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A Record 2.5 tonnes of fish harvested in Chief Chipepo’s area, Gwembe

Economy A Record 2.5 tonnes of fish harvested in Chief Chipepo’s area, Gwembe

Women and youth in Gwembe who were empowered with fishing cages have now started harvesting tonnes of fish.

Gwembe District Commissioner, Timothy Siakaziba says the empowerment is in line with government’s development agenda aimed at alleviating poverty of vulnerable citizens in rural areas, especially women and youth.

‘’As government our aim is to ensure the livelihood of those who are most vulnerable in rural parts of Zambia, such as Chipepo area here in Gwembe are improved. We want everyone to benefit from the national cake, hence our promise to ensure that development reaches all areas,’’ he said.

Speaking when he witnessed the first harvest of 2.5 tonnes of fish, Mr Siakaziba further said the investment in the fishing industry in Chipepo will help alleviate the fish deficit being experienced in the country.

“ The other reason why government saw it fit to invest in the fishing industry is to help deal with the current fish deficit the country is facing.

“ With these fishing cages, the sales from the fishing industry here in Chipepo can contribute to the expanding export industry of fish as well as meet the domestic demand which will contribute to improving the GDP and the economy,’’ he said.

And Southern Province Fisheries Officer, Samuel Mwenya disclosed that his office has empowered 39 beneficiaries among them women and youth with the fish cages.

Mr. Mwenya explains the Investment in the fish cages will help alleviate poverty among the beneficiaries especially that from each fish cage, the beneficiaries are expected to accrue over k85,000 profit from sales.

Meanwhile, Malumba Maambo says the empowerment by government will enable him and other fishermen in Gwembe supply fish to Lusaka which will help improve their livelihood.

Mr. Maambo , a beneficiary, has commended government for taking an interest in empowering youths in the district who have continued to face various economic challenges as a result of erratic weather conditions in the areas continuing to limit their productivity in the Agricultural sector.


  1. There was a time when it was healthy to eat chicken until chemicals entered the chicken thru feed. I moved to village chicken. Its no longer healthy to eat village chicken because chemicals have now entered the village chicken. It is no longer the village chicken we knew. I moved to goat meat….but the goats I see now …are not the same tu mbuzi we new. They are now as big as oxen. Too much chemicals in them. Beef I stopped long time ago. then i told myself that I will only get proteins from Fish….but this new fish from China grows in two weeks. Our fish now is something else…I do not know about this Gwembe fish and all the fish pond fishes……this aquaculture has also introduced chemicals in our fish. And we wondering why cancer is on the rise in Zambia……May be we…

  2. Fish farming is where PF and lungu have tried ……..but it is still disheartening to see imported fish…….

    Also zambia fisheries and GRZ must be prepare for a deadly decline in indigenous fish species that will be decimated by the Asian or Chinese introduced carp…..this fish is causing mayhem in North America.

    You want to realise big money at one attempt of making it ? You have got to be kidding and have not tried business before! Why do you think Indian traders in Kamwala second class trading area live on top of their shops? It is because they know money is not easy to make and that, even a small saving on a land rate for your own house goes a long away in making a saving. All big business people we know today started small. There are people who sell second hand shoes and are still able to look after their families and build a house from their little earnings. You do not become successful in business by starting off posting profits for 30 hiluxes even when you know this is beyond your capacity. Success in business is incremental and there is a lot of learning that takes place.

  4. What percentage of the population will be removed out of poverty in Zambia through this Gwembe project? Even in Gwembe itself who after I googled shows that it has 53,117 people, how many are benefitting. Well tried but far too little to create any impact, do more please

  5. @Ackim
    If this fish farming on pilot is successful, then the next lot will be awesome. Don’t forget Mwanawasa’s winter maize failed owing to costs associated.
    2,500 Kg of fish can’t cancel the population of 53, 000 people. If costs outweigh benefits, it’s better to streamline

  6. More development. The upnd supporters are angry about this because their tribal leader hh has not even built a single toilet right in his stronghold. The f00I is very evil and stingy. God deal with him

  7. So one canter load of fish is enough to make news and praise singers come out to say thanks to the able bodied able leadership of the moist annointed God given leader Mr doctor apostle disciple general who is also humble and peace loving….but occasionally falls on people like a tonne of bricks ..etc… ?… Zambia has really fallen on hard times.

  8. news and praise singers come out to say thanks to the able bodied able leadership of the moist annointed “gold” given leader Mr doctor apostle disciple general who is also humble and peace loving….but occasionally falls on people like a tonne of bricks ..etc… ?… Chambia has really fallen on hard times

  9. Come on haters now say that the lady is lying as you people are blind and never see any development!

  10. Let’s take a moment to appreciate #ECL and his hard work and dedication. All the sectors especially agriculture are growing so beautifully. We are exporting blueberries and honey, soon we will be exporting Maize, and now cashew nuts plantation was also launched by our President.

  11. Many Zambian youths are turned to fish farming because President Lungu launched several beneficial schemes for the farmers, plus it is best for beginners who don’t have much knowledge about farming.

  12. HH supporters are calling it fake. And, HH is busy creating fake news to target President Lungu. I must say that they are working so hard to paint the bad image of our President, their obsession is rising as we are coming closer to the elections.

  13. This news is for Zambians and not for dull people because they never think twice while criticizing our Constitutional Law then how could we expect honest opinions from them. Sishuwa Sishuwa who filed a plea against President Lungu’s eligibility has issued a tirade of insults and false allegations on the Constitutional Court and the Judiciary, only because she lost the case as it doesn’t hold any truth.

  14. Several people especially women have been empowered so far under President Edgar Lungu which cannot be lied to or denied.

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