New Heritage Party President Suspends Campaigns as President Recovers from COVID-19

Chishala Kateka
Chishala Kateka

New Heritage Party president CHISHALA KATEKA has suspended her campaigns in order to recuperate fully from a Covid infection.

New Heritage Party Running Mate SAMUEL KASANKHA says Ms. KATEKA has been in self-quarantine for about a week now.

Mr. KASANKHA says the party has also restricted its campaigns to minimal door to door affairs in selected places both in response to calls by the Electoral Commission of Zambia -ECZ- and as the country mourns the first president KENNETH KAUNDA.

He says the party is cognizant of the surge in Covid 19 cases and has requested its foot soldiers to adhere to all cautions by the Ministry of Health.

Mr. KASANKHA notes that People’s lives are more important than winning elections.

He says the New Heritage Party’s key message has remained that Zambia is rich in natural and other resources and that these must be used to develop the country.

Mr. KASANKHA says Zambians must therefore win in these elections, not individuals or political parties.

This is contained in a message released to Znbc news in Lusaka today.


  1. Jet you are right. Those thugs don’t care about anyone apart from their tribal leader getting to state house at whatever cost. They don’t care if our people die. Let chi hh catch corona again so that he learns

  2. Madam Chishala Kateka should not even think of withdrawing from the race because UPND supporters will cry if the election is cancelled. Just saying.

  3. Chishala Kateka owe me an explanation. I don’t know that Kasankha. She double crossed me. I should quarantine with her so we have time to clear up air about our party.


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