Honour KK with violent free elections – Mwila


Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila says Zambians should honour their founding father Kenneth Kaunda with a violent free General election on August 12, 2021.

Mr. Mwila says there is no better way to mourn Dr. Kaunda than breaking the ‘ political and at times tribal differences’ that he says threatened the late President’s mantra and national moto of ‘ One Zambia, One Nation.”

“ There is no better way to mourn Dr. Kaunda than breaking the artificial and lose political and at times tribal differences that every now and then put a wedge between brother and sister, father and mother, “ says the PF Secretary General.

He notes in a statement that it is Dr. Kaunda that taught Zambia the true meaning of One Zambia One Nation where he showed that it is possible to belong to different political parties and different ethnic groupings but still live together in love and harmony as one people.

Mr. Mwila explains that Dr. Kaunda was a true Pan-African whose contribution to the liberation struggle stretched beyond the borders of Zambia to South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and to as far as the Middle East and Latin America, among others.

He has disclosed that from his hey days as a young revolutionary leader Dr. Kaunda served Zambia with love, passion, dedication and an unparalleled sense of patriotism.

The Patriotic Front SG has described Dr. Kaunda as an embodiment of what the Patriotic Front stands for; patriotism, selflessness, loyalty, dedication, hard work, trust-worthiness and empathy to humanity.

Mr. Mwila explains that It is on Dr. Kaunda’s economic foundation that the Patriotic Front government has based its unprecedented infrastructure transformation of Zambia by taking development to all the corners of the country and leaving no one behind.

Dr. Kenneth Kaunda aged 97 years has passed away, at Maina Soko Military hospital where he was admitted earlier this week.

President Edgar Lungu has since declared a 21 day national mourning in honour of the first Republican President.


  1. The sad part is that upnd, a party which is tribal is the one politicising the death of a man who stood for one Zambia one nation. We all know that KK didn’t stand for things like “only a t.o.n.g.a can rule upnd”


  3. PF are hypocrites. They deploy their Security Wing with instructions to stop the Opposition from Campaigning in Townships and on the streets. The PF Security Wing Commanders provoke violence by trying to attack and stop HH and UPND Alliance Road Shows. PF Cadres are the Perpetrators of Violence. They are the Aggressors and UPND Alliance Supporters are defending themselves. To stop this Violence PF Leadership should withdraw their marauding Cadres,thugs and Militias from the Streets and Townships. ECL made a grave error when he formed these Militias Groups and financed them. ECL and Davies Mwila must know that “U live by the sword u die by the Sword “. When u see PF Militias like JJ Banda invading Central Police Station and beating Policemen on duty then u know there is…

  4. Ba Mwila , What did you say when Lusambo said Kaunda’s children should have enriched themselves when their father was President. What DID you say then. Ba Kaunda had nothing in common with PF politics. Keep your politics out of his funeral.

  5. “Mr. Mwila explains that It is on Dr. Kaunda’s economic foundation that the Patriotic Front government has based its unprecedented infrastructure transformation of Zambia by taking development to all the corners of the country and leaving no one behind.’ How ironic , PF has been bragging that they are the only government that has developed the country. It is good however to note their acknowledgement of preceding governments’ contribution to infrastructure development.

  6. Before campaigns resume tame your cadres and tell them to go out with the message of economic development under PF government not blocking upnd on the road like what happened in Kamwala.

    The people are watching exactly what your cadres are doing, don’t be blinded by defending everything.

    As a person who meets people everyday I what am talking about, the number one thing Zambians have hated presently is the cadres in the way they are behaving, if this can be worked on all is well.

    Your Brother in Christ

  7. Please leave the dead man alone. Don’t involve him ,mufyabupuba.

    What’s wrong with deaf mwila and PF

  8. Davies Mwila is playing a victim of Violence when Kennedy Kamba revealed that PF has deployed its Security Wing led by Commanders to stop Opposition Parties from Campaigning in the Townships and on the Streets. PF Cadres and Militias are provoking UPND Alliance Supporters by blocking their routes during Road Shows. This is what PF Militias did in Mandevu,Munali and Kanyama. PF Cadres, Militias and Vigilantes should stop blocking and provoking Opposition Supporters who attend their Road Shows. PF Road Shows are poorly attended while HH Road Shows have attracted huge crowds. PF are jealous of Crowds attending HH’s Road Shows. That is why PF are blocking UPND Road Shows. ECL and PF have lost Public Support and they have now resorted to blocking the Road Shows or using ECZ to ban…

  9. Mr mwila just go and wipe your ass pantu tamushindile and mulenunkafye amazhyele and nothing good can come out of your mouth that can unite this country coz your tongue is poisonous…..better mwalikalafye zee.

  10. I personally think ECL wont be available for Aug elections too many strange things going on and his continued silence
    VP attended Chiluba Memorial whe it should have been lungu

  11. This man Mwila is not honouring or thinking of Dr Kaunda he’s just focused on elections.Please honour him by shut tfu ,we’re grieving here.

  12. Awe please allow him him to speak. Why do we constantly look for excuses? Are these not the words people wanted to hear when they were being intimidated by these Kaponyas? uhh so let’s encourage Mr Mwila to instruct all the Kabova’s to throw their pangas into the rivers and lakes because we don’t have a sea. We all know what KK stood for but as for now I hope his passing will trigger humanity or humanism as he called it to help heal our nation. Zambia is at cross roads and people are hurting right now. The symbol of peace has fallen so its up to us now.

  13. Mwila you have used tribe to try and divide Zambians, alas you are failing and it will never work. Please leave Ba Kaunda out of your immaturity and stay in your lane nobupuba bwenu. One Zambia one nation, indivisible, VIVA ?

  14. Davies Mwila was once a Vigilante in UNIP.
    Even in primary schools kids these vigilantes beat the hell of us. And we used to respond to respond with catapults…

  15. We all know and remember Wilyamu who served under Kaunda. Wilyamu ran the most vicious vigilante groups this country has ever seen. He is the one who brought ” by air” and terrorised citizens of this country. Wilyamu is still around today and we are wondering why some party is still so violent.
    Go well KK Son of the soil.

  16. Ba LT your headline “Honour KK with violent free elections” actually means we must have violent elections which are free. Is that what Mwila said?

  17. @Kubeja Badala those are exactly my thoughts brother….how can PF manifesto be the same as that of UNIP..? PF have been known to have bragging rights on infrastructure development in Zambia saying no other government has done it, so why now…culprits. Mwila want to score some political points here and thinking that people will vote for PF based on the sympathy of losing KK. Mwila wanna use the death of KK as an instrument to woo voters forgetting that KK died for all Zambians. Every Zambian at home or abroad know this. We are all in mourning not just PF, the man who made us who we are is now gone. At least he had a big vision. (unlike our incumbent.) Kenneth Kaunda made Zambia and Zambia made him.

    Go well son of Zambia and Africa.

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