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One Acre Fund Zambia to help 16, 000 farmers with agriculture skills


One Acre Fund Zambia is this farming season targeted to help 16 thousand small scale farmers with farming skills from the current 14 thousand from three districts in Central Province.

One Acre Fund Government Relations and Policy Officer, Ramona Phiri, disclosed that the organization is in the process of scaling up more farmers in the 2021/2022 farming season.

Ms Phiri said the organization will also expand its services from the three district where the programme has been implemented to the entire central province.

She disclosed that the organization has been working in Chisamba, Chibombo and Kapiri Mposhi and intends to expand to the rest of the province starting with Luano district.

“Currently we have a little over 14, 000 farmers. So, for the next farming season we are hoping to capture at least 16, 000 small scale farmers,” Ms Phiri said.

“And as you should know this by the way we are now expanding out of the three districts that we have been operating in which are Chisamba, Chibombo and Kapiri Mposhi. So, now we are going into Luano which is a big thing for us,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ms Phiri observed noted the COVID-19 pandemic has limited interactions with farmers thereby disputing activities.

“Right now is a very difficult time for us. As you may be aware we deal with farmers and much of our activities involve interaction with farmers,” she observed.

She however noted that the organisation understands its contribution to the economy of Central Province and cannot afford to slacken because of the COVID-19.


  1. What is One Acre Fund Zambia????? How do you publish articles without an introduction …too many Face book journalists nowadays

  2. In recent times, we are hearing such great news related to our small-scale farmers. Thank you PF government!

  3. First, the FRA initiated by our President Lungu and now One Acre Fund Zambia, small scale farmer’s lives are indeed improving rapidly!!!

  4. HH and his supporters always denied the development and transformation brought under the government of President Lungu. Let’s ignore the haters and celebrate the achievements…

  5. The agriculture sector has become one of the strongest potential sources of the country’s economic development.

  6. Happy to know the fact that our hardworking farmers are finally started getting deserving income and jobs! This could only be possible under #ECL.

  7. Hichilema is just talking about bringing change in the nation. Whereas, Zambians are already experiencing incredible changes under President Edgar Lungu’s administration! Then why waste our valuable votes on HH?

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