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Aspiring candidates for the Kasenengwa parliamentary seat complain over paying second nomination fee


Aspiring candidates for the Kasenengwa parliamentary seat have described as unfair the legal provision requiring them to pay to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) another fee for fresh nominations.

The aspiring parliamentary candidates for the Kasenegwa seat will on Monday July 12, 2021 be required to file in fresh nominations following the death of the United Party for National Development (UPND) candidate Titus Miti.

Speaking during the stakeholders meeting today, Alice Kalima who is contesting as an independent candidate complained that it is unfair for the candidates to pay fees for the second time, for the same nominations.

Ms Kalima noted that the death of a candidate was nobody’s fault hence the Commission could have considered exempting the candidates who were already in the race.

She said ECZ should not use nominations as a money-making venture considering the current state of the economy.

And Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) aspiring candidate Kapambwe Mushanga said the ECZ could have been considerate to the candidates as the decision to make them pay again is tantamount to stealing from them.

Mr Mushanga lamented that the money that candidates paid in May has not worked hence the commission could have considered exempting them.

And in response, District Electoral Officer Milly Muluti explained that the Commission’s hands are tied as the constitution provides for fresh nominations once a candidate dies or withdraws from the race.

Ms Muluti stated that conducting fresh nominations means starting the whole process afresh hence candidates will still be required to pay fresh nomination fees as it is a constitution requirement.

Meanwhile, Ms Muluti has commended candidates in the district for abiding by the electoral code of conduct as no case of violence has been recorded.

She said campaigns in the district have been peaceful as all the political parties and candidates have been civil in conducting campaigns.


  1. Mwiponta mukabwela, that is an administrative cost. ECZ is doing it for you. There was already a cost incurred. These are the things that parliamentarians need to be looking at while they are serving their term(s) in parliament and not to just receive allowances. The tax payers money cannot be used to fund your political ambitions. Fir now you must pay it is not the fought of anyone fir someone dying, but there is an administrative cost to be done.

  2. This is daylight robbery its not their fault …anyway when a constitution was written and approved by blind and deaf men what do you expect!!

  3. When Bill 10 came so that such issues are cleaned and addressed others refused and walked out. Now here we are… So sad…..

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