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KK’s family grateful for the country’s support during the mourning period


Zambia’s first president Kenneth Kaunda has been put to rest in Lusaka at embassy Park, after 21 days of national mourning.

Speaking at embassy Park, Dr Kaunda’s Family representative Siyanga Shimabale commended President Lungu and government for according the late first republican president, a state funeral.

Mr Shimabale expressed gratitude towards government’s timely involvement which had reduced the burden for the family making it easier to contain.

Mr Shimabale stated that the Kaunda family was greatly humbled by the spontaneous demonstration of love by Zambians and people from outside that mourned with them.

“We are grateful to you and the government for according the first republican President, Dr Kenneth Kaunda a state funeral, the Kaunda family is most grateful for according our father a befitting send off,” he said.

He added that the love demonstrated during the mourning period was what Dr Kaunda abundantly shared with all Zambians with everything he did and said.

“Here in Zambia, whichever provincial center the coffin was taken, people expressed sorrow, the church was there to console, people dropped tears involuntarily, they stood by the roadside in attar and disbelief,” he said.

Meanwhile, Late Dr Kaunda’s great grandchildren wish to see their great grandfather’s legacy live on and be shared with everyone.

Frederick Mbuvi, one of the 29 great grandchildren told ZANIS in an interview that his great grandfather will be missed because he was the glue of the family and the nation at large.

Mr Mbuvi said Dr Kaunda shared love, peace, and unity with everyone despite their nature or colour.

“Shikulu treated everyone the same, he never regarded tribes or race and he shared his love with everyone he met,” he added.

And Tiyezye Kaunda who is also a great granddaughter stated that Dr Kaunda, made sure that all family members knew each other including the extended family as well as those living abroad.

President Edgar Lungu, First lady Esther Lungu , former Mozambique president Joaquim Chissano, leaders of political parties and other local and international delegates attended the burial of Dr Kaunda at embassy park this afternoon.


  1. On behalf of government, you are welcome and we did what was best for our father ba KK and the nation. Amen. My fasting has come to an end.

  2. @KZ, but iwe… you wish KK was your father? Why call him “our father”.
    My advice to KK family, please listen from Ba Panji, KK has left you a rock, like Jesus left apostles Peter.
    On behalf of Zambians in diaspora, we thank you Panji. You rock bro.
    Now is time to share KK wealthy, watch that Kaweche…
    Kaweche please stay away from Sangwa… bena fyonse ni sangwapo.

  3. The dust has settled; the clouds have cleared and all can get an unobstructed view. Funerals do unsettle even the strongest, but such messages of gratitude tell us that togetherness is what humanity stands for.
    Thanks to you too.

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