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Our Opponents Ran a Propaganda War Against President Edgar Lungu and Lost -Davies Mwila


THE ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has said that enemies of progress have been wanting to disadvantage President Edgar Lungu by bringing up eligibility claims because of their fear of the candidature of the PF leader.

Speaking during a media briefing at the PF Secretariat yesterday, PF Secretary General Davies Mwila expressed happiness at the Constitutional Court’s ruling that the party’s candidate Edgar Chagwa Lungu is eligible to contest this year’s election stating that justice has prevailed.

Mr. Mwila said that the Constitutional Court’s decision is a victory for Zambia, the Rule of Law and for the Patriotic Front party.

“For years, our opponents have run a propaganda war against President Edgar Lungu alleging that the president was seeking an illegal term of office when not,” he added.

“They have spent millions upon millions trying to misinform and mislead our people that President Edgar Lungu was looking for a third term when they knew so well that the President was seeking his second term.”

He said the Constitutional Court is the Court of final appeal and has buried the case once and for all.

“Even when the constitutional court made it very clear in the Judgement of the Danny Pule and Bampi Kapalasa cases that President Lungu was elegible to contest the 2021 presidential elections, our opponents still went ahead to abuse and misuse the court’s time and resources to push a case that had already been settled at law all because of their fear of the candidature of President Edgar Lungu,” Mr Mwila said.

Mr Mwila has since encouraged party supporters and sympathisers to go flat out and campaign for the president and the party as Victory is certain.

The Constitutional Court this yesterday dismissed the case in which the eligibility of President Edgar Lungu to contest in the 2021 General Elections was being questioned.

This is a matter in which the Legal Resource Foundation, Mr. Sishuwa Sishuwa and Ms. Linda Kasonde’s Chapter One Foundation, argued that President Lungu was not eligible to stand.

In the judgment, the Constitutional Court stated, inter alia, that: “We hold that Article 106 (3), when read with Article 106 (6) of the Constitution, does not bar the 1st Respondent (President Edgar Chagwa Lungu) from contesting the forthcoming presidential election scheduled for 12th August, 2021. For that reason, we hold that the 1st Respondent’s nomination which was accepted by the Returning Officer on 17th May, 2021 is valid and that the 1st Respondent, Mr. Edgar Changwa Lungu, is entitled to stand for election as President on 12th August, 2021.”

Below is the full Judgment for your DOWNLOAD



  1. Courts are controlled either buy the ruling government or outside forces…look at what happened in Malawi …..the Judges were Chakwera’s friends and after he won elections he started offering them positions in his government….even here in the USA…Obama had his own supreme court judges to help him push his agenda …same applied to Trump….he appointmented his friend after Ginsberg’s death……Sangwa knows how the Judicial system works….its all full of corruption and deals…..Judges discuss cases in homes with Lawyers in exchange for a brown envelopes while sipping expensive champagne….and the poor are fighting each on the streets…judges and Politcians are busy making deals…quid por quo…..


  3. The Danny Pule Case was rubbished by the 3 Constitutional Lawyers. Concourt has sanctioned Lungu’s Third Term Steal. On August 12 the Real Concourt of Public Opinion will have a say in Lungu’s Third Term Steal. Zambians have already voted for Lungu twice and Concourt can’t force them to vote for him for the Third Time. On August 12 Voters will show that they have the Power and Final say to reject Lungu’s Third Term Steal. We stopped Chiluba from his Third Term madness and on August 12 we will do the same to Dictator ECL. Davies Mwila and his ” Ubomba Mwibala Alya ifya Mwibala Alya ” Team should wait and see.

  4. This coming from the violent cader commander called mwila……

    We all remember his audio telling PF thugs to steal plots and take over public spaces……..

    Mwila , what law can you respect if it does not favour your thieving corrupt fraud convict boss ………?

  5. This ruling was expected, ECL & PF can control a few dubious individuals to twist a ruling BUT 12th Aug we the people will give the true verdict.

  6. Zambian people you can thank the f00Iish upnd party for Wasting tax payers money by bringing a case which was already determined by the same court. The upnd are doing very well in enriching lawyers who already rich at the expense of poor zambians. This is the type of desperation hh has due to the millions he owes to his gay funders.

  7. The Judgement has been passed whether we like it or not lets accept and live with it. We are partly to blame because we are proactive and don’t keen interest in matters of public interest. Looking at the legal term representing the 1st respondent its the cream of legal brains. The petitioners did well and the bench has saved on legal costs as each party is to bear its own costs. It was not a battle for the Three Petitioners but all Zambians. Its a BIG Lesson. It was clear when ECL stated whilst in Nyimba that he legible to stand. Further how do you expect appointees to go against the appointing authority. Even if it were me, it will never happen not in my life time unless on my dead body. These loop holes in our laws are a result of having defective MPs in parliament who are educated…

  8. This case has been clear from the word go, petitioners have just been taking a chance or create some doubt about the candidate they don’t like. There are only two rules to read from the constitution regarding this matter. Number 1. The rule of natural justice: Whoever crafted the section could not have ignored this rule and to even be fair they put a cap on the period by which at least a term must be considered (3 years and above). Anything less cannot be held against the incumbent whether you like him or not. Number 2. The law is not just sections it must be considered in it’s entirety. When you define the period to be considered for a term then the section on held office twice or sworn in twice automatically fall off. If the section on definition of the term is absent and only leaves…

  9. Obtaining goods and services by false pretences is treasonable, it will be reviewed after 12 August.

  10. How can a leader from a law background allow his juniors to make such retrogressive utterances ….this is no different to what Kamba was saying; every Zambian citizen has a right to petition Lazy Lungu no one is above the constitution. You fear him in PF but Zambia is not PF.

  11. While opening the Munali flyover on Wednesday, President Lungu said while people say Zambia’s economy is not booming, there are activities which indicate that there is money in the economy and that people are living well.

    Ifintu filecinja, utupuba tuletalika, translated, this simply means that Zambians should be told that when PF is working, I don’t know whether the word is foolish people or *****s, I don’t know…but people who are dull in mind are arguing that nothing is being done. I remember in Parliament debating the word foolish, stupid ***** and all those things but I don’t want to go there but all in all they are saying Ifwe tulebomba, utupuba tuletalika,” he said.

  12. Mwila should look himself in the mirror again to understand democracy and constitutional matters. He even says and I quote. ,” Mr. Mwila said that the Constitutional Court’s decision is a victory for Zambia, the Rule of Law and for the Patriotic Front party.

    I wonder which Zambia they all refer to…? Ubupuba is very costly bane. Vote wisely pa Aug 12 and vote out PF.

  13. there is so much talking about this third term /second full term issue. yet for ordinary citizens like me the blame lies squarely at the politicians and lawyers doorstep The constitution ECL signed into law took decades in debate by the so said learned men and politicians. They urged for it to be signed and at the end of it all we have learned new terms from these men and women. We now know about ‘Lacuna’ and what not. They call it a gap in the law , n oversight . Truly ? A document that has cost more than any other developmental program , spent 20 plus years in the plain sight of these lawyers and politicians now has gaps ? Spare us the drama and accept that you have wasted our money, taken the Nation for granted and this little side show of ECL and the partial term or full term is all…

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