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President Lungu expected on the Copperbelt province today


President Edgar Lungu is today, July 15, 2021, expected on the Copperbelt province to inspect developmental projects. This is according to Copperbelt Province Permanent Secretary, Bright Nundwe who said that government has initiated and implemented a number of projects in the region.

Mr. Nundwe said President Lungu wants to know the progress of each of the developmental projects hence his planned visit to Copperbelt province. He said while in the province, the President will also check on people’s compliance levels to Covid-19 stipulated guidelines.

Mr. Nundwe said the Head of State is concerned that Copperbelt Province, which is Zambia’s major contributor to gross domestic product (GDP), continues to record higher numbers of daily Covid-9 cases. He said President Lungu’s desire is to see the pandemic being fought until it is contained. Mr. Nundwe said President Lungu further wants people to adhere to the prescribed Covid-19 guidelines.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front (PF) Copperbelt province presidential campaign manager, Frank Ng’ambi has said that the PF has continued to be attractive to the people in the region following various economic improvement strategies being initiated by President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Ng’ambi said the PF government has initiated plans to consider introducing a 24-hour economy in a bid to improve employment levels in the country.

Speaking during a media briefing held in Kitwe, Mr. Ng’ambi explained that a 24 hour economy is an initiative aimed at allowing certain business companies like chain stores to operate on a 24 hour basis.

He said such measures will enable business companies to employ more workers especially youths who are in dire need of jobs. Mr. Ng’ambi said all PF candidates in the province were receiving massive support from the people.

He added that all traditional leaders in the area have endorsed the candidature of President Edgar Lungu. Mr. Ng’ambi has since urged party members to continue promoting messages of peace during and after the campaign peri


  1. Shameful the way these people use cliche, you cannot speak in abstract, what these ‘developmental projects, call them by name and detail the impact on communities. Why is it necessary for this predictor inspect these so called projects?? Where are the project managers??? Does he not have better things to do than go and panpanika his name on another useless project?? I hope the next government will remove his names and give new and befitting names that make sense and not people’s names, ataa

  2. Lungu is expected on the copperbelt province to campaign disguised as “inspecting developmental projects”

  3. I truly hope CB voters will show up to BOOOO the worst hopeless and totally incompetent PF president ever, and vote him OUT on August 12! PF: Lying about everything, not delivering anything!

  4. He campaigns shamelessly after having blocked hh in the name of covid, he uses ECZ-pf to manipulate voters registration, and the uses the bogus con court to rule in favor of an unconstitutional third term…talk of abuse of institutions! The new government will have much work to do to restore the credibility of our institutions. Shameless moron!

  5. ECL should know that he is de-campaigning himself to Çampaign alone while HH his main Rival is banned to hold Rallies and Road Shows. Now that the Peace and Non-Violent Accord has been signed ECZ should lift the ban on Rallies and Road Shows. ECZ should insist that all Election Campaigns require Political Parties to observe Covid-19 Guidelines. U can’t have free,fair and credible Elections without free Campaigns and a level playing field. People of Kopala will Boo ECL like they did in North Western Province. Why doesn’t ECL and his Advisors learn? ECL/PF should allow Opposition Leaders to have “working visits ” and siting New Projects in Provinces. To have a semblance of Credible Elections Opposition Leaders should be allowed to Campaign freely during the last 27 days b4 the…

  6. He was on the copperbelt just a few weeks ago inspecting the same so called developmental projects does this pf cadre PS not know that he’s just making a fool of himself. I guess the reception he got in mumfumbwe and mwinilunga has rattled him.

  7. The photo itself sums up this moron Edgar …he is on a GRZ Presidential Jet and he is wving his PF symbol…this man has never been a Head of State. Even with Parliament closed PF still have these DCs who act like ministers …one Sata really destroyed governance in this country.

  8. Pie in the sky
    under pf not likely to happen
    -24 hours economy
    -civil servant debt swap
    -economic recovery

    and the list goes on and on…..

