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7,289 beneficiaries Kasama receive Social Cash Programme funds


Government has released 2.3 million Kwacha to pay the 7,289 beneficiaries on the social cash programme in Kasama district.

Kasama District Commissioner, Kelly Kashiwa who visited Mulobola and Lwabwe catchment areas to witness the disbursement of funds to beneficiaries explains that the disbursed funds are for the May-June transfers.

ZANIS reports that Mr Kashiwa in an interview in Kasama said that the elderly, child headed households, the incapacitated and the disabled are the targeted beneficiaries.

He explained that all the categories of beneficiaries are receiving K300 bi-monthly while the disabled are each receiving K600.

He disclosed that government has also started enumerating more people to increase the number of social cash transfer beneficiaries adding that so far 2,000 people have been registered and are waiting to be cleared.

He added that government has also continued to identify more people to be enumerated and added on the programme in the district.

“We recently enumerated 2,000 and those are the ones we are working on to clean up the names and prepare their finances so that we add them on the programme, ” he said.

He also praised beneficiaries for putting to good use the money they are receiving from government.

And beneficiaries have praised government for increasing the bi monthly from K180 to K300 for other categories and from K360 to K600 for persons with disability.

One of the beneficiaries , Chota Chileshe of Mulobola area said the bi – monthly has also helped beneficiaries to live a dignified life.

“From the money we receive from government we are able to give some to people to assist us work in our farm land, we are able to buy home necessities like food and groceries, ” he said.

He explained that many beneficiaries are also using the transfers to improve their lives.

The S.C.T programme was adopted to be one of the major social protection interventions whose aim is to continuously reduce extreme poverty in Zambia.

The Program is among other social protection initiatives such as the Public Welfare Assistance Scheme (PWAS) which involves in kind transfers to the needy and the Food Program Management which is the provision of food to vulnerable households.

These programmes implemented by the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS) for Incapacitated households. The main aim of these programmes is to provide and promote quality social welfare services n Alleviate poverty, reduce destitution, promote family values and reducing juvenile delinquency.



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  2. No shame at all using social cash transfer as a campaign tool…you wonder where all this money is coming from when the govt has no money to buy drugs and covid-19 vaccines ….teachers salaries are being reduced. Someone will have to pay for all this recklessness after the elections and its these same people who will be hit worst.

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