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President Lungu calls for equity in the mining sector


President Edgar Lungu has said that he wants equity in the manner Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) and Mopani workers are paid their dues.

And President Edgar Lungu says he is going to engage Mineworkers Unions and the Mopani mine management to quicken the process of ensuring all Mopani workers’ entitlements and dues are paid.

President Lungu was speaking in Kitwe when he addressed Mopani Mineworkers and MUZ members at Mopani mine today. He said following the government acquisition of shares in KCM, workers should be given all their dues so they can start afresh.

“I am therefore directing the local authorities, mine unions, and Mopani management to implement the decision to ensure all workers are given the reserved mine land where they should build their own residential houses,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Lungu said the government also wants intervention in the issue of contracts in the mining sector so that no crooked contractors are entertained.

“Some contractors have a tendency of not paying their workers their salaries even when the government has already paid them, hence tarnishing the name of those in authority.

And Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) president, Joseph Chewe has commended President Lungu for giving back the ownership and management of Mopani mine to the Zambians. Mr. Chewe further said workers will also be very happy to see the issues of contracts coming to an end as they want every mine worker to be on a permanent basis.

President Lungu was received to a thunderous welcome by mine union workers and management at the Mopani copper mine.

And President Edgar Lungu was this afternoon received to a thunderous welcome by Chimwemwe residents.

ZANIS reports that the Head of state first toured Nakadoli market to observe compliance to coronavirus (Covid-19) rules and regulations among traders and marketeers.

A multitude of people walked with him, among them Patriotic Front (PF) candidate for Chimwemwe constituency Allen Banda.

President Lungu, with his entourage, later proceeded to Chimwemwe market where walked in the streets to greet people that had lined up along the road.

He made a stop over to sensitize marketeers trading by the roadside at Kamunga on the need to adhere to health guidelines to mitigate the further spread of Covid-19.

President Lungu has meanwhile advised adopted candidates to also include Covid-19 sensitization messages as they go about campaigning in communities.


  1. Desperation for votes! Its to late People have already made up their minds to send ECL and PF packing on August 12. High Cost of Living,PF Corruption, PF Cadre Violence and thuggery, extrajudicial killings, Gassing of Citizens etc have alienated the People from ECL and PF. People are clamouring for a change of Govt on August 12 and they get it. HH and UPND Alliance are ready to Rule this Country. The writing is on the wall.

  2. “I am therefore directing the local authorities, mine unions, and Mopani management to implement the decision to ensure all workers are given the reserved mine land where they should build their own residential houses,” he said.

    And this is working visit…this man has to go!!

  3. Lungu continues to campaign and spread Covid under disguise while his political opponents are severely curbed by unfair rules.

  4. After you have hopped to your next campaign stop our people go home and die of covid. Mulekwatako kalya akabuntu! Be human. Greed will take you nowhere.

  5. He has seen the opportunity and has boldly taken it. like aa good businessman, Lungu is a Good politician. unbeatable

  6. Those who are arguing about the great leadership mukaimwenako of ECL wait till after 12th August.

    Alebwelelapo pamupando again.

  7. ECL is just too good to be beaten on this game,

    Again and again.

    Bapele natumbi

    Bawashe nge chikolopo

    Alebwelelapo pamupando

    Tiye nafunti nafunti.

  8. kapenga – Yes …I am here to drive the message into your thick skulls. If he cared about equity he would appointed qualified people to advise him on how to handle KCM. I hope PF is paying you well to blog as we see this activity every five years on LT I think PF should at least get students from UNZA to blog not kabovas who can’t string up a sentence.

  9. I totally agree with you Tarino! KCM has become a breeding ground for the tribalism Kambwili preaches. A group of Bembas have been hounding other employees. There is total breakdown of Eric’s!

  10. Working Visit my Foot ,Lungu You are Campaigning.You’re on the Campaign Trail.
    Zambians Rise & Fight for a Level Playing Field.
    Stop being a Coward and allow the Opposition to present their Messages to the people.Let the people make an informed Choice.
    We need a Level Playing Field ,Zambians Wake Up & Rise Against this injustice.
    The USA went through Elections at the peak of Covid pandemic,the Opposition should be allowed to go out & fight for Votes

  11. Politics in Zambia has turned to sheeeet . Politicians would come and campaign based on issues.but ever since Paya Farmer took over. there has been a growing trend of old big belly empty headed swindlers kneeling to beg for votes from the poor after which ..the mwankole will jump into his VX . We don’t see such behaviour of kneeling for votes in western world the media too plays a role in shaming such deceptive acts

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