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Anyone saying the PF has failed after 10 years in power is not being truthful-Kambwili


The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) member Chishimba Kambwili has charged that anyone saying the PF has failed after 10 years in power is not being truthful.

Speaking during the part’s first-ever PF virtual rally yesterday, Mr Kambwili said the PF came into power with a 20-year plan to develop the country and uplift the livelihoods of the people.

Mr. Kambwili who is also a PF founder member said the PF came into power with a solid plan because the first thing the party did was to find out where Zambia was lagging behind and came up with a 20-year plan to bring Zambia to greater heights.

“We asked why have we have not created jobs, why have we not created a wealth of our own, why are we depending on donors to pay salaries for civil servants and we found that our country is endowed with so many natural resources that would let the country create its own finances,” he said.

PF SG at the PF Virtual Rally, while Chishimba Kambwili looks on
PF SG at the PF Virtual Rally, while Chishimba Kambwili looks on

Citing the many developmental projects implemented by the PF governments from various sectors such as Energy, Agriculture, Infrastructures and Health among others, Mr. Kambwili said the PF government has built roads, schools, hospitals and increased the country’s electricity generation capacity and diversified various sources of energy and other sectors among others.

“Our plan was that in the 15th year to the 16th year we should completely finish the infrastructure development and then going into the 17th to 18th year we would now start creating industries and planting farm blocks because we would have had enough electricity, we would have had enough schools, we would have had enough roads to lead to these industrial sites,” he said.

He added that the party’s program for developing the country in terms of infrastructure development was for 15 years but the party has achieved so much.

“On the roadside, we’ve created 3,000 roads under link Zambia 8,000 and when you talk about township roads we have done more than 3,000 kilometres and for anyone to say PF has failed at this point, he is being economical with the truth,” he said.

He added that the Zambian people need to give the PF their 20 years and then judge them according to what they would have done, adding that if they did at 10 years they would be putting themselves in problems by taking the development backwards.

“Therefore you need to be very careful, Zambians, after 20 years judge us and if you say PF you have failed, we will gladly walk away,” He said

PF members at the virtual rallies launch
PF members at the virtual rallies launch

Mr Kambwili further urged Zambians to be careful during this year’s elections, saying President Edgar Lungu has managed to run the economy amidst the pandemic, and Zambians must give him massive support.

Mr Kambwili said that the opposition especially the UPND want to take advantage of the suffering of people in order to get into office but nothing will happen this time around.

“Listen to what they say, we need to be very careful, some of them do not mean well,” he said.
Mr Kambwili said that the economy of Zambia cannot be compared to other countries in the region and that Zambia’s economy is doing well, as evidenced by people from other countries are coming to buy commodities in the country.

“They say to know how the prices of commodities are prevailing on the market you need to be an economist, that is nonsense. We buy things in our neighbouring countries and we are able to see how bad their economies are,” Mr Kambwili said.

Mr Kambwili said that those saying that PF must be removed because of prices of commodities are becoming economic with the truth, before adding that the economy of the country is doing well during this period because of achievements made in the energy sector.

Mr Kambwili said that every economy depends on energy for it to be efficient.

“When we came in power in 2011 the country was generating only 16000 megawatts but because of the number of generating points we have put in place more power is being generated,” he said.

Mr Kambwili also cited the road infrastructure which has been rolled out across the country, saying no successful government has created and developed the country in 10 years like PF has done and urged the people of Zambia not to make any mistake to bring in a new government because they will take Zambia backwards.


  1. Kambwili is lying biggly ,in those 10yrs he’s changed colours like a banana.He was a fierce critic of PF not too long a go.



  3. In the 10 years of PF being in the driving seat this country has experienced a down trend in social economic of its well being. Everything has crumbled and all the Once Mighty PF are doing is like fire fighting without tackling the causes of fire. So Kambwili better stop cheap and unsustainable propaganda which can’t wake. Another 5 of PF rule will be hell on earth. Give way to UPND Alliance to drive forward the nation not reverse.

  4. Kambwilil is right, but the problem is that the message is coming from his mouth. The same mouth that criticized PF not long a go.


  6. Is it going to defect to UPND after PF is dismantled next month? It was in NDC but it mistakes to UPND.

  7. Shameless Chishimba Kambwili at it Again. Once again PF turning to the Nation’s Political Lunatic to dispel their Desperate Cries.He is Not the Cure ,but the Disease.This Man has Zero Credibility,integrity & Decency left in him.He is the National Clown,the more they front him ,the Damage he does to Lungu & PF .

