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Private sector is crucial in DP’s ideas of economic recovery-Harry Kalaba

Feature Politics Private sector is crucial in DP’s ideas of economic...

Democratic Party’s(DP) President Harry Kalaba has outlined ideas on how his opposition party aims to bring improvements for residents of Mkushi District.

Mr. Kalaba stated this during his one hour program at Mkushi Community radio station, aying that his party is a serious contender for the forthcoming August 12th general elections.

He said that his party acknowledged that poverty and unemployment are amongst the pertinent challenges that were confessed by residents of this District.

He said that in view of this, DP had plans to facilitate for serious investments of industries such as manufacturing, adding that the aim would be to generate many formal jobs in the District.

Mr. Kalaba said that private sector is crucial in DP’s ideas of economic recovery, saying that there would be much positive impact by broadening the labour base as well the tax base through facilitation of many large and medium scale investments.

He did however point out that his party has set its major objective on addressing what he termed as the huge disparity between the rich and the poor.

He said that if elected, his DP would work towards addressing this social-economic issue by adhering to what he called as a pro poor vision of creating many jobs in order to reduce poverty.

“We still maintain that our party is pro poor because our plans are aimed at benefitting the poor ultimately”, he said


  1. Thanks for the attempt DP, it is democracy, but for this journey, we as Zambians are for the UPND alliance. However continue mobilizing, you are entitled, we can try you in 2026 assuming UPND also comes to fail like PF

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