UPND and PF in Ndola commit to Violence Free Campaigns


THE RULING Patriotic Front (PF) and the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) in Ndola have resolved to violent free campaigns ahead of the 12 August polls.

Speaking during a joint media briefing in Ndola earlier yesterday, Copperbelt PF Provincial Mobilisation Coordinator Mr Bowman Lusambo who is also the ruling PF’s Kabushi aspiring candidate said politicians ought to compete on ideas as opposed to engaging in violence.

Hon Lusambo stressed the need for coexistence among political players and the general public.

He mentioned that the briefing which he jointly held with the UPND aspiring candidate for Ndola Central Frank Tayali marked a new page in politics.

“Today is a day we want to flip a new page. I have been enjoying campaigns in the Kabushi Constituency with the UPND. When I meet the UPND, we do exercise our democratic rights by showing off our symbols” he said.

“We are just competing here, we are not here to fight. So Tayali, tell your people that you and I do meet. Why should our supporters fight? When I don’t have money I go to Tayali he lends me money, when Tayali is broke, he calls me Bowman am broke, I need some money that is the way we have been living.”

Hon Lusambo urged Zambians to uphold the peace that the first Republican President His Excellency Dr Kenneth Kaunda, who died on Thursday this week fought for, adding that Dr. Kaunda detested both violent and tribal politics.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tayali said there was no point to kill each other over the public office. He said Dr. Kaunda has left citizens a lot of lessons from which they should learn.

The contender acknowledged that the suspension of any forms of campaigns in Lusaka, Mpulungu, Nakonde, and Namwala was necessitated by violent acts.

“We are one Zambia One Nation, we are not enemies. How we treat each other today will determine how we will treat each other post-election. Governments will come and go but the country will not go. It is important that we exercise restraint,” he said.

The briefing was witnessed by both PF and UPND Ndola district Chairmen, UPND aspiring Candidates for Bwana Mkubwa and Kubushi, and PF aspiring Candidates for Ndola Central and Chifubu


  1. We expect you politicians to walk the talk and not mere statements,,,,we are fade up guys,,,,learn for once people have died in the name of supporting even gluttonous politicians, THIS WAVE OF VIOLENCE MUST STOP,,,,,ITS PURE CRIMINALITY AND DON’T CALL IT POLITICAL VIOLENCE NO!!!!!

  2. Lusambo has eaten humble pie. He is going against his Party PF’s stance of blocking the UPND Alliance from Campaigning thru Road Shows in Townships and on the streets. The PF Generals and Commanders will not be happy with this accord. The PF Strategy in this Election has been to stop HH and UPND Alliance from Campaigning in their perceived Strongholds. Now UPND has infiltrated PF Strongholds and People in Luapula, Chilubi Island,Mpulungu, Kasama,Mpika etc are crying out for a Change of Govt. The inflated Voters Roll numbers might actually work against ECL and PF in these areas. People are sick and tired of ECL and PF Misrule and want HH and UPND Alliance to govern this Country for a Change. Violent, Corrupt, incompetent and clueless Lungu will be put “ku wire” on August 12. Another…

  3. Lusambo signing a Peace Accord with UPND Alliance in Ndola? That cannot be true! Was Lusambo given a Mandate by PF Leadership to sign this Pact? This Pact goes against PF Strategy to prevent UPND Alliance from Campaigning in their perceived Strongholds. The PF Generals and Commanders who have been deployed in these Constituencies on a Mission to stop HH and UPND Alliance from Campaigning in these areas will ignore this Pact. Lusambo exceeded his mandate by signing this Accord without permission from the Commander in Chief of the PF Security/Military Wing. This Pact doesn’t serve the interests of PF so the PF Generals and Commanders will ignore it. The writing is on the wall.

  4. Is there any point in signing a Peace Pact with a thug called Lusambo? We don’t think that Lusambo is genuine. He is insincere just like his Party PF. Right now ECZ has banned Rallies but we see PF Leaders holding Rallies under the guise of “working visits ” and PF Meetings. Mr Tayali must know that he is dealing with hypocrites. Those PF Generals and Commanders deployed in all Townships and the Streets have not been withdrawn. PF strategy is to block HH and UPND Alliance from Campaigning and holding Road Shows. Mr Tayali u trust Lusambo at your own peril. PF is double faced. They don’t walk the Talk. Just wait and see.

  5. Great achievement facilitated by pf. This is a great honour to ba KK. The only angry f00Is are the upnd diasporans, who cannot even vote . The actual upnd members in Zambia are not too bad and can reason. The upnd diasporans will not sleep until there is war in Zambia. This is what they are indoctrinated to do by their whlte masters abroad these house n.i.g.g.e.rs

  6. From the first picture, please, observe the body language, what is it telling you?
    Also, take note of what this n.i.g.g.e.rs above is talking about? If this is the kind of brains surrounding those who make national decisions that has everlasting impact, then lord have mercy on Zambia.

  7. General kanene fuseke. Stop trying to facilitate hate and division here in Zambia from the comfort of your tiny house abroad. Go and instead match for BLM there abroad where people like you are being killed carelessly. You hopeless negro


  9. @ Kaiza Zulu,
    “IMWINE WA CHISUSHI TAFWISA AMATE”, You are the owner of “ichisushi” called tribalism and hate for disporans, but you don’t smell it OR acknowledge how smelly it is. The only consistent contribution that your brains ever gave you since you appeared on this forum, is that of insulting diaspons, and propagating HATE based on tribalism and regionalism. Some of us we intentionally ignore you, but your comment above couldn’t go unnoticed, where you are calling others as n.i.g.g.e.rs. And as expected, when used against you, you get mad. I am not going to sink so low to insult you, but just to request you to take a minute for self-reflection. YOUR RANTINGS HERE ARE NOT GOOD bashi mwana.

  10. They way to go! I saw a clip from Chingola also of PF and UPND guys having fun together. Political differences or opinions or even which village we come from must not divide us. We are one Zambia One nation One people.

  11. I wish the real Kaizar Zulu can come out in the open and denounce this imposter from UK and reclaim his name before it’s too late. We all know that it’s not him, but he continues to ignore this, it may end up ending him in problems , especially after PF loses power , with these Cyberbulling Laws

  12. Is Copperbelt not PFs bedroom? How does Bowman sign a deal to allow a stranger prostitute with his wife’s in his own bedroom? It just shows the man (PF and Bowman) has lost his bedroom and his wife to a stranger. His is now begging for leftovers.

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