  8. PF Disaster in Accumulating National Debt is a Success? Shame, imwe ba Bweleka Bweleka!
    PF should tell us why they are proud of Selling the Country to Foreigners.
    How do they plan to free the Country from the Shackles of DEBT?

  9. After HH wins, Kambwili will go kneeling to HH and say he was squeezed and that is why he was made to say good things about PF.

  10. If he said UPND is taking advantage of Zambians sufferings, then thats a bullet in the foot. Zambians shouldnt be suffering when they have a government that cares for them

  11. We also failed to service debt including the civil servants. Now, we are going to pay on behalf of all civil servants including those who did not get a loan. We will give you three months holiday but find out whether the bank will still deduct from your account… ifyabupuba fye.

  12. “……..saying no successful government has created and developed the country in 10 years like PF has done and urged the people of Zambia not to make any mistake to bring in a new…….”

    Well , ………no successful government has indebted the country with $20 billion in 10 years and gone back to the IMF begging with tails between their legs as their citizens are taxed to the bone and cost of living spirals out of control…….

  13. Chishimba Kambwili belongs to the SEBANI WA IKUTA Band of Shameless Citizens .
    They will Sell their own Mothers for a few Dollars

  14. Zambians are the ones saying it loud and clear that PF has failed them namely high electricity bills, mealie meal from K35 to K150, meat from K30 per Kg to K65 per Kg, transport from K5 to K10 per trip cooking oil from K100 to K250 per 5 litres the list is long and endless

  15. Listen to the Apologiser General, the Patapata-in-chief speaking. He has papatilad to Lungu. ‘Napapata please mwinkaka. Ichisushi nalelandapo, chandi.’
    Now he is healthy, in September he will have BP and diabetes and depression as he is locked up for fraud. Mwamona nomba ba Kambwili!

  16. Kwena, iyo 20 year program ba ECL also knows it or it is just CK who has information. With the trend, cant see a turn around to achieve that plan. Sorry project not viable therefore rejected, next please!!!

  17. CK is very right the PF has delivered in almost all sectors, things are there to see. The Problem with Hatered is that even what is visible people fail to see because they hate you. Which is very unfortnate and thats what we are seing from the Undefive group…Hate

    We will support you CK and the Green Team we know you mean well for the country

  18. There goes the Chief tribalist, trying to avoid being slaughtered in the courts of law. Shameless convict. This is how politicians finish themselves

  19. A REVIEW will be on the minds of voters on 11thAug.
    2011-PF If you Vote for us you will have MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS. Today has anyone got money in his pockets? Most of the people are broke and move around with empty pockets
    2011-PF If you vote for us you will have LOWER TAXES. Today 2021 is anyone enjoying lower taxes? PAYE,ROAD Tax,Cabon tax,Tollgate,Electricity Tariffs,Fuel Levy,& other indirect taxes
    2011-PF If you vote for us, We will creat JOBS for you. Today how many of those Teachers,Nurses graduates from Colleges & and Universities have been employed so far?
    After debursing the Kwacha from K1000–K1, from K5000-K5 & fromK10,000-K10.The rate at that time was K4,500 i.e K4.50 to US Dollar. Today $ 1 USD is close to K23. Solution why not come up with a law or an SI…

  20. PF are walking their song, this is good for ZED. The impact of not constructing Kafue hydropower by MMD is the suffering you are seeing today, PF has put you on the right track by adding 750 MW. To day and tomorrow the suffering is reduced. PF has also added 360 MW thermo power in Sinazongwe, further reducing suffering. PF is forward looking, it is partnering with neighbouring countries to produce more power. ANglo American abandoned our mines, MMD privatised our industries, this is the suffering to which we are exposed to day. PF does not accept putting mines under unnecessary care and maintenance, has also grabbed KCM back to ZAmbians, increased Zambia participation in the mines, all these will grow our economy. PF has brought ZAMTEL back to Zambia signalling a better Zambia, Anglo…

  21. Anglo American have realised that they made a mistake to leave Zambia, to day their hope is HH. Do not vote for HH.

  22. We’re you not one of them who used to say ediga has lamentably failed until you had court cases pile up on you.

  23. Mopani and KCM and technically on care and maintence. ASK our brothers who used to work for group R, Murray & Roberts, Redpath, Rig resources and other big contractors where they are? Words of politicians are like lyashi lya mukasachu, only….believe them as truth

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