Late PS Reverend Howard Sikwela Put to Rest


A solemn mood filled the atmosphere mourners at the sight of the funeral cortege carrying the remains of National Guidance and Religious affairs Permanent Secretary Reverend Howard Sikwela who died on June 25th arrived at Leopard’s hill memorial park for burial.

Defence and security choir sang solemn songs as Secretary to the cabinet Dr. Simon Miti led senior government officials to the cortege to receive the casket with clergymen serving as pallbearers.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Miti said government and the entire country had received the news of Rev Dr Sikwela with shock describing him as a gallant soldier of the kingdom of God.

He said Dr Sikwela who had served government in different portfolios, possessed immense attributes and had contributed immensely to both government and the church at large.

Not only was late Dr. Rev Sikwela a seasoned administrator but a wise man who always thought through his work and was always available for any assignment given to him.

“As a leader, Dr. Sikwela had a great sense of humor which made it easy to work with him. I personally worked very closely with him so I can attest to that, ” Dr. Miti said.

“He was a humble man who worked meticulously and diligently and in addition to his unique leadership attributes, Reverend Dr. Sikwela was not just humble but selfless and a friend to many,” he said.

Late Dr. Sikwela during his tenure as Religious affairs Permanent Secretary had made a unique contribution towards the church and state by improving the relationship and ensuring proper dialogue between the two.

He added that Dr. Sikwela was a peaceful man who had led an exemplary life and always highlighted the importance of loving one another and living in peace as a nation.

And Former religious affairs minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili described late Dr. Sikwela as a gallant soldier of christ who was committed to the extension of the kingdom of God and preservation of the Zambia’s Christian heritage.

She added that Dr. Sikwela was a seasoned civil servant who had served the country with integrity, passion and commitment.

Rev. Sumaili added that as Permanent secretary, he provided the type of leadership that promoted unity and teamwork for good results.

“Dr. Sikwela contributed significantly to the strengthening of the partnership between the church and the state and also contributed greatly to the foundation of the Ministry of religious affairs, ” she said.

Meanwhile, Council for Churches of Zambia (CCZ) secretary General Emmanuel Chikoya, he described Reverend Sikwela as a humble person who during his time as Principal of the college who had fought hard to introduce the offering of diplomas.

Rev Chikoya in a tribute read by Reverend Cannon James Phiri, added that despite Dr. Sikwela leaving his position as college principal in 2008, he continued to serve the college when he became the chairperson for the local chapter for CCZ in Zambia for Livingstone and also served in the college board.

” We as CCZ enjoyed the a cordial relationship with Reverend Sikwela and we will forever treasure and miss his selfless commitment to see the institution develop,” he said.

And Brethren in Christ resident minister Reverend Donald Munachoonga, said the church had lost a dedicated, faithful, dependable and committed member who could not be replaced.

And the widow Christine Sikwela said she has lost a friend, father, confidant who as head of the home made it easy to face any trials and tribulations of life.

In a tribute on read on her behalf by Cynthia Masamu, she described late Husband as a caring, gentle and selfless person whose commitment to his duty as a husband was unmatched.

And in tribute to her father, Sylvia Sikwela said Dr. Sikwela taught his children the importance of Prayer, kindness, generosity, forgiveness, determination, family and unity adding that because of the person he was, they were inspired to do more and want more from life.

“You always reminded us that upholding integrity is better than being liked by everyone and always pushed us to work hard and be better people,” she said.

Several Permanent secretaries from various ministries, church mother bodies representatives, clergymen and mourners from all walks of life witnessed the burial.

Late Dr. Sikwela is survived by a wife, five children and six grandchildren.


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