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President Lungu expected in Kapiri Mposhi

General News President Lungu expected in Kapiri Mposhi

President Edgar Lungu is tomorrow expected in Kapiri Mposhi district for a one day working visit.

Central Province Permanent Secretary, Bernard Chomba has confirmed this to ZANIS in Kapiri Mposhi saying the President is expected to land at Kapiri Mposhi Basic School grounds at 08:45 hours.

Mr Chomba said President Lungu is expected to tour Tambalale market and the newly constructed Kapiri Mposhi Bus Terminus and later on pay a visit to Matiliyo Clinic.

President Lungu is also on expected to meet Chief Nkole of the Swaka speaking people and the clergy before addressing Patriotic Front (PF) party officials at Kapiri Mposhi Day Secondary School.

The President will later in the day depart for Lusaka.

Meanwhile, Chief Chiwanangala of the Bisa speaking people of Chilubi district has urged Zambians not to experiment with leadership as they go to vote in next month’s general election.

The traditional leader said people should vote for leaders who have been tested and have a track record of delivering.

“I am appealing to Zambians to choose credible leaders, people who have proven and who we know can deliver development” he said.

He has since pledged to support the Patriotic Front (PF) government and its candidates in the coming election.

Chief Chiwanangala said the PF government under the leadership of President Lungu has brought a number of developments in the area which previous governments failed to deliver.

He said those criticizing the PF government do not mean well for the country.

Chief Chiwanangala was speaking at his palace in Chilubi today when Northern Province Presidential Campaign Manager, Geoffrey Mwamba called on him.

And Mr Mwamba has assured Chief Chiwanangala that President Edgar Lungu values the contribution of traditional leaders due to their critical role they play in national development.

He also thanked the traditional leader for recognising the developments the PF government has delivered in the chiefdom.

Mr Mwamba stated that President Lungu is an experienced leader, adding that Zambians should give him another mandate to govern the country so that he can finish the developmental projects he has started.

Later Mr Mwamba received 60 defectors from the United Party for National Development (UPND) who joined the ruling Patriotic Front.


  1. Chief Covid spreader himself.

    I urge the opposition to intensify distribution of masks in all these places Lungu is visiting.

    Let us all support this effort by Lungu to go everywhere in the country to make sure covid rules are being adhered to.

    Vote wisely.

  2. When you have under performed …you panic when elections as near..imagine FIC Report dictates that K2 billion was lost last year through corruption and this Lungu that doesnt hurt him. Give him 5 more years and his ministers will graduate to procuring Boeing Commercial Jets

  3. After a success trip to the south last week, I am now headed north. I am on the ground with my tough team. These elections are ours. I can feel the support and energy. We look forward to receiving eagle 1

  4. Oh good, just so it’s a “working visit”, busy laboring away for the people of Zambia! Surely nothing to do with campaigning for yourself or the party, right boss?

    How exactly addressing “Patriotic Front (PF) party officials” is the nation’s official business and nothing like a campaign rally is a little beyond me but suppose that’s why you’re in charge…

  5. Fellow Zambian’s, how much is it COSTING us for Greedy Lungu to have an “OUTBREAK OF TOURS” in the middle of a global pandemic called COVID-19.
    COVID-19 is happening now, the tour’s can come even after a year. Or it’s last minute looting by Lungu.

  6. Mr Edigar Chagwa Lungu,while in Kapiri Mposhi
    Find time to APOLOGISE to the people go the following
    1. Apologise for Plunging Zambia into a $20 Billion Debt Mountain
    2.Apologise for the Fire Tenders
    3.Apologise for the $1.5 Billion Chinese Corruptly Procured Overpriced Lusaka Ndola Road
    4.Apologise for Gassing citizens,Murder of Nsama Nsama ,Vespers & Joseph Kaunda
    5.Apologise for turning Zambia Police into a PF Sponsored Terrorist Organisation
    6.Apologise for the $300 Million Presidential Jet
    I can go on & on


  7. Address party officials then meet chiefs who’ve pledged to support your PF on a “working visit ” really? Bwana Lungu please stop the lies and the shameless campaign disguise.

  8. Its unfortunate this chief does not know the current affairs.We shall show him that a new broom sweeps better. We shall take him on tour of the country to see how people are suffering.

  9. His is bidding farewell to all parts of the country. We shall pay his graduity and take care of him as our former 6th President. He has done his part. Go well Sir. We love you. Bye

  10. Does ECL have a budget for his Domestic Travels? The Man has been flying to Provinces Campaigning for years under the guise of “working visits ” and inspecting Projects. These numerous travels cost a lot of Taxpayers Money which ECL doesn’t seem to mind. Its austerity for the People and not for him. ECL and PF Govt’s Fiscal indiscipline is scary. How can People condone this Wastefulness by voting for him. Zambians will be making a grave error to give ECL an illegal Third Term. The writing is on the wall.

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