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Chella Tukuta slapped with a 2-year jail sentence for defaming former Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya


Controversial Lusaka based photographer Cornelius Mulenga commonly known as Chella Tukuta has been slapped with a 2-year jail sentence for defaming former Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya.

Mr. Mulenga in May last year, in a Facebook live video, accused Ms. Siliya of being immoral and that she was allegedly organizing young girls to high profile people for immoral activities.

And delivering the ruling today, Lusaka High Court Judge Lameck Mwale, sitting as Chief Resident Magistrate, described Mr. Mulenga’s utterances against Ms Siliya as reckless.

Judge Mwale says Mr. Mulenga never provided evidence to the court on the allegations he leveled against Ms. Siliya who was at the time serving as senior government official.

He said he needed to mete out a stiffer punishment on Mr. Mulenga to deter would be offenders who abuse social media to disparage other people.

This is in a case Mulenga, 34, was charged with libel.


  1. These small boys became so excited with Face book that he was even dancing when he was saying this even backing it up and daring Siliya…when his turn came to give evidence and witnesses he was mute. If you are going to dish out dirt on a big fish have concrete evidence with credible witnesses who will stand with you not use the same alleged pro s titutes who believe in only one thing cash.

  2. Ridiculous! Whether guilty or not, this should have been a civil matter strictly between the two. Where does the State come in? These are archaic laws that should have been revised ages ago – same with the so-called defamation of the President. We have a toothless Law Association of Zambia and an equally impotent Law Development Commission, if it still exists. They are supposed to recommend change of laws to move with civilisation. Rapists and murderers are released very now and then by the President in the name of commemoration of ‘freedom day’, independence day or the like. Yet, other citizens are jailed for matters that belong to the civil realm.

  3. Harold Muna – if someone accuses you a Minister and an MP (a Woman for that matter ) of pimping out young women to your fellow male Ministers and MPs you think you would settle this outside court? That’s your reputation on the line…these boys became very careless and excited with Face book live he was even dancing before every show urging his watchers to invite their friends as he was about spill the beans. When he was in the dock he was mute and don’t forget that he had one of the best lawyers in town in the name of Linda Kasonde.

  4. Good riddance. I find myself in agreement with Tarino AKA Kaizar Zulu (yes we know you are the same person).
    Chella was too excited and he crossed the line, let us not belittle women who manage to succeed, even if they belong to a party you do not like.
    Most of our women who get to the top do so through a lot of hard work. They do not need to be considered as pimps.

  5. We hope he will use this time to reflect on his behaviour. It is sad because he has kids who need him.

  6. The sentence is only 1 month effectively.
    All those opposition members who are victims the PF political machinery will be pardoned by the new president immediately.

  7. This boy thought he could get away with social media tantrums. I tried to warn him father to son. Walakula nomba umuchene in prison. For us computer specialists, we know how to track you however many synonyms you have. Lesson learned to everyone around the world. You can get caught no matter where you are. Ask Osama Bin Laden. Kwasila.

  8. Jr Ngumbu – I have been accused of being many things but this is a first….i will let you off you must new to LT or just need to sober up.

  9. Mwaice Chellah appeal the sentence and verdict. Seek a review by a proper magistrate. 1- A high court judge should confine his mistrials to the high court. A magidtrate cannot go to the high court and do this kind of nonsense. 2- You cannot defame a person who has no fame. You were in line with opinions expressed by senior national elders (former president Sata) , and her own former husband. If all these did not defame her , then how did you( a child of yesterday)? How much was this judge bribed to descend from high court to come and mistry you in a subordinate court ?

  10. Why was tukuta saying all this without a single evidence?Was it
    To please the media?Sometimes
    When people are taken to jail they
    Realise it’s not just opening anyhow and to say to a minister.
    Others will get a lesson.

  11. What will happen on 12 th August which will make Tukuta Chella come out? Are you telling us that someone who supports evil will win the elections?
    Please advise.

  12. If HH is coming and pardon people like Tukuta, then I have NO VOTE for HH. Bally will fix it, what will he fix? Tukuta wanted to go to court and he got what he asked for.

  13. The close aide of aspiring president. What a great example Hakainde Hichilema is setting for the nation. If you want a gang of criminals in State House, vote for HH and UPND.

  14. Can’t expect anything logical and legal from UPND surrogates. But your plans won’t succeed. HH is not going to win. But, I must say that it is really disgusting to see a woman supporting a molester. Would react in the same way, if he abuses you on social media the way he abused Dora?

  15. Are you a judge or lawyer? Why don’t you keep the gutter shut if you don’t know the law? If you are so worried about this criminal, let him abuse your wife or sister or mother on social media, then come and lecture others.

  16. He was given ample opportunity to prove his innocence and present the concrete evidence. But he failed and now facing the music. If you are so worried about him, where were you hiding till now? You should have gathered evidence to save him!

  17. What a relief to all the women on social media! This judgement will set a precedence for everyone who is out there molesting defenceless women and girls.

  18. This is the example that our judiciary is not sleeping. They are wide awake and won’t hesitate to discharge their duties in the most judicial and honest way.

  19. Hakainde Hichilema should learn a lesson from this. He should abandon Anthony Bwalya and Mubita C Nawa as soon as possible. These criminals will doom him one day.

  20. Have they started crying foul yet? Judiciary has been prssurised, ECL is intimidating the judges, the usual crap?

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