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ZNS intercept 4 trucks with soya beans from being smuggled

Rural News ZNS intercept 4 trucks with soya beans from being smuggled

The Zambia National Service (ZNS) has intercepted and impounded foreign trucks laden with 2,400 x 50 kilograms bags of soya beans which were about to be smuggled outside the country using fake export documents.

ZNS Muchinga Regional commander, Phinious Muntanga disclosed that the four trucks were impounded at Nakonde in Muchinga Province over the weekend after owners of the contraband attempted to bribe ZNS officers with K500

Lt. Col. Muntanga said the trucks were intercepted and impounded after alert officers discovered that the consignment destined for a named country had fake documents.

Several trucks ladden with soya beans have in the recent past been intercepted and impounded by ZNS at various check points between Mpika and Nakonde for illegal conveyance of the commodity whose final destination is Kenya and Somalia.

He said after the exporter realized that the officers had discovered anomalies on the export documents, the exporter gave officers K500 as an inducement to facilitate the release of the impounded trucks together with the contraband.

“After being intercepted and impounded, the exporter gave officers K500 as an inducement to facilitate the release of the impounded trucks together with contraband,” said Lt. Col. Muntanga.

Ltd. Col. Muntanga said the impounded trucks together with the contraband will be handed over to the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) for a possible seizure of both the vessels and the contraband in accordance with the law.

And Nakonde District Commissioner Field Simwinga has commended ZNS for remaining vigilant and ensuring that all trucks involved in the illegal conveyance of soya beans, maize and other grains are impounded.

Mr. Simwinga said many Zambians are conniving with foreign nationals to illegally move maize and other grains including soya beans outside the country through Nakonde border.

He warned that government is aware about all the tricks smugglers are using adding that security officers will not relent in ensuring that such illegal tricks and movements are curtailed.

Mr. Simwinga also appealed to ZNS command to increase man power and allocate enough vehicles to the unit to enable officers conduct random checks in various places in the border town.

“Am happy that our security officers in the border town are equal to the task in ensuring that such illegal movement of Soya beans and other grains is stopped but I wish to appeal to ZNS high command to allocate more vehicles to the unit at Nakonde for effective monitoring of movement of maize and other grains.

And Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Davison Mulenga has warned people involved in the illegal movement of Soya beans and other grains that they will face the full wrath of the law.

Capt. Mulenga said government has given clear guidance on the movement of Soya beans and other grains.

“I want to warn that we have given enough guidance on the movement of Soya beans and other grains and our officers will remain vigilant and ensure anyone abrogating the law is dealt with accordingly,” said Capt. Mulenga.


  1. This is a typical example of what us as Zambians have fallen so low as to sell our country. For these guys to even be confident to bribe officers with K500 is an indication of how low they think Zambian have sunk . God has blessed us with good climate, soils and water we can work together to drive this country to great heights. But alas, a few selfish individuals have been creating leaks in our system by accepting bribes and bleeding our country of the wealthy that God has given us. Fellow citizens let us support our Govt by doing our jobs well. The Gallant men have given us a breath of fresh air, well done by exposing this cancer.

  2. Was this vigilance or annoyance at being offered k500?
    Anyways, the government needs to capitalize on the very high demand for our agricultural products.
    Send ZNS to commercial farms, let them grow our food together with our youth and agricultural graduates.
    Employ security guards, give contract s to transport to private companies.
    Revive Nitrogen chemicals, make oen fertilizer.
    Is it so hard to dream?

  3. Can anyone explain how can soyabean can be smuggled.
    Is it a drug?
    As per my knowledge its just a small matter which can only be limited upto tax evasion for which government shall ask exporter to be pay tax.

    This way country is loosing its exports receipts.
    Instead government shall make these goods freely exportable.

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