Friday, February 23, 2024

As Lungu’s PF Warbles Peace, Davies Mwila Gambols to Violence


By Kapya Kaoma.

Am I the only one tired of Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila’s howls of PF’s “commitment to violent free campaigns”? Like starved lions, PF cadres are prowling streets seeking for more and more blood from innocent people as Lungu warbles peace, while Mwila gambols to violence. When Lungu shouts pabwato, Mwila and his pinions pick up paddles to lynch those who reject the invitation to enter the PF blood-painted boat.

President Lungu’s failure to instill the fear of the law in his cadres is villainous and even criminal. It is his constitutional duty to defend the rights of every citizen regardless of party affiliation. Sadly he has knowingly sanctioned the ongoing violence. For example, what did the PF leadership do to the cadres who chased the UPND lady, undressed, and beat her in broad daylight? What did they do to those who beat people in Chawama or petrol bombed innocent people simply for belonging to UPND? No one should be treated less than an animal for supporting HH; we are a democracy and we have the right to campaign for any candidate of choice. Just as PF cadres are proud to wear the Lungu T-shirts, UPND cadres should wear the HH T-shirts with pride. This is the beauty of democracy.

It is deplorable to trololo “peaceful campaigns” while watching PF cadres wreck havoc on fellow Zambians. For so long, the PF cadres have been made to believe they are above the law since putting on PF attire makes them immune from prosecution. And they are right. It is one thing for the Election Commission to suspend Kambwili for hate speech, it is another to arrest those who are terrorizing fellow citizens for exercising their democratic rights. The reason the PF thugs terrorize our streets is because they are shielded by Plot 1–they are untouchables.

Is it not time the Election Commission disqualified violent Parties from contesting elections? Is it not time the nullifying of Parliamentary results extended to Presidential results? The petitioning of Parliamentary elections in courts, for example, has been celebrated as a way of ensuring fair and peaceful elections. We have had many elections overturned by courts as a result. But what defies logic is that the Presidential election results remain intact. In view of the 50+1 requirement, commonsense demands that once Parliamentary results are declared not free and fair, Presidential results should also be declared not free and fair. So why disqualify Parliamentary results, but not the Presidential results? Until we demand that once Parliamentary results are nullified, Presidential results too shall be disqualified, shedding of blood will remain the main passport to Plot 1.

I don’t want to white wash UPND; it is another violent Party too. Its cadres have not been tolerant of the PF members in UPND strongholds. In fact, people who support the PF are targeted and some have been undressed. But HH is not the President–President Lungu is and must set the tone. If anything HH cadres are generally arrested, while the PF cadres are left to roam our streets with pride like children of Ares, the Greek god of war. PF cadres exploit this legal blindness by the judiciary, and all law enforcement agencies. Even when evidence against the PF cadres exists, the blind police officers will be investigating the issue forever and ever. If opposition cadres foolishly attempt to match this violence, the big man will see to it that perpetrators are not only beaten up, but also rot in jail.

Let the truth be said–the Election Commission won’t sanction the PF for violence, neither would courts nullify presidential results because of violence. Besides, politicians won’t commit to peaceful campaigns until they are punished by voters. Sadly our tribal political system rewards violent politicians. Under no circumstances will Lungu be penalized for the innocent blood his followers will shed to keep him in Plot 1. Mwila will smile as much when he watches UPND cadres undressed; in fact he would love to see more of it. Decency does not have a home in Zambian politics anymore–we have lost ubuntu.

Yet the big man is not God. Neither is the plight of the oppressed hidden from God nor are the tears of every Zambian whose rights are abused for exercising his or her democratic rights. Nothing lasts forever, and even the powerful fall. If they don’t, God has ways to make us pay for the injustices we inflict on others. I pray the victims of political violence won’t give up their fight for what they believe in; it is within their rights to do so. Their tears and shame are on behalf of the nation we all love. We may vote for different candidates, but we all love this blessed nation. When they get out of their homes, let them keep their heads up; they are our heroes!


  1. Zambians are ALL tired of the continuous lying and the rampant CORRUPTION as a result of disastrous PF government policies! PF: Lying about everything, not delivering anything!

