Two women detained in connection with cyber crime


Police in Mazabuka have arrested and charged the two females suspects in connection to a video circulating on social media showing two women and a male swimming while naked.

Police Deputy Spokesperson Danny Mwale has confirmed the arrest in a statement adding that the incident occurred on June 27, 2021 at around 14:30 hours at a named lodge in Magoye area.

“ The two women both of Mazabuka District have been identified as Euphemia Moya aged 22 of Ndeke Compound and Mary Sakala aged 24 of Nakambala Compound, “ said Mr Mwale.

He added that police have launched a man hunt for camera man, only identified as Cephas, and the male person captured naked in the swimming pool identified as Mulenga Chama.

The duo are currently detained in police custody and charged with the offence of obscene matters contrary to Section 59(1)(a) of the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act of 2021.


  1. These are Typical upnd supporters who lack manners. During corona why swimming mwenkese? You want to scare children at public swimming pool. There is more to this. Why not do it in your private pool. I wouldn’t be surprised if hh holds such naked parties in his new kasama house

    • But why do some politicians want to kill the one zed, one nation motto? Is it strange that chama was having fun with ladies from the east and south in a mazabukan pool, a thing most tribal politicians want to make people believe never exist? One tribal politician was even saying inga mwaya kumwabo…. How about this chama having fun?

  2. Kaiser Zulu he’s about to start forming in his mouth. His pathetic analysis has the lowest bar and stupid.

  3. KZ wouldn’t recognize a naked body even if he would stumble over one. That’s why he is without any children, his poor wife can only dream! Just as well, we have enough KZ’s as it is!

  4. Unless you give us a link we watch like it was with Iris for now we shall treat this as fake news.

  5. Those girls will be adopted as MPs under PF.
    Poor teenagers they are getting fvcked all night long in jail.

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