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PF to punish those de-campaigning adopted candidates in Central province


Central Province Patriotic Front (PF) campaign manager, Jayson Mulando has directed the party’s rank and file in Kapiri Mposhi district to support and campaign for all candidates that have been adopted on the party ticket.

Mr. Mulando revealed that the PF central committee has received information that some PF members in the district were de-campaigning adopted candidates because their preferred applicants were not picked to contest on the party ticket.

Mr. Mulando, who is also PF member of the central committee (MCC) has since threatened to take action against PF members that will be found de-campaigning adopted candidates as they were undermining the decision of the central committee and hindering efforts to the chances of the party emerging victorious in the August 12 general elections.

He said this during a meeting with PF branch, constituency and district officials addressed by presidential running-mate campaign deputy manager, Jean Kapata in Kapiri Mposhi.

He implored PF officials in the district to make peace with each other and work together for the purpose of the party winning the 12 August elections.

“Adoptions are over, let’s forge ahead and concentrate on campaigning for those who were adopted…. for those members de-campaigning our candidates we will put you aside because you have become an hindrance to the prospect of us electing President Lungu and other adopted candidates,” Mr. Mulando said.

And presidential running-mate deputy campaign manager, Jean Kapata has advised PF members in the district to adhere to Covid-19 health guidelines as they conduct election campaigns.

Ms. Kapata also urged the party leadership in the district to adopt a door-to-door campaign strategy as opposed to mass gatherings in order to reach out to the electorates.

“Ensure adherence to Covid-19 campaign measures and create a system on how you are going to campaign because as PF, we don’t want to create situations where Covid-19 will spread,” Ms. Kapata said.

Meanwhile, Kapiri Mposhi constituency chairman Francis Katongo has assured President Lungu and the PF Central Committee that the party will reclaim the seat from the opposition UPND in the forthcoming general elections.

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