  9. pie in the sky

    ati 24 hours economy

    they think we have forgotten the about lower taxes, more jobs and more money in your pockets (in 90 days).

  10. We are capable of handling the Covid-19 pandemic without this lame president coz there is nothing which apart from bringing more infections to our city so just stay in your dirty Lusaka.

  11. About 20,000 Malawians registered to vote next month!…..as reported by News Diggers! in today’s edition. We have always said it again and again that PF can never win a free and fair election. Whether some of those foreigners will vote for PF or opposition party does not matter. The fact is that it is very wrong, infact illegal. Those foreign votes are null and void

  12. The hypocrisy here. Why is this man campaigning under the guise of inspecting developmental projects, flouting ECZ comical COVID-19 rules. I will advise well meaning Zambians to warn these people, there is an undercurrent of anger and rigging will result in the darkest time in Zambia’s democratic history, mark my words.

  13. Unfortunately, you cannot boo President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. So, heed Obama- ‘Don’t boo. Vote!’ This gentleman’s party is so vicious that if they had any inkling that they are unpopular, they will wreck the country. Let Zambians show him the door very quietly and decently on 12 August.

  14. Yaks: It is your democratic right to “wish” people to crying insala, insala each time they see the President. However this is not what the People are wishing, The Miners are saying thank you ECL for keeping jobs, Farmers are saying thank you ECL for delivering farming input on time, Tax drivers, are saying, thank you ECL for working on the roads on CB, The men in uniform are saying thank you for good housing. Covid 19 enemy of progress through out the World. We will give him another 5 years because he is tested. Residence in Zambia is not for those who are bitter, only seeking revenge, NO we want peace with Lungu. Sorry my vote for ECL.

  15. Not long ago when ECL opted to stay indoors mourning his mentor KK, the social media was abuzz with claims that he was an ABSENTEE PRESIDENT and some speculating that he was unwell. Now that the mourning period is over and that the Republican President as assumed his Constitutional mandate of governance by inspecting government projects including COVID 19 compliance by Zambians than the same people want him to stay indoors again.
    What kind of people are you?
    Mind you, he still enjoying the Presidential Constitutional Powers until when he hands over to the next PF Presidential candidate in 2026 or as Mr. Wynter Kabimba ONCE joked that he may hand over to HIM (Mr. Kabimba) or a former (LAW) classmate of his.
    Opposition Members of Parliament had the opportunity of refining the STATUTES in…

    parliament but opted to walk out each time the chance arose. If they were able to defeat the BILL 10, so it was possible to refine other bills without walking out of Parliament.
    I can only see ECL going back PA MUPANDO once again after 12th August. No amount of PETITIONS without evidence but mere PRELIRIMINARIES will change THE OUT COME, shame on you the CRY BABIES.

  17. Campaigning in all the 10 provinces before elections while the opposition is banned from the same by ECZ. I hope SADC and the rest are taking note before declaring a free and fair election.

  18. Ati Elebwelelapo pa mupando — wait a minute Ninshi Alifumapo . So then Pa 12th August the Zambian voters will Just confirm by voting him out Pamu Pando.

  19. Anyone who cannot see this pathetic manoeuvre is myo.pic. What inspections? The man has been to every province ten times in the recent past ‘inspecting projects’. This is another round of the so-called ‘developmental projects visit’, but where he has now accorded himself campaign time in collaboration with the ECZ.

  20. Guys vote PF out….nabaya sana aba bakabwala….campaigning and campaigning in broad day light and nothing ECZ says about this nonsense. Why do we have such people to govern us…??? I hope my fellow bloggers have been encouraging others at home to go and vote PF out. This is purely nonsense when you have banned others in opposition to do the same. Honestly this is shameful indeed.

  21. Guys vote PF out….nabaya sana aba bakabwalala….campaigning and campaigning in broad day light and nothing ECZ says about the nonsense. Why do we have such people to govern us…??? I hope my fellow bloggers have been encouraging others at home to go and vote PF out. This is purely nonsense when you have banned others in opposition to do the same. Honestly this is shameful indeed.

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