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After seeing the numbers HH pulled on nomination day, they decided to ban rallies- Sylvia Masebo

Feature Politics After seeing the numbers HH pulled on nomination day, they decided to...

United Party for National Development member Sylvia Masebo has charged that the move to ban political rallies and roadshow is a reaction by the ruling Patritic Fromnt to the popularity of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

In a statement on her facebook page, Ms Masebo said that after seeing the massive crowd that HH pulled on nomination day, PF got headaches and decided to ban rallies and used COVID-19 as a scapegoat, of which theUPND has obliged, before opting for roadshows with they thought would block HH from showing the Nation how much of a huge following he has, but backfired.

Ms Maseba further said that at it turned out, the roadshows are what the UPND actually needed and this further exposed just how popular HH had become in Lusaka and the Copperbelt, giving PF the great fear and the reality of losing.

“So out of desperation, they decided to use an old trick in the bag, Violence. This too backfired miserably as Citizens joined hands with the UPND in defending themselves against violence and further dwindled their chances at victory, ” she said.

“Out of further desperation, they have now decided to ban rallies, roadshows and any manner of campaigns in Lusaka, Mpulungu, Nakonde and Namwala and have even gone further to restrict door to door campaigns in other places, we will oblige, ” she said.

“Now watch the space as HH calls on all Zambians to turn themselves into foot soldiers for the UPND. People will now join UPND footsoldiers in campaigning door to door. This is already going on in all parts of Lusaka and the Country at large. This election is a personal matter for every Citizen, she added.

Ms Maseba ended by saying that PF will get a rude shock come 12th August as they cannot influence the people’s resolve to vote for change and that Zambians are voting for change.

“Zambians are voting for HH come 12th August 2021. Zambians want prices of cooking oil, sugar and fuel to come down.The answer is HH, ” she concluded.


  1. Well said masebo ………

    I have always said, lungu and PF don’t have enough money to bribe every Zambian, and those without bribes will sing…….

    On top of that , a more acute ball ache for lungu and his gang is………they have spent all this borrowed money on development, so it is only natural for citizens to expect to see a corresponding development in standards of living , not the opposite.

    What’s you use of all those shining roads and buildings when you a hungry and unemployed ……?????

  2. Sylvia Tembo Masebo knows that both the UPND and the PF are desperately fighting for survival. If the UPND lose the next election that’ll be the end of both Hichilema and his party. Similarly, the PF can’t imagine the consequences of losing power now, their fingers are very soiled in corruption faeces. So both are desperate and a desperate hyena can be very dangerous. Stay safe, I’ve warned you

  3. UPND has been pulling clouds and crowds because if they were pulling crowds, hh would have been president a long time ago. If you want to prove your popularity, go to eastern province.,

  4. I used to have high regard for this woman. Now reading what she says about rallies and roadshows, I am rethinking whether she deserves to be called a leader at all. Any leader worthy of any respect should by now realise that we are in danger of killing a lot of people thru covid19 if we continue with crowding as if nothing is the matter. Masebo should know better being a graduate. I expected such from the likes of Mweetwa not Masebo.

  5. We have seen huge rallies before which never counted to th final vote. Wait for the last vote. But do not cry about stolen vote. In the meantime follow health guidelines. He may have run down the economy but definitely Lungu did not create COVID 19

  6. Sylvia you have resurrected kkkk, I feel pity for you especially that madam with the due respect I have for you, you are downplaying covid 19. Madam elections come and go but we don’t know when this Covid will go. So lets educate the people about the dangers of this monster because they are the ones you are looking for to come and vote for you. Covid is real!

  7. Madam Masebo is correct. The banning of Rallies and Road Shows has nothing to do with Covid 19. When ECL saw massive crowds coming voluntarily to HH’s Road Shows ECL and PF Leadership were alarmed. ECL sent PF Cadres and thugs to block HH’s hugely popular Road Shows but they failed to stop the shows. PF Cadres,Militias and Vigilantes failed to stop the Road Shows as they were overpowered by UPND Youths and Supporters. ECL saw the crowds at HH’s Road Shows in Mandevu, Munali and Kanyama and panicked. He then directed ECZ to stop UPND Road Shows becoz the huge attendance was embarrassing him. ECL is worried with loss of popular support country wide. Even his PF Strongholds are demanding for a Change of Govt. On August 12 Voters will elect HH and UPND Alliance to deliver Peace…

  8. Sylvia Masebo is world champion crossing the isle. She has forgotten herself how many times she changed party. MMD, PF, UPND and back again. Now she is with HH but for how long?

