Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Most Mwinilunga schools meet Covid-19 requirements, ready for re-opening


The Mwinilunga district Covid-19 emergency response team has conducted an inspection of schools in the area to ascertain their adherence to Covid-19 guidelines and preparedness should schools open soon.

The team, which was led by Mwinilunga acting District Commissioner Kelvin Ndandanda, has since inspected over 20 schools in the ongoing exercise.

Speaking after the inspection of the schools yesterday, Mr. Ndandanda expressed satisfaction with measures which most schools have put in place.

He said the schools in the area are generally ready to resume lessons should the government decide to open schools anytime soon.

He said most of the schools that have been inspected had enough hand washing points, water points, disinfectants, hand sanitizers and temperature measuring tools.

“As district education board and management, we can safely say we are ready for the reopening of schools,” he said.

Mr. Ndandanda said school authorities should however heighten enforcement of Covid-19 preventive guidelines.

“Due to human behaviour, enforcement of the guidelines is still required even when all requirements are met,” he stressed.

He observed that the prolonged closure of the schools has negatively impacted on children in the community and the nation at large.

Mr. Ndandanda said the government would do well to open schools in the area since there were no Covid-19 deaths recorded among pupils and teachers in Mwinilunga.

He has since urged managers of various schools that were inspected to ensure that any loose end is tightened.

Mr. Ndandanda has meanwhile warned that schools which will not have all the requirements in place will remain closed once others re-open.


  1. The DC for Mwinilun’ga District Mr. Kelvin Ndandanda should not get excited and expose pupils to covid-19 pandemic. This covid-19 is real and should not under played for political gain. As I am penning here has not recovered emotionally, as a family we have lost ten relatives due covid-19. I would advise him to look into other things than declaring that the area is safe from covid-19.

  2. Great Job my team but please make sure you are safe. This disease is deadly. We can’t afford to use you our people. Stay blessed

  3. Great Job my team but please make sure you are safe. This disease is deadly. We can’t afford to lose you our people. Stay blessed

  4. Let the kids stay home of at now, don`t try to rush things, you can not buy life anywhere, don`t put the lives of the young ones at risk for the sake of gaining popularity. let this Covid19 be controlled before the kids can go back to school.

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