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Fire Brigade stop suicide attempt in Mpika


A quick response from the Fire Brigade team of Mpika district, Muchinga Province, yesterday save a 35-year-old mentally challenged man of Lavushimanda district from committing suicide.

The 35 year old man of Lavushimanda district, climbed a 30 meter-long energized 330-kilovolt pylon, in an attempt to commit suicide.

The incident resulted in a power blackout of over three hours in Muchinga and parts of Northern Province, as the rescue team took time negotiating with the man, in an effort to try and make him rescind his decision.

Lavushimanda District Commissioner Yvonne Chisenga has confirmed the development to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Chinsali today.

Ms Chisenga said the man identified as Dason Besa, 35, of Kapoto area in Chilomba village, was spotted by members of the public climbing the ZESCO pylon located on the Great North Road, on the stretch between Lavushimanda and Mpika .

She narrated that the incident was quickly reported to the district authorities who quickly mobilised a rescue team and emergency vehicles.

She said the district authorities in Lavushimanda further sought help from the Mpika Fire Brigade to help with the rescue.

Ms Chisenga said a rescue team comprising health personnel, firefighters and the Lavushimanda district administration, coordinated by the District administrative Officer Martin Chilukwa, managed to rescue the man at about 15:30 hours yesterday.

Ms. Chisenga who commended the Mpika Fire Brigade team, for their bravery and skills, said the team managed to tie the man right at the top of the pylon before bringing him down to a waiting ambulance.

The District Commissioner also applauded the community for their quick response in saving a life and urged them to continue being vigilant and safe guarding each other’s lives and public property.


  1. If the picture shown is of the man, then the report should state that quick action by ZESCO to switch off the line saved the man’s life.

  2. BaBemba buKolwe too much, they think that they have skills to climb every erect object, including a live pylon wheeling high voltage power. They should have left him alone, he would have made rendezvous with his God yesterday.

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