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Charity Katanga warns UPND for blocking the Vice President Motorcade


Deputy Inspector General of Police in -charge of Operations, Charity Katanga has described an attempt by United Party for National Development (UPND) to block Vice President Mrs. Inonge Wina and her entourage as unfortunate and should not happen again.

Mrs. Katanga has warned political parties in the country to desist from provoking police officers.

She was speaking when she paid a courtesy call on Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe.

Mrs Katanga emphasized that the Public Order Act has not been suspended and expected all political parties to observe the law in their conduct.

Mrs Katanga has since directed police officers in the country to engage representatives of all political parties to ensure that road shows campaigns are coordinated and traffic rules are observed.

“Political parties must observe traffic rules and accommodate other road users. We have continued to strategies and review how best campaigns using roadshows can be conducted in an orderly manner,” she said.

“What happened in Ndola where the Vice President’s motorcade had to be diverted because UPND members had blocked access to the road is unfortunate and should not happen again,” she said.

Meanwhile, Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe confirmed that the province has registered some political disturbances in the past week.

Mr Nundwe said the police are being provoked with impunity despite working under difficult circumstances.

Mr Nundwe advised politicians coming into the province to campaign to not bring confusion but talk about development.

He emphasized that in the absence of peace the country cannot continue on its developmental agenda.

And speaking earlier when she addressed senior officers at Kitwe central drill hall, Mrs Katanga urged police officers in the province to execute duties with diligence and instill public confidence that security is assured during poll day.

Mrs Katanga expected police officers not get involved in politics as it will prove difficult to execute duties.

“Police is there to ensure that there is public order in the country,” she said.

Mrs Katanga is on the Copperbelt Province to carry out operations in Chingola district where reports of hacking people have been recorded as well as Ndola district where pockets of political violence have been reported resulting in one death.



  1. Why does the VP need such a wasteful motorcade when Zambia is in debt up to our foreheads?

  2. Why is the old hen Bo Inonge flying and driving around the place when she is out going …we all know she has Luo in her company who is utilising GRZ resources.
    Hakienda himself should be in the fore front to condemn such acts!!

  3. VP & her PF party are both players in the election. You cannot be owning roads where road shows or campaigns are taking place.

  4. Very cowardly and backward monkey manners. It is no surprise that fellow backward bab00ns like tarino above and others find this acceptable behaviour. When I say you are tribalism who think with your tribe, you go in a hissy fit and yet here is more evidence. You fail to criticize bad behaviour because it comes from your fellow tribal donkeys. You fcuking bunch of dogs. Try stopping or blocking my car and I will personally put a bullet through your ugly head.

  5. To me this whole ROADSHOWS thing is a sharm and has reduced campaigns to a low level where one is subjected to the likes of “Kuya bebele” or “abwekelepo”, no substance and no debates about manifestos. So political parties expect voters have the internet to access their manifesto? In civilized democracy, we could have seen the ZNBC playing key role here providing a platform for discussions and debates by all competing political parties. Debates would be way beneficial than those roadshows. I can imagine Hakainde or UPND were not aware of the VP presence or did Charirity expect to block the whole Ndola because the VP was there? How about the blocking of roads for ordinary people that is happening with those roadshows, are the common people not important, why is she not talking about…

  6. general Kanene- that’s the whole point PF wants to reach out to rural voters with SCT bribes and these working visits whilst telling the ignorant rural people that opposition don’t want to visit them.

  7. UPND are not a special group. ZP should quickly act to avoid loss of life. After elections, UPND will be no more.

  8. @Tarino – You are right, thats the PF strategy called “Mwankole” Strategy,
    So if HH will play by PF books, they will let him keep waving to those small kids in the streets – atleast that’s what I have observed from the videos, while PF will be focussing on where the votes are – rural areas. So if UPND knows that PF is telling the villagers that the opposition doesn’t want to visit them, then it’s a “true lie” for as long as UPND doesn’t show up in those villages too.
    I am expecting other members of the Alliance, the KBF, Mutati`s, Ernest Mwansa, Milupis, to be visible, but they are nowhere to be seen or am I missing something here?

  9. I would support Charity Katanga here. I give way to VIP motorcades myself because that’s a road traffic regulation. U can dislike Inonge Wina all u want. That’s fine in a democracy but let her be driven around like the Vice-President of the Republic of Zambia that she is. I repeat, u don’t hv to like her.

  10. When the vice president is using state resources and her so called tours to campaign for Mr. Luo then it is every citizens right to block her from doing so.

  11. Just one sided lens, how about the police who unnecessarily blocked HHs motorcade near Levy Mwanawasa in Ndola, for HH to be unnecessarily blocked it is okay, but for the vice president, it is not okay. It is not okay in both occasions. So don’t just condemn one side

  12. The difference between UPND and PF roadshows, UPND roadshows show a diverge age range of ordinary citizens babies, young and old, while PF roadshows it is muscle tshirt clad cadres simply drawn together to show muscle power, PF roadshows lack that citizens oomph.

  13. The mistaken belief is that when they warn it means they are working, very lost. The President has asked you as Police to regain the confidence of the people but you are not improving an inch, all you do is warning and warning and only warning one party leaving the violent PF party


  15. Tikki hahaha this small boy said I don’t have money. Come face me if you think you man enough. Do you know who I am you ? Fuseke. I can make you disappear

  16. The upnd kittens never learns. Damn it, was kalusa among the spirit of confusion and disrespect h’again?

  17. Kaizar Zulu, make someone disappear? Really?? Ba former presidential adviser , what a joke. Why did Zambia pick street adults to rule the country? God help us.

  18. We want ECZ to set up a debate involving all aspiring candidates so that we the undecided can judge for ourselves to choose the best man for the job. Kinda torn between ECL n HH naba Nervous but…,

  19. Charity Katanga should not complain the above using ECZ banned public rallies and opted for Road Shows which are causing more confusion. Blaming UPND will not help because road shows is the only avenue to conduct campaigns. All efforts to frustrate UPND are falling apart. HH’s time has come.

  20. Katanga, when the various political parties obtain approval for road shows from police and ECZ, these roads they will use to conduct the shows are agreed in advance. So why does the VP motorcade pass through roads earmarked for political campaign road shows? Police is shooting itself on the foot by this omission of duty!!!

  21. Why in these Corvid times Mama
    Inonge running up and down in
    A motorcade?leave it to your successor who can take it up.
    Enjoy your pension.

  22. Kaiser , my mbuya you were just a lower civil servant with no source of income drinking kachasu and chibuku as you mbuyas like doing. You built chipata compound , we build new Kasama
    You have stolen from the zambian citizenry so that you make threats to another unseen invisible Blogger. To make a threat to someone who happen to have different political affiliations, views, ideologies and approaches is sickening mbuya. To make someone disappear is an act of terrorism boardering abducting your fellow Zambian just because you have different political views. Kaiser my mbuya calm down power corrupts and money blinds people. You are better than this.
    If you are so loaded please build a school or buy medicines for people who are less able to afford to get to the near school or treatment…

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