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Indian Youth organization honours KK with 51 scholarships


An Indian based Youth organization has pledged 51 fully funded scholarships for the Zambian youths in honor of Zambia’s first Republican President Kenneth Kaunda.

Confederation of Young Leaders (CYL) Ambassador Series Chairperson Himadrish Suwan said the youths in India are mourning with the government and the people of Zambia following the sad demise of Dr. Kaunda.

This came to light when Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga presented a virtual lecture to the Indian academia on Actualizing Natural Convergences between Zambia and India organized by Zambia High Commission in India and Confederation of Young Leaders (CYL) Ambassador Series.

This is contained in a statement made available to ZANIS by First Secretary for Press and Tourism at Zambia High Commission in India Bangwe Naviley in Lusaka today.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga praised Confederation of Young Leaders (CYL) Ambassador Series for the 51 scholarships in honour of the late president.

“Dr. Kaunda was a Gandhian Student who got inspiration from India’s Founding Father Mahatma Gandhi to embark on a non-violent movement which saw the independence of the Republic of Zambia from the British on October 24, 1964 and he was the First Republican President,” Mrs. Kapijimpanga said.

She said Dr. Kaunda valued Zambia’s relations and friendship with India as evidenced by his visits to India which accounted for 10 times during his Presidency.

Mrs. Kapijimpanga said that the current President Edgar Lungu was following the steps of Dr. Kaunda as he is the first President to visit India in 16 years in a State Visit executed in August 2019.

She said in April 2018, President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind was the first to visit Zambia after a span of 30 years.

Mrs. Kapijimpanga said Zambia had built fly over bridges and expanded existing roads under the Decongestion of Lusaka Roads Project under an EXIM Bank of India Line of Credit.

She also said Zambia was also building 650 health posts Project under an EXIM Bank of India Line of Credit.

First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda died on Wednesday June 17, 2021 at Mina Soko Military hospital.


  1. Indeed you were a founding father,Go well Kk,you have made us to be given school scholarship.

  2. This is an amazing news and i would to be among of the students who are going to be offered the scholarship.

  3. True testament that Zambia is indeed a multiracial peaceful country that lives by the virtue of one Zambia one nation which was instilled in us by our father KK. We wont allow parties like upnd to rule and put at risk the peace and unity we enjoy..LT thank you for moderating tikki aka tarino

  4. Recall her! Recall them all—a truly incompetent bunch in the foreign service leeching off of taxpayer money! How can Frank Bwalya be in the foreign service surely?

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