  2. Immediately after Dr Kaundas burial, PF on the Copperbelt removing and burning all UPND campaign materials, obviously dirty operation sanctioned by their leaders. Police and ECZ, please suspend this party again on the Copperbelt, carry out independent and professional investigations. It is very bad

  3. Yes, Kitwe and Ndola, all UPND campaign materials pulled down by the PF operation removal squad. After realizing the heat on the ground PF has resorted to its usual violent, dirty, tribal and stone age politics. Typical of failed regimes globally

  4. PF, can you please behave on the Copperbelt, the fact that most PF members are campaigning for UPND should not unsettle you to a level where you are removing your friends campaign materials. The real last kicks of a dying horse. Even if you leave your flags only flying, nobody and I repeat nobody is voting for you, even the guys you are paying to remove competitor flags are not paying for you, they have also been hungry for all these years of your rule

  5. Some people know very well that if the playing field is levelled, they can lose miserably

  6. UPND is a finished party period.It ‘s removing it’s own campagn materials to blame the PF.The party is social media party and likes posting lies.

    Sorry ba UPND you have lost even this one.Change the leader who is too selfish and self centred

  7. Old Member, please stop making empty statements
    ‘PF, can you please behave on the Copperbelt, the fact that most PF members are campaigning for UPND should not unsettle you to a level where you are removing your friends campaign materials’

    Just think once: Is UPND in Southern Province complaining against PF in the way you are complaining on CB? No because it is clear UPND is stronger their than PF. On CB the status is that, PF is on stronger side hence un founded arrogation. Free advise you should keep on putting new campaign materials as soon as they are removed. They are not permanent. They wear and tear easily. Am in Chingola, I can see some UPND material stack along the Kabundi Road which has been rebuilt by PF Government. We know political parties that were against road…

    • Iwe ka blessed chakuti, sit down. Stop blaming old member for your many inadequacies as PF, do you even know that inflation is at 23% when MMD left it at 5%, need I say more

  8. Violence starts in the HEART, then it proceeds to the mouth. In many cases it stops there as can be seen by many people who post on social media and here on Lusaka Times. Some will just utter insults on those with whom they disagree. If some bloggers here were in the same room, the violence at the mouth would then spill over to blows and physical altercation. Both President Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema tacitly approve of violence by the way they behave to each other. Levy and Sata reconciled. You could see the genuine warmth of feeling between them. RB and Sata were not mortal enemies. They joked more about each other than quarrel. Lungu and HH are so hostile to each other that they do not even say each other’s names.

  9. Violence will only end when people can see Lungu and Hichilema having tea together at their homes. Unfortunately, these two people show nothing but acrimony between them. They have never even been to church together but both claim to be Christians!

  10. This PF thing is TRULY a disgraced project, what they are doing on the Copperbelt is very sad. If you call the place your bedroom why behave that way. Its just their fitenge flags flying in most of the areas, UPND material is pulled down

  11. Yes Davis mwila is the chief thug in PF with lungus blessings…….the only reason he is tolerated by lungu is because he is a violent thug commander

    We all remember him telling PF thugs to steal plots did take over public spaces from the councils……..

  12. Now this is the true nature of Kaoma Kapya. No wonder you were wired in the 2nd republic.
    That said, no amount of deceit and demagoguery will save the dead camp.
    Kapya sounds like Mmembe’s dead Post Newspaper editorial section.
    Regardless all Zambians know that it’s PF100%, ECL100%, Zambia overdrive100%, Elite Zambians100%, Peace100%, Empowerment100%, More money in your pockets with hard work 100% and Prosperity100%.
    Alebwelelapo pamupando.

  13. Kapya is scared to death. Can you read him well?
    He can’t believe that PF is sailing through without trouble waves almost like unopposed.
    Just sense and listen to how he is shivering with fear.
    His tantrums will get louder but the guy can’t coup with reality.
    He is now already sowing discontent and preparing for anarchy. Yes I sense anarchy in his verbatim.
    Great job Mwila, great job PF, a sense of victory is already guaranteed.
    ECL is already president for the 3rd time consecutive running.
    No match the 6th time consecutive losing side.
    Thanks Kapya but sorry you’re hurting.

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