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KK’s death reminded Zambians about ‘One Zambia, One Nation ‘ motto-Lungu


President Edgar Lungu says the death of first republican President Kenneth Kaunda has reminded Zambian citizens about the importance of the ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ motto.

President Lungu said unfortunately, Dr. Kaunda’s death came at a time when every citizen needed to reflect on the importance of oneness.

Dr. Lungu said this when he met six traditional leaders from Mwinilunga district in Northwestern province today.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has asked traditional leaders in the area to encourage their subjects to choose leaders who have the interests of the people above self.

“Choose responsible people who will speak for your needs not their bellies,” he said.

President Lungu said the region has seen less development because of allegedly choosing leaders who are antagonistic.

He alleged that most representatives of the people in the region have not been willing to work with the government but have instead been opposing everything government does.

And speaking on behalf of other chiefs, senior chief Sailunga thanked the President for the constant visits to the district.

Senior chief Sailunga said President Lungu is the only head of state who has visited the district more times.

He said traditional leaders in the area will reciprocate the gesture by supporting Dr. Lungu.

“As royal highnesses in this district we will support you. May God bless you,” he said.

The traditional leaders however presented some challenges their chiefdoms are faced with.

Among the challenges are the poor road network, damaged bridges and lack of internet facilities.

And senior chief Kanong’esha praised President Lungu for his good leadership.

He further commended the President for constructing a fruit processing plant which he said has already started yielding results through job creation.

The Head of State, who is in the province for a two-day working visit, also toured the local market before holding a meeting with party officials.


  1. Look at this leper in “self decampaigning” mode. Aren’t you the one who is in it for your own belly?

  2. Enough about KK….his life ended June 17, 2021 so stop abusing his name now….KK this KK that when you’ve failed to achieve anything just enormous debt Edward Chagwa Lungu

  3. Why where they holding Esther with her crocodile tears….people can fake it…..big pretenders….when KK was alive they hated him….now crying in front of Cameras ba Makaka

  4. Is that Edgar’s wife? hahahahahahaha this of drama wanting sympathy, she was preforming as a widow? “Mother-of-the-Nation”. That must be terrifying for Edgar ati “oooo this how she will be mourning”.
    Lets wait, maybe Edgar’s wife will go claim all KK’s property .

  5. But our President appears not to condemn all tribal statements from Luo, Mundubile, Yaluma, GBM, CK and many others thereby dividing Zambia into two. South West and North East. In fact it appears gullible Bembas only are being used in this ugly scheme. Don’t refer to KK on this matter, as he must have died with shame that his laid foundation of unity was not being followed by the sitting President until his death.

  6. He telling porkies from croked teeth…..

    While CK was a senior minister in his GRZ , this crook watched and did nothing as CK went on air to attack Tongas and tell blatant lies about them, like a about a bemba teacher being killed in sivaonga by Tongas for being bemba….

    Lungu is a serpent in fancy cloths who carries a Bible in his back pocket ready to pull out yo dupe Zambians……

  7. He telling pork.ies from croked teeth…..

    While CK was a senior minister in his GRZ , this cro.ok watched and did nothing as CK went on air to attack Tongas and tell blatant about them, like a about a bemba teacher being kill.ed in sivaonga by for being bemba….

    Lungu is a ser.pent in fancy cloths who carries a Bible in his back pocket ready to pull out to Zambians……

  8. The ordinary Zambians in our communities have always practiced ethic unity and inclusiveness. Tribalism in Zambia has been a problem for politicians like ECL who have openly or discreetly encouraged tribal intolerance for political gain. It is politicians dividing Zambians. What has Edgar Lungu done to practically promote One One Nation in Zambia since he took office? Nothing. Even N/Western Province, which he is visiting now, how many from there were in his last cabinet? To day he has come to you to preach unity using your compromised chiefs just in order to get your votes. Be careful!!

  9. If you don’t have anything good to about ECL just keep quiet. He working unlike your leader who has no direction

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