Lenje chiefs warn of voter apathy if violence continues

Central Province Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale paying homage to Chief Chamuka of the Lenje people in Chisamba District when she paid a courtesy call on the traditional leader recently.

Chiefs for the Lenje people in Central Province have warned that the country risks recording high voter apathy if political violence continues to escalate.

Chief Chamuka of the Lenje people in Chisamba district said people will not risk their lives to go and vote for fear of being harmed by perpetrators of violence.

The traditional leader said this when Vice President Inonge Wina and PF presidential running mate Nkandu Luo paid a courtesy call on four Lenje chiefs in Chibombo district today.

“If this violence is not handled properly, it can escalate into voter apathy, because no one can risk their life to vote,” said chief Chamuka.

He said the chiefs are happy with the recently announced measures by government to curb the rising political violence in the country.

The traditional leader said continued political violence can destabilise the country’s peace, unity and economic development and scare away the much needed foreign investment.

And Chief Chamuka has praised government for the massive infrastructure development across the country.

He said he was impressed with the works on the Lusaka-Mazabuka road and was tempted to over speed.

The traditional leader also praised government for crafting a new land policy that reflects the views of chiefs in the country.

Chief Chamuka urged government to ensure that it makes the land policy accessible to all the 286 Chiefs in the country.

And chief Liteta praised government for delivering equitable development across the country.

The traditional leader however called on government to speed up its infrastructure development agenda saying it should be extended to his area which is in need of modern bridges, schools and clinics among others.

He said Chibombo district hospital also requires a facelift as it was originally for leprosy patients.

Chief Liteta further said because of government’s good agriculture policy, his chiefdom has recorded a bumper harvest.

He disclosed that his chiefdom has already received farming inputs for the 2021/22 farming season.

And Vice President Inonge Wina thanked the traditional leaders for supporting government’s development agenda through provision of land for developmental projects.

Mrs. Wina said government will continue with its infrastructure and economic development agenda.

She thanked the chiefs for supporting her during her time in office as Vice President and asked them to give President Edgar Lungu’s running mate Nkandu Luo all the support.

The four Lenje chiefs blessed Professor Luo assuring her that nothing appointed and anointed by God can be prevented from achieving God’s purpose.

PF Presidential running mate campaign manager Given Lubinda distributed copies of the ruling party’s manifesto for 2021 to 2026, in order for the chiefs to familiarise themselves with the PF blueprint.

And Chief Chamuka urged Prof. Luo to remain focused despite the many criticisms she has faced on social media.

The traditional leader said criticisms only point to the fact that Prof. Luo has the potential to make a positive impact on the country’s social economic development process.


  1. Ubu ebupuba fulu fulu no nensoni sure…mama Wina sit down and stop campaigning with Luo the country well know what you guys are up to. Respect yourself first and put Zambia first do not play politics so as to remain relevant even as you go. We are tired of stupid machinations like the one being exhibited by you and the entire PF. Zambia is not only for you guys and never will that ever happen. Your time is up and now we move on to the next man in line …HH. Let him also rule to see what he can do. If he does fail, we the people have the power through the ballot to kick him out.

    Stop the nonsense for once. Go home and rest. Namukula mayo. Bonse babili na Luo.

  2. We are the change and have the power to change governments. To my fellow Zambians, be the CHANGE you WANT.

  3. Has ECZ investigated these incidences of Violence? Kennedy Kamba recently revealed that PF has deployed its Security Wing in Townships and on the Streets to stop Opposition Election Campaigns. In Mandevu, Munali and Kanyama PF tried to interfere with HH and UPND Alliance Road Shows. The Police tried to restrain the PF Militias from interfering with these Road shows and the Residents then removed the PF Cadres who were blocking the Roads. The problem is that PF Commanders are law an to themselves and are the Aggressors and Perpetrators of Violence in these places. ECZ knows that PF Cadres and thugs are the Culprits but are Powerless to order the withdrawal of the PF Militias from these locations. The PF Militias attack UPND Supporters and the Supporters have no choice but to defend…

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