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Start Arresting Political Party Cadres Perpetuating Violence-Highvie Hamududu

Feature Politics Start Arresting Political Party Cadres Perpetuating Violence-Highvie Hamududu

PARTY for National Unity (PNU) leader Highvie Hamududu has called the Zambia police to immediately start arresting political party cadres perpetuating violence.

Mr Hamududu says the current levels of violence being experienced now were alarming and that police needed to start effecting arrests.

“We do not need to make cadres grow big headed. We must bring to a stop these acts of criminality and any cadre who is involved in political violence must be arrested regardless of their political affiliation’” Mr Hamududu said.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Livingstone this morning, the opposition leader said it was Zambians seem to have embraced a culture of tolerating criminals hiding in the name of party cadres.

He said people should not vote for political parties which embraces violence amongst as voters in the community have a critical role in ensuring that the political party cadres do not engage in violence.

Mr Hamududu said voters should shun such political supporting that are promoting violence.

“We cannot leave the stopping of violence completely to the police as the people in the community must step out and ensure that they do not vote for the people who engaging in violence,” he said.

The PNU Leader further urged all political parties to adhere to the Covid 19 guideline due to the escalating numbers of Covid 19 cases and deaths.

He said if the president said no holding of political rallies, then no party not even the PF must have large gatherings.

He said the playing ground must be levelled for all political parties and that the system must not seem to fever certain political parties.

‘An election is not won by rallies. So if you say no to rallies, then let’s not all have rallies. We must all agree on a fare playing ground because we want to be the new Baden’s of this world who won an election without holding rallies,” he said.

Lately, the country has witnessed a number of political violence mainly between the PF and the UPND, a development that has unsettled political players.


  1. Shut up your chi ugly mouth you chi dudu. The police are not gullible to believe that rubbish. A warning to you, your days are numbered. Many of you violent pigs in upnd will be arrested in the coming weeks. Don’t say I didn’t warn you

  2. Kaizar Zulu is one of the electoral violence agents especially on these LT blogs.Lusaka Times should ban this cheap troll asap.

  3. Zambians are cowards and it is okay to drag the innocent peace loving citizens into being condemned together with perpetrators of violence because no one has the guts to call a spade a spade rather comfortable to say shovels! This rot to peaceful living is government failure together with the organs for maintaining law and order! One need only ask why public confidence in the police is at its lowest and then without bias or prejudice call out the findings for intervention to mend the trust! The party in government keeps fueling the violence with their rhetoric and alternative facts and the police have abetted the behavior that always found the victimized wanting if they tried to stand their ground!

  4. ECL made a grave mistake when he allowed the formation of semi Militarised PF Cadres, Militias and Vigilantes. This PF Cadre Security Wing led by Commanders is causing violence in the Townships and the streets. ECL is Commander in Chief of these PF Cadres and thugs. To have Peace and devt in our Land voters must vote out ECL out of Power on August 12. The only person who can bring Order in Zambia is HH and UPND Alliance. Lets vote for HH and UPND Alliance to restore Peace and Stability in our cherished Zambia. Another 5 years for Lungu with his PF Cadres and thugs will be a disaster for Zambians. The writing is on the wall.

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