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Both PF and UPND says they are impressed with ballot printing


The Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND), have both described the ongoing printing of ballot papers for this year’s general elections in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) as impressive.

PF Deputy National Chairperson, Davies Chama says the party is happy with progress made so far, on the printing of election ballot papers which started 10 days ago on July 4, 2021.

“We are quite impressed as a party considering that the initial printing was supposed to have first started on July 1 but was delayed by three days,” he said.

Mr Chama expressed optimism that the printer, Al Ghurair Publishing and Printing Company, will finish the process of producing the ballot papers on time in readiness for the elections as outlined by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

“Today is the 10th day of printing and we are standing at 71 percent which is great progress. We have confidence that the printing process, will be on schedule as planned by ECZ,” stated Mr Chama.

And UPND representative, Richard Njolomba said the progress made so far in printing the ballot papers, has met the party’s expectation.

“So far the process is going on well and we are impressed with the quality of prints we have seen. We are very confident that we are going to finish the printing within the given time,” said Mr Njolomba.

Mr Njolomba who is also representing the UPND Alliance team members described the printing company, as being credible adding that they have confidence in it.

“The fact that the printer looks very credible, is a very important aspect to us as a party and alliance as many people are viewing this years’ election as being crucial for the country,” said Mr Njolomba.

The two political parties were commenting on the progress made so far, on the overall printing of the general elections ballot papers currently underway in Dubai, which as of today has reached 71 percent.

Speaking to the media during a briefing earlier, Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Commissioner, Ali Simwinga noted that the progress made by the company was in line with the timeline of the Commission and will finish the process on time.

“The project is going very well and the company has indicated that it has not faced any challenges, and if anything, is pleased that the quality of information conveyed to the company has made their job easier, an assurance that the project will proceed to our expectations,’’ he explained.

Mr Simwinga stated that the Commission believes in genuine dialogue with stakeholders, which is essential to building confidence in the electoral process and trust in ECZ’s activities.

“The Commission believes that open dialogue is important and this is why we inform stakeholders so that they own the process. We have not hidden anything here in Dubai and are happy with the presence of stakeholders here,” Mr Simwinga said.

And giving an update on the printing progress by Al Ghurair, ECZ Senior Corporate Affairs Officer, Sylvia Bwalya said the overall total percentage of progress made as of July 13, 2021 was 71 percent.

“We have made tremendous progress on the printing of the ballot papers here in Dubai. Our overall total of the printing progress in terms of percentage is now at 71 percent from yesterday’s 65 percent,” Ms Bwalya disclosed.

Ms Bwalya gave the breakdown for the printing of presidential ballot papers saying it is at 68 percent where as of yesterday, was at 55 percent.

She said the mayoral and council chairperson ballot paper printing progress was standing at 97 percent, while the parliamentary ballot paper is at 84 percent.

Ms Bwalya added that the Commission will also include the printing of ballot papers of successful candidates from fresh nominations that took place yesterday, together with current ballot papers Al Ghurair printing company was processing in Dubai.


  1. The alarmist hichilema yesterday said that pf have rigged elections.How!While his behind followers have said printing is going on well. Kalusa

  2. HH is not normal. He is afraid of losing again. He is sick because of the money he has collected from s@t@n1sts

  3. I bet you they are more happy with the hospitality treatment the Saudi printers are offering these reps from the poor African country that have been splashing dollars in their company.
    We need a mindset change!!

  4. The ballot is stronger than the bullet.

    On Wednesday, July 7, Haiti’s President Moise was shot 16 times when , a group of “professional killers” stormed his home in a suburb located near Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital.

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