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Antonio Mwanza Challenges HH to substantiate his claims that the PF will rig the August 12 polls


Patriotic Front (PF) Media Director Antonio Mwanza has challenged UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to substantiate his claims that the PF will rig the August 12 polls.

Speaking when he featured on the Burning issue program on 5fm radio in Lusaka today, Mr. Mwanza charged that the rigging claim by Mr. Hichilema is a sign that the man knows that he cannot defeat President Lungu.

He further charged that Mr. Hichilema has received a lot of International funding and is under pressure because he knows that he is losing hence using rigging claims as an excuse.

“And I want to make direct accusations to him that he has received a lot of money from International funders and he can deny it and even take me to court, “Mr. Mwanza said.
“He has received a lot of International funding and he’s under pressure because he has promised these people things, now he knows he’s losing; these elections are gone; so what he’s doing now is to start crying about rigging,” he added.

The PF Media Director has wondered how the elections will be rigged when current ballot papers are being printed in Dubai with a delegation from all stakeholders including the UPND observing the printing process.

Mr. Mwanza explained that the same delegation from the UPND will be at the airport to receive the ballot papers in Zambia up to the point of the storage facility and will further have their own agents in the polling stations on election day.

“And when we finish voting the counting of the votes are done in public view, with every polling agent, every electoral observer being in the polling station,” Mr. Mwanza explained.

He charged that it is embarrassing for Mr. Hichilema to continue claiming that elections are being rigged when he has clearly lost in all five elections he has participated in.

And Mr. Mwanza stressed that there is no doubt that President Lungu will retain the presidency come August 12 because of what the PF has achieved during his first term in office.

He charged that this year’s elections will be the toughest that the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has participated in because he has no message to tell Zambians what he will do if voted into office because the PF under President Lungu has delivered.

Mr. Mwanza added that the Zambians have rejected the economic message that the opposition UPND were using as a campaign strategy because they have realized that the challenges being faced in the country are not exclusive to Zambia but the world at large due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The PF Media Director says it is for this reason that the UPND has abandoned their focus on the economy because it not working for them and have shifted to rigging claims.
“You only abandon a message as a politician when you realize it is not working, so they have realized that it is not working because Zambians are alert,” Mr. Mwanza said.

He added that the PF will easily win the August 12 polls because they have done enough to win the confidence and trust of the Zambian people to give the part and President Lungu a fresh mandate.

“We know for sure that the Zambian people understand that the economic difficulties we are facing today are not unique to Zambia and that they have not been caused by President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, we also know that the Zambian people will look at the record of the Patriotic Front and see what PF has done in the last 10 years and they will look at our party Manifesto and see what we promised to do in the next five years and that will be solid enough for them to give us a vote,” Mr. Mwanza explained.


  1. Antonio Mwanza should substantiate that the PF will NOT rig the elections. But that will be impossible for him! PF: Lying about everything, not delivering anything!

  2. ECL has it in his court.
    We’re delivering a victory h² has never witnessed in history to PF.
    I just checked my voters can in closet. I will use it wisely.

  3. Evidence is everywhere…packed voters roll from perceived PF stronghold, PF controlled ECZ, misguided and totally useless ZNBC which is practically PF mouthpiece, restricting mobilisation activities of opposition or UPND, PF bribes to various groups -churches, musicians,etc.

    The terrible thing is despite all these rigging factors victory is not guaranteed for PF!

  4. Nomad Antonio, even pulled his former boss from FDD, with only one agenda and that agenda is just focusing on HH. Money talks

  5. Imwe ba Mwanza under 5 knows he is losing his camp know it his spouse knows it but they are all scared to tell him… so let him have his 15 minutes of fame hakayivoteka heka


  7. For me, this epitomizes why we will not develop…why is cadre and mouth for hire like Antonio Mwanza living off of taxpayer money while our doctors go unpaid?

  8. Antonio Mwanza is just waffling and hallucinating. With the current objective conditions in Zambia its impossible for ECL and PF to win free,fair and credible Elections on August 12. Even with Election Rigging ECL will lose this Election. Other than beneficiaries of PF Corruption and Patronage the majority of Zambians will vote for Change and for HH and UPND Alliance. People can’t vote for ECL and PF becoz they have destroyed the Economy, PF Cadres are causing havoc at Bus Stops, Markets, on the streets and Govt Offices. People are suffering from high cost of living,gassing, PF Corruption etc. Enough is enough ECL and PF “ku wire” chabe. HH and UPND Alliance will win on August 12 becoz PF Strongholds having collapsed. The writing is on the wall.

  9. Why give such elements space?? They do not know anything beyond Lusaka and Lusaka is the best thing that has ever happened to him. I hope Zambians have their eyes wide open and will vote wisely!

  10. Antonio Mwanza looks like the PF official who was recorded in a video warning that Muchinga Province was Lungu’s bedroom and that he and other PF thugs would even kill the cockroaches and the rats that dared to enter ECL’s bedroom?

  11. Mr Mwanza substantiate that there is international funding.Can you substantiate
    That there is international pressure.

  12. I have said it before ,we all know that UPND is sponsored by an organization that promotes and loves homosexuality plus ma gay rights na lesbianism it’s not a secret, documentation is there.

  13. PF is embarrassing Lungu in NW province. Lungu was being booed all the way. CB is Boeing Lungu and PF. So the voters register tinkering will not change anything.

    ECZ should prepare for a show down when eligible voters fail to vote due to ECZ stupidity and malice.

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