  9. Iwe ****, hasn’t Under 5 huge large crowds and still lose and goes to courts to cry? By the way, where is Mushipe she helps you cry on that fateful day?

  10. Lungu did not create covid-19 but he certainly added to it by ignoring all the warnings
    He is a covid super spreader that’s for sure

  11. If you are normal person supporting PF at this moment, you need to go for mental checks.

    Here we are talking about the future of children and their great, great grand children.

    PF gad thrown us into a bottomless pit whether in terms of our democracy, constitutionality, Judicial system and economically in general. We need serious men and women of good caliber to take reign of power.

    They are trying very hard to make HH not to campaign at all but thanks to the brave foot soldiers on the ground traversing the Zambian terrain.

    PF is paralyzed right now, its reptile without legs sitted on meagre resources but the disunity has crippled them.

    In 2016, they won because some ministers were told to use government machinery even though they were illegaly occupying those positions…

  12. I guess you don’t mean what you said. Objectivity, theliz No. To me, 2015 is the election hh needed to win if he was popular. You can mention several prominent politicians who crossed to his camp, a lot of them scampered into different directions for reasons known to themselves. The man looks more vulnerable this time around cz he has lost high profile members defecting to pf in southern province. NOTE Covid19 is real. May the best team win.

  13. Its decision time for Zambians. After 61/2 years in Power we know ECL’s strengths and weaknesses. When the PF came into Power under Sata the Zambian Economy was strong and healthy. Today under Lungu the Economy is in a mess. People have no Money to buy food and other necessities, Prices of Consumer Goods and Services have skyrocketed, PF lawlessness and Corruption are rampant, mismanagement of the Economy is visible etc. Giving another 5 years to violent, Corrupt, incompetent and clueless Lungu will be suicidal for Zambians. The best Zambians can do is show Lungu the Exit Door. Besides Lungu with the help of Concourt is trying to Steal a Third Term. Chiluba tried to steal a Third Term and Zambians stopped him .Lungu is trying to Steal a Third Term and Zambians will stop…

  14. Rallies and road shows cannot make you win
    Elections.Zambians will on 12th August will
    Decide which way.We have seen bigger rallies then this but we end up crying.

  15. Izoboli lyamuntu iwe, Under 5 has pulled large crowds before, he has lost and gone crying to the courts. You need Martha Mushipe’s company in the crying club after 12 August.

  16. Very shallow and unrealistic analysis. KZ has summed it up correctly @17.

    Can these even lead the nation with so much insensitivity.

  17. Lusaka Times for the umpteenth time please ban this KZ troll for frequently violating comment rules.He’s a stinky tribalist too.

  18. My cousin who works at State House kitchen tell the first family is so terrified of losing. They have even started packing up. Please keep this to yourselves friends.

  19. It is clear from the data that Covid 19 does not spread as much outdoors as it does indoors. The government and ECZ have been ill advised by my colleagues. In the US Trump and the republicans held a lot of indoor rallies while the Democrats did outdoor. The Republican teams reported more positive cases. Banning rallies and roadshows because of Covid has no scientific but political basis. Everyone knew that the third wave will come but they relaxed because of vaccinations. Unfortunately vaccination is plagued by conspiracy theories.

  20. Yes even in 2016 HH pulled crowds but his votes were stolen and the concourt never declared him duly elected. PF can never win a free and fair election. This is another year, leave the past behind. UPND supporters, this year don’t go and sleep. Wait till your vote is counted at your polling station but don’t cause confusion. This year we will do the election observation and monitoring ourselves. Don’t invite outsiders. They will just bring another variant of coronavirus


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