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CiSCA Asks Police to Arrest Kambwili for Hate Speech


The Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) is perplexed by the Zambia Police Service’s reluctance to summon and interrogate Patriotic Front member Mr. Chishimba Kambwili over his hate and tribal campaigns which led to his suspension by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) from engaging in all forms of campaigns for close to a week.

The lifting of the suspension by the ECZ and the apology made by Mr Kambwili do not obliterate the offence he committed of hate speech against the Tonga people. The Police must still follow due process, summon Mr Kambwili, interrogate him, and hopefully charge him.

Despite complaints lodged against Mr Kambwili at the Police Service by concerned citizens one of whom is Thabo Kawana Media Director of the UPND Alliance on Kambwili’s hate speech against a section of the Zambian society contrary to the provisions of the Penal Code Section 70, Public Order Act Section 13, and the Electoral Code of conduct as provided for in the Electoral Process Act Section 107 subparagraphs 11 and 15, the police seem very reluctant to prosecute the matter as noted by their failure to summon Mr Kambwili.

We have noted that the police are quick to arrest then investigate allegations of criminal conduct purported by opposition political cadres but then follow the tedious policing procedure of investigating before arresting a ruling party cadre who is alleged to have committed a crime. Are there now two Zambias? One for the ruling political party cadres and the other for the opposition? It is grossly unacceptable and unconstitutional for the Police and the ruling party to create a situation where some Zambians are more equal than others before the law. The seeming reluctance by the police to enforce the law against people associated with the ruling party like Kambwili despite blatant breach of the law is violation of the principles of the rule of law. No matter the indignation by the many spokespersons of the ruling party against the 2021 Amnesty International Report, a well governed nation is a nation of laws which are applied fairly and equally. It is amazing how the police have developed cold feet in arresting Kambwili when not too long ago, when he was in opposition Kambwili was their regular suspect.

As CiSCA we demand for the immediate summoning of Mr Kambwili to respond to the allegations contained in the lodged complaint against him by Thabo Kawana among other citizens.

If the police do not do the needful CiSCA will petition them, to at once respect the law of the land by enforcing it without fear or favour or consideration based on political affiliation.


  1. These are the useless NGOs. Have they been to Southern province villages to investigate UPND campaign messages or have they based their demand on tilted media reports? I challenge them to carry out their own investigate to prove whether there are any lies about what Kambwili is saying. That’s what credible NGOs do otherwise we won’t take them seriously.

  2. The police will not get CK. State house has instructed them to NOT do anything to CK, and therefore – just like ECZ – will let the second half of “the obese brothers” go free! Biggest proof that most if not all of socalled independent institutions are NOT independent but follow instructions of the corrupt PF dictatorship!

  3. WHOEVER believes and trust Kambwili rantings must be medically examined for insanity. Kambwili is on record that he must be pronounced “MAD” if ever he returned back to PF, the rest is history.
    So for a grown up person with normal grey matter in his skull to ask a reputable organization to conduct an expensive research in order to prove a LUNATIC rantings right, is total ignorance, st.upidity…and for lack of better term, total insanity. Please twapapata mwe bantu besu, muletontonkanya before you support ichisushi……….a credible should have sidelined that man, he is no longer worth discussing.
    INSTEAD, I challenge PF to do away with Kambwili, if their key theme for election is not based on tribalism.

  4. Pa Zambia, Kuwayawaya fye. Most people are not busy in this country. You are still waiting your breath on CK:. YAYAYAYA. I do not understand why we do not invest our precious time and energy in productive activities. how are CK’s issues going to put food on our table and further develop our country. Move on mwebantu imwe!

  5. The police should arrest Sajane, Buumba, Kambwili and HH for hate speech. Didnt HH use a “C” in front of kids and children?

  6. Ba Mubanga, it is worthwhile to invest precious time in fighting greed, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, racism and other evil vices. If we neglect the duty of bringing down these vices whatever we are investing in whether education, health, wealth e.t.c can easily be rendered useless when mayhem results from a bad tongue. So let us raise our frustrations on those dividing us. How does it feel to go down in history as being the man who sowed discord in a nation? There is a clear curse in the Bible on those who do not find sleep unless they injure others. This is why we are living short lives. When the innocent cry to their God, our bones get gathered quickly to become fossil.

  7. My challenge to hh still stands. I challenged hh to shout the “One Zambia, One Nation” slogan to his supporters. Yes, just once. I bet you he will never do it. Tribalism? My foot!

  8. Madam there are two people on focus over hate speech. Address the two. Advise the police to arrest both. You fellow woman has it on video now.


  10. Lusaka Times, are you only posting one sided views on tribalism. Why are you holding me responses? Or should we stop meeting here because of bias?

  11. Since when was truth hate speech?
    If truth hurts upndead surrogates, are we going to suppress it or label is hate speech?
    Is saying the dead camp classify To.ngas who are upndead more To.nga than those who don’t support this grouping hate speech? On the other hand, is saying SPians vote above 90% for one party Sejani coined To.nga hate speech? No, this is not hate or tri.bal talk. It is 100% correct and truth. You shall not suppress the truth. Some party should not be saying that they don’t need to campaign in one region because they already have it. Already have it? Really? How? Upndead’s of other parties who are campaigning in SP is in itself electoral misconduct needing police attention. Don’t dare suppress truth and call it hate speech.

  12. Upndead’s of other parties who are campaigning in SP is in itself electoral misconduct needing police attention. Don’t dare suppress truth and call it hate speech.

  13. This is the problem in Zambia. There is selective application of the Law. If u are a Member of PF Party u are untouchable when u break the Law. The lack of respect for Constitutionalism, Rule of Law, Good Governance and Human Rights has brought about lawlessness in Zambia. PF Cadres are above the law and are not being prosecuted. CK broke the Law on Hate Speech and must be arrested by the Police and prosecuted in Court. This lawlessness by PF Cadres has now created Anarchy in our land. For Rule of Law to be restored we need a New Govt. PF has tolerated lawlessness and hence u now have PF Cadres,Militias,Commanders and Generals fighting among themselves. We need HH and UPND Alliance to restore Order,Peace and Tranquility in Zambia.

  14. I’ve noted with misgivings that Lusaka Times is suppressing comments that don’t seem to support the opposition and only allowing those that attack the ruling party. Sadly it has become like Zambian Watchdog, no need to participate on this forum anymore.

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