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Lifting of Kambwili’s campaign suspension is a sign of betrayal by ECZ-Kawanga


Opposition UPND Alliance has charged that the decision by the Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ to lift the suspension from campaigns of Chishimba Kambwili is a sign of betrayal on the legacy of the late Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

UPND Alliance Media Director Thabo Kawana said this decision is a direct stab on the legacy of Dr Kaunda and a betrayal to the people of Zambia because Mr. Kambwili is on record having completely refused to apologise for his hate speech and tribal sentiments.

Mr Kawana said this decision by the ECZ to lift Kambwili’s suspension even after being reported by the UPND Alliance justifies people’s suspicion that the electoral body is a Public Relations wings of the Patriotic Front.

“The ECZ’s decision is a sign of betrayal because barely we put Dr Kaunda to rest, who is a man who stood against tribalism and hate speech in the country, yet Kambwili has been going round spewing hate speech and that is why we reported him and that is why the ECZ found it fit to suspend him” he said.

“But lifting that suspension is a stab in the back of the legacy of Dr Kaunda. It is also a betrayal to the people of Zambia because Kambwili is on record having gone to ECZ and only apologized for having congregated people in rallies but completely refused to apologize for his hate speech” Mr Kawana added.

He wondered how the ECZ could lift Kambwili’s suspension from campaigns for practicing tribalism and hate speech despite him refusing to apologize.

Mr Kawana however said the UPND Alliance will not be bothered by the decision from the ECZ because Kambwili committed a criminal offense and therefore, the alliance will await police action because he personally reported the matter to law enforcers.

“I am the complainant and I expect the police to call Kambwili to interrogate him and when they find him wanting, which I know they will, they need to arrest and prosecute him through the courts of law,” Mr Kawana said.

The UPND Alliance through its media director reported Kambwili to the police last, a move which also necessitated the suspension of tribal hatred spreader Chishimba Kambwili from campaigns by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.


  1. Let’s move on team. Referees can’t be 100% correct even after using VAR. Time to sell the message of hope and progress is now. CK naiwe reconstruct yourself and do your best.

  2. Kawanga move on please. People are not interested in this tribal talk from Kambwili. For me i have no respect for liars. By the way stop mentioning KK legacy in vain. KK was forgiving.. But you, you want CK to be in prison. Start telling what UPND can do if they find themselves forming Government.

  3. Whether it’s kangwa or thabo kawana..
    Chishimba Kambwili speaks the truth…He is not tribal but just exposing how some people behave.


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