Government committed to industrialising Zambia-Inonge Wina


Vice President Inonge Wina says government remains committed to industrialising the country through the development of multi-facility economic zones (MFEZ).

Mrs. Wina said government is impressed with the progress made on the construction of the Zambia Jiangxi Economic Zone in Chibombo district.

The Vice President said the Jiangxi economic zone will play a cardinal role in the actualisation of Zambia’s industrialisation programme.

Mrs. Wina, who toured the facility to appreciate the progress made and have an understanding of the vision of the Chibombo MFEZ, said the facility will create jobs for Zambians and spur economic development and activities in other sectors.

She said cabinet did not waste time to approve the MFEZ due to the social economic benefits the facility will bring to the area and the country.

Mrs. Wina further said the facility will promote manufacturing plants, agricultural processing industries and scientific research activities among other industries.

The Vice President said when fully operational, the economic zone can spur the creation of over 20,000 jobs as a spillover effect to other economic sectors.

She paid glowing tribute to traditional leaders for availing land to government for developmental projects such as the Chibombo economic zone.

And the Vice President urged the Jiangxi Economic Zone to engage the Zambia Development Agency, which is currently assessing appropriate incentives for economic zones.

Meanwhile, Zambia Jiangxi Economic Zone General Manager Mr. Xu said US$40 million dollars has so far been invested in the development of infrastructure at the facility.

Mr. Xu said a further US$60 million will be spent on the facility between 2021 and 2023.

He said about 1,800 jobs will be created at the facility which continues to receive inquiries from foreign investors.

He said plans are underway to construct a 20 megawatts power station to mitigate the challenges of erratic power supply.

Mr. Xu further said the facility has since signed six agreements with foreign investors to set up agro, steel and electric processing industries among others.

He stressed that the facility is not reserved for Chinese investors alone saying even Zambian enterprises can set up industries at the MFEZ.

Mr. Xu has since appealed to government to consider granting the facility incentives to operate.


  1. We must never forget that no man develops systems to benefit strangers. Every man develop systems to benefit his own kind. Thus, all foreign systems that we have adopted today were never designed to benefit Zambia. They were designed to advance, monitor and protect foreign interests.
    They gave us their f a k e religion that sold us the stupidity of bowing to an invented idol ‘Jesus’. I am talking about the filthy religion that demonised everything we had as Africans and that has groomed us to always look upon the sky for solutions to African problems instead of using our moral consciousness and intelligence to find solutions to our problems. I am still talking about a multi billion-dollars industry that sells Jesus to our hopeless and defenceless people instead of selling them…

  2. …… instead of selling them skills and capital to start projects for survival.
    They gave us their inferior education too where European languages are used as a measure of intelligence. ”Meaning” the useless education system that teaches our children about grasshoppers instead of teaching them practical survival skills and the education system that produce job seekers instead of job creators.
    Nothing that westerners brought to Africa was meant to benefit Africa. Everything that Europe introduced to Africa was a mind-playing game, meant to safeguard and cement European interests, to control Africans and to whip Africans back into European economic, spiritual, medical and political sphere of domination. It is vitally important that we have to unlearn European systems and come…

  3. Why is this old hen Bo Inonge still touring …what jobs are these? You mean casual zero skilled jobs with the supervisor to Directors being Chinese!!
    Please Inonge go away and rest…where were you all this time!!

  4. @Wise up! It might not go down well with a lot of people but you have laid it down plain and simple. We Africans need to wake up and take control… In Zambia’s case, we can start by making the right decision on August 12


  6. Industrialization is the key to development of the country. I am in full support of this decision that will change the lives of millions of Zambians.

  7. ECL is the leader who walks the talk. I am confident that he will take everyone along on the expressway of development and growth.

  8. On the contrary, this is making it more difficult for HH and UPND. This government has not left anything for him to do. This election would be the last in HH’s life. He will be wiped out from political map after August 12.

  9. She is not talking to you. *****s like you are never target audience for PF. You can go and happily listen to the crap HH vents.

  10. The MEFZ will open whole new world of jobs and businesses. It is the lifetime opportunity for youth and women. They should grab it ASAP.

  11. This is what is needed the most at this time. Such initiatives will definitely set Zambia on growth voyage under the visionary leadership of ECL

  12. This project could be materialised with the cooperation of traditional leaders. They play a crucial role in social up-liftment.

  13. The 27 billion dollar debt a, semi Singapore in Africa but 75% of it ended in PF’s pockets.

    Re-electing these thieves will be certifying their perpetual thieving agenda.

    They don’t care about the ordinary Zambians.

    This time around they must be retired in the national interest.

    PF must go!

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