Continued political violence worries NATMAZ


The National Traders and Marketeer Association of Zambia (NATMAZ) has expressed disappointment with the continued political violence that has characterized some parts of the country.

NATMAZ Secretary General Henry Kashiki said it was very disheartening to continue hearing about political violence in Zambia.

Mr. Kashiki said violence was retrogressive as it derails the country’s efforts to thrive.

“As an association, we are very much disappointed with what is happening on the ground. For our country to thrive in business, there is need for peace,’’ he said.

He told ZANIS in an interview that the political violence activities witnessed around the country have had an effect on business.

“The current happening has an effect on business in that when people hear or see cadres near the markets, they shun the markets for fear of being victimised, hence affecting the marketeers and our business,’’ he said.

And Mr. Kashiki has also expressed sadness at the involvement of youths into political violence.

He observed that youths are the future leaders hence their involvement into political violence is shameful as it can spell doom to their future.

“It is shameful to see youths getting involved in political violence because youths are the future leaders and if they are physically involved in these activities their future will be doomed because others may die or be jailed,’’ he said.

Mr. Kashiki has since appealed to government and various political party players to avoid using markets for road shows and campaigns.

He said political activities only result in scaring away customers and affecting business.


  1. Obviously they can’t castigate them instigator since they are beneficiaries as you can see from the donated bus!!

  2. It is governments duty to maintain peace in governance and it is stupid to talk from the bushes when calling for government to curtail violence! This cowardice of generalizing perpetration of violence without making a call of government failures and its blame games is leading Zambia to nowhere on peaceful coexistence while innocent lives are being lost! Not calling out the known cadres harassing the citizenry at bus stations, markets, political gatherings and private functions is being complicit with feeding this violence monster! How do you call those in the opposition to an equal footing in restoring peace and rule of law when all instruments lie with the party in government? It wont work for police have reneged on their role receiving instructions from party structures of the ruling…

  3. In fact just ban public campaigns altogether. Use other means. These just bring unnecessary tension. After all we all know whom to vote for.

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