

  8. Is this the Kandu Luo who was saying or telling Northerners that and I quote, “ine ndi mu Bisa teti votele mutundu wumbi” Now does she honestly want imituhundu imbi to vote for her?? Like really are her degrees confusing her? nangu cili shani?

  9. KZ wipe that Brown Stuff off your tongue,you’re the country’s number one ass licker.
    Why is PF so afraid of a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.
    The Zambian people have already made made up their minds.The absence of Opposition will only reinforce their resolve to rid the country of this Criminal Enterprise of a Government

  10. Ba VP tabakwata ama looks, then you replace her with one with the worst looks ever….ECL takwata ama looks bushe li teamu lyashani . These people are as ugly at heart as they are in looks. They don’t care about nobody but themselves…. Bwafya mwe…. Now you also hear ECL saying we want to make sure that no child is left behind. You mean ECL and PF have only known about that today. …?? This project has been been there since George W Bush, the former US President. In fact the Bush Administration coined it and sold it to the rest of the world. This just shows how inept PF is.

  11. PF practicing ancient /stone age tactics of disadvantaging one’s opponents. If I remember very well during my primary school days there used to be inter schools football matches where visiting teams used to be subjected to all sorts of mistreatment before the match. Such as playing loud music through out the night where the visiting team was lodging, being fed on bad food, locals engaging in stage managed fights to distract the attention of visitors, heading cattle on the pitch etc. This is where the PF is driving this country to no where. I hear from the ground that majority PF candidates are struggling in their campaign efforts such lack of enough logistics especially in Mwinilunga, Kasempa and Kabompo among others.

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