Chinsali Freedom fighters mourn KK


Muchinga Province Freedom Fighters Chairperson Greyson Katongo has described the late First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda as a gallant man who fought for the liberation of mother Zambia and Africa at large.

Mr Katongo says the untimely death of Dr Kaunda is a huge blow to the country adding that freedom fighters in Muchinga province will greatly miss his presence.

ZANIS reports Mr Katongo in a telephone interview said that late President Dr Kaunda fought hard for the country to attain her independence.

” We were not free before independence not until we got independence in 1964 and everything became easy for us, ” he said.

He said during his reign from 1964 to 1991 the country enjoyed a number of things in various sectors such as free education adding that each individual was also involved in Agriculture as a way of reducing poverty levels in the country.

Mr Katongo stated that Chinsali and Muchinga Province at large has a great history of the late first Republican President Kaunda.

”Dr Kaunda who was born in Lubwa Mission and worked there as a teacher had a heart for the people not just the Zambian but in the entire Africa because his works are known, ” Mr Katongo said.

The provincial freedom fighters chairperson further appealed to President Edgar Lungu to emulate what Dr Kaunda did for mother Zambia.

”As freedom fighters in Muchinga Province we will mourn Dr Kaunda with dignity and respect he deserves because he was a great man, ” he said.

And a senior citizen in Chinsali District Hearings Sabi has described the late Dr Kaunda as a committed leader who contributed to the strangle of Zambia and Africa as a whole.

Mr Sabi , who is also the nephew to late Dr Kaunda, told ZANIS in a telephone interview that it is sad that Dr Kenneth Kaunda has died at the time the country needed him.

He said as the country is preparing for the August 12 general elections, political parties and the Zambian citizens needed his blessings.

” We really needed our father Dr Kaunda to bless us so that we have free and fair elections come August 12, 2021,” he said.

Mr Sabi further appealed to all political parties to mourn Dr Kaunda with respect as a way of remembering his great works.

Dr Kenneth Kaunda died yesterday in Maina Soko medical centre in Lusaka at the age of 97.

And Republican President Edgar Lungu has declared 21 days of National mourning in honor or the late Dr Kaunda.


  1. Meanwhile Lazy Lungu cannot show himself or even announce the death of one of Africa’s freedom fighters. This is why lazy needs to go!!

  2. Now they mourn him when they kicked him out of Shambalakale. KK would have loved to die in Lubwa. Let us stop this behaviour of only praising people when they die.

  3. Without KK, Zambia would not have been were it is now. Kindly mourn our founding father of the nation with dignity. He brought peace and brought us together and gave us free education. He brought all tribes together as one Zambia, one nation. He accommodated all freedom fighters from neighbouring countries till they attained their independence. MHSRIP

  4. @Kaizer , who is going to eat all that food at funeral donated by HH? So far 3 cow where sliced in steaks…. wait by the time we see funeral of KK, it will be 10 cows consumed from HH.
    Kaizer eat boyi, eat..
    I miss my friend @Ndobo, he is in jail.

  5. Nostra I pray you seek the help you need. A black man who stays in diaspora as long as you have is bound to suffer from major psychological damage.

  6. Fellows, FREEDOM FIGHTER is a person who FIGHTS FREEDOM
    Fighting for freedom obviously is the correct term.
    Telling it as it was KK was a tyrant who never wanted to lose power. To that effect he made sure he competed with FROG on the ballot. Shame on him

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