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Nevers Mumba Calls for Immediate Partial Lock down to Contain COVID-19

Videos and Audios Nevers Mumba Calls for Immediate Partial Lock down to Contain COVID-19



  1. My humble advice to this chap is that he should lockdown himself and desist from coming out of the house.

    As for as zambians let us live in peace. We need food to survive and food comes from working.

    Lockdowns and curfews have miserably failed and have brought untold economic misery. We have South Africa and India as examples where irrespective of the so called lockdown the cases still rose and people still died.

    And in this stupid process millions of people lost jobs and tens of thousands of businesses went bankrupt.

    We are not against “saving lives” but you can’t be blind to other realities. You need to be realistic and not allow yourself to be blinded by emotions.

    Corona is now going. This is the last wave, no more waves.

    From 1 july believe you me, cases will…

  2. Ba mumba just sit down! The government will make decisions based on science not on some opinion lacking evidence or or f.a.c.ts. you are too emotional you remind me of my maid

  3. With each revelation of deaths and implied circumstances of these deaths one can see there are super-spreader events going on amid a very inept, incompetent, and selfish set of politicians. The civil servants tasked with ensuring the public health of the nation stays intact are doing no better. This is an indictment.

  4. You had two years to prepare for this but instead you chose the selfish way. These politicians will self destruct because God has his ways of protecting the innocent people of Zambia. If you can’t read the signs to change direction then continue with your ignorance. How on earth are you allowing body viewing victims of COVID and attending funerals the normal way and wonder why people are dying? You may not even need violent free elections this year because COVID may do it for you. Continue putting yourselves first and face the wrath of God.

  5. Oh yeah, just what we need, another would-be amateurish virologist who is going to tell us what needs to be done. Hey Nevers, has anybody actually ever told you that you are a PRIEST and not a DOCTOR? Please, stay in your church and spare us your so-called expert advice!

  6. Nevers Mumba if really you listen to God, you will stop politics. Accept that you in above your head, politics is not for you. God is forgiving, ask for His forgiveness and ask him to direct your steps. You are irrelevant were you are currently.

  7. Something sensible from a national leader who is concerned about the well being of Zambians.
    Nothing positive is really coming from ECL.
    He is just there waiting to read out the next speech written for him.
    Zambia is on auto pilot

  8. Both Nervous and HH asked for some kind of lockdown. In the third wave Nervous is consistent with or without elections in mind. That is leadership!

  9. I agree with #1 Isaac Phiri – lockdowns have very little effect and they hurt the most vulnerable. They only avert the problem but do not eradicate the root, so the problem will keep resurfacing. How does shutting small businesses but allowing big, established corporations to operate protect public health? Since lockdowns started, the collective wealth of multinational corporations like Amazon, SAP and Microsoft has risen to more than 36% (1 Trillion Dollars!) while the normal working class have been forced into pay cuts and unemployment. There has never been such a quick accumulation of so much wealth in so few hands as in lockdowns.

    Instead of copying failed solutions which only benefit rich countries, let’s have our own home-grown strategies that will reduce infections but at the…

  10. The attack on Nevers is senseless and is based on deed seated resentment. He’s making sense and is genuinely concerned. This man is more presidential than some of the clowns vying for the presidency. When he goes beyond borders, he never speaks ill of Zambia, unlike others. He speaks in a manner likely to woo investors. That’s patriotism and political maturity. Insulting or disrespecting a person for having a different political opinion is low grade politics and perpetrates intolerance. In your narrow vision, there’s a politician who is never ever wrong, and yet others are put the sword every time they sneeze. Grow up

  11. It will change when it takes a close member of the first family. Did you see what KK did after that other disease took his son? The numbers in Zambia are very similar to those in Uganda. Museveni has declared 42 days of total lockdown in the whole country. In Uganda soldiers and police are on the streets beating anyone who is flouting the rules. Meanwhile, in the neighbouring Rwanda, Paul Kagame has been steadily guiding and mitigating the situation everyday. They were not only prepared for a third wave but they prevented it altogether. A stitch in time, saves nine.

  12. Mr Mumba you had even earlier advised to do
    A lock down.Bwana Mumba Zambia is not
    Like western world where unemployed are
    Taken care of.Here majority of people are
    Dependant on their daily income.so leave this
    To Health officials.Plan on how you can be
    The next president.

  13. Mr Mumba the internet does not forget remember your video on vaccines and Covid 19. Imagine how many people you led astray.

  14. You will agree with this advice on your death bed or in the grave. The great sign that COVID is not a respecter of persons is when you check the scene and you dont see the bigwigs in the nation on TVs, Campaigning etc.

  15. Its unfortunate that Nevers never stop amazing me. Calling for complete lockdown will not stop people dying from Covid-19. All that is required is to observe the strict measures put in place by the Health Authorities. Putting people under lock down will just worsen the situation. This covid-19 is real at its taking people at random. As I am blocking just making arrangements to burry my 3 beloved relatives, we used to hear that or that family has lost a dear relative now it has hit my family with others being treated at Levy. Life has to continue others will die whilst others will survive and we never give up. These pandemics happen after every 50-100 years. It shall be over soon. So Nevers your suggestion is not welcome because lock down will definetly affect the forthcoming elections…

  16. No need for lock down, just unleash soldiers on the streets, markets, bus stops etc, as was the case during the cholera out break, you will see everyone wearing masks.

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