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Do not to allow PF to steal your votes, Liswaniso urges electorates in Lundazi

Feature Politics Do not to allow PF to steal your votes,...

United Party for National Development(UPND) Youth Chairman Gilbert Liswaniso has urged the electorates in Lundazi of Eastern Province not to allow the Patriotic Front to steal their votes, adding that failure to protect their votes is another five years of economic misery.

“With only a few days remaining to polls day, on 12 th August 2021 dont fear anyone especially the PF and the police we have not committed any crime but funny enough according to them it is a crime when we are campaigning to redeem ourselves and helping them also to appreciate the leadership of HH a man with love for humanity,” he said.

Wake up early in the morning to vote for HH and l repeat protect your votes until he is announced winner”.

The UPND National Youth Chairman corrected what he called a falsehood by the Patriotic Front that UPND once in government will scrap off Social Cash Transfer, saying that it is in the manifesto that UPND shall depoliticise the social cash transfer scheme and increase budget allocation.

“HH is on record admonishing PF of stealing social cash transfer meant for the older people, persons living with disabilities, and other vulnerable groupings.
UPND is going to increase money for social cash transfer” Mr. Liswaniso assured.

In another development, UPND National Youth Coordinator Sandra Malumbe Mofu said time is here for change of life for all Zambians with Hakainde Hichilema sworn in as 7 th Republican President.

“When we talk about protect your votes which is a chorus song it means redeeming yourselves, quality education for our children, rebuilding and reuniting Zambia,” Ms said.

And UPND National Youth Deputy Secretary Lungowe Lubaba encouraged the youths to remain strong as election victory is certain with UPND for all.

“Remain strong, check on each other every day, and ensure voter’s card and NRC kept well, they are your democratic weapons and victory for 12th August 2021” she encouraged.


  1. Who can steal zero votes? Upnd need to wake up to reality. Even hh wlfe will be voting pf secretly

  2. Kikikiki, Please you can bring your blankets and pillows and sleep at the polling stations.You can go and hire Scotland yard, South African Police , even FBI and CIA if you so wish to guard all the polling stations. PF voters after voting will be enjoying a beer, wine, whisky brand, katata, katubi etc and celebrate the victory. We will see your 23 MPs in parliament.

  3. I truly hope for Edgar China Lungu that he has his escape planned for August 13 – the presidential plane fueled up, couple of guys with AK47 ready, and then fly to E-swatini to the presidential hell hole he built with Zambian tax payers money. You can keep the plane Edgar, we don’t want it anymore, we don’t want stolen property! BTW take some mealie meal with you, they don’t have that in E-swatini!

  4. Come with your torches , lamps and candles and enough food to eat. Do not forget your bedsheets pillows and blankets. Bring laptops too. Us we shall be in the pubs celebrating our victory . We have already won. We shall meet your 23 MPs in parliament.

  5. PF is like an Ostrich burying its head in the sand so they can’t notice that Macmillan’s wind of Change is blowing across Zambia. PF former Strongholds have changed from Green to Red. PF can’t win a Credible Election in Zambia. They have to rely on Election Rigging. The People and UPND Alliance are determined this time around to protect the Vote at all costs. Unless PF change their Election Rigging tactics Polling Stations this Election Season will turned into War Zones. The Elections will be declared not free,fair and credible by the International Community. The writing is on the wall.

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