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Every citizen is free to settle anywhere in any Chiefdoms-President Lungu

General News Every citizen is free to settle anywhere in any Chiefdoms-President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has said that he is taken aback by reports that some citizens are being kicked out from chiefdoms on the pretext that they don’t hail from there. Speaking when he met Chief Nkole of the Swaka speaking people in Kapiri Mposhi district, President Lungu said the trend is unacceptable and should not be allowed to continue.

He said every citizen is free to settle anywhere provided they ascribe to the norms and rules of the chiefdoms they choose to settle in. The Head of State said discriminating someone because they are not indigenous to particular chiefdom may lead to ethnic cleansing.

“We have community leaders who should help us to bring people together. We are all indigenous Zambians and we are one Zambia one nation. What I can tell you is that if you give us to settle in your Chiefdom we become your subjects and we should ascribe to the norms and rules of the chiefdom,” President Lungu said.

“You have no right to kick them out because they don’t hail from here. The thing of saying this one is non-indigenous is unacceptable. It will bring ethic cleansing and will not be allowed ,” He said.
And President Lungu has assured chiefs that Government will continue to look into their affairs by providing the necessary support.

President Lungu also pledged to address the transport and accommodation challenge being faced by Chief Nkole.

“I want to assure you that we care about your welfare so much that we even setup the ministry of chiefs and traditional affairs. I want to appeal to the Lalas, Swakas who come from here to come on board and supplement Government’s efforts in helping the chiefs, we say this because the responsibility of looking after the chiefs is not only for the State but sons and daughters who hail from here and the subjects who live in these areas including those that have come to settle here and have made it there home,” The Head of State said.

Chief Nkole of the Swaka
Chief Nkole of the Swaka

And, President said he is saddened by the unprecedented death of chiefs some of whom have succumbed to Covid-19. He said it is for this reason that chiefs should partner with Government in sensitizing citizens to adhere to Covid-19 health guidelines so that they are safe.

“We mourn with you on the passing on of your brothers. We have seen unprecedented deaths among our traditional leaders and never in the history of Zambia have we lost so many chiefs in a short period of time and indeed the Government is worried and we are mourning with you,” President Lungu said.

“We know that some are succumbing to the dreaded Covid-19 disease which has hit this country and the globe at large. It is, for this reason, we have embarked on sensitization on the measures to prevent this disease. We would like to ask your royal highnesses to work with us in sensitizsing the communities so that they take measures to protect themselves because working together we can reduce the number of Covid – 19 cases,” He said.

Meanwhile, the Clergy in Kapiri Mposhi District have denounced political party leaders promoting violence. Kapiri Mposhi Christain Ministers Fellowship Chairman Bishop, Jason Msoni says the clergy will work to ensure voters turn out in large numbers on poll day.

He says the church in the district will also continue supporting and working with the government of the day. Bishop Msoni further called for more developmental programs for the church.

Another Man of God Pastor Robert Phiri added that the church will continue praying for peace during and after the August 12th general elections. And President Edgar Lungu says his party will continue working with the church to bring more development in the country.

He says his government will continue leaning on the church for the betterment of the country.

The Head of State further called on the church to also pray for other political party leaders so that they may promote peace and unity in the country.


  1. Campaigns in full gear, and others are stopped. Where are these observer missions. The electoral process is not on the voting day only. This is not good at all. I am PF but not happy with the way we are treating other parties

  2. Hypocrite Edgar China Lungu. “saddened” about the deaths of all those chiefs who died from Covid-19, while he is SINGLE HANDEDLY responsible for the totally failing strategy to fight the pandemic. Just waiting for foreign donors to hand out vaccines, while “empowerment” money is going to those godforsaken criminal cadres! This CORRUPT president hasn’t even paid for ONE shot! Blo0dy hypocrite!

  3. This is being influenced by the upnd party who are using dirty tactics to spread division and hate. I have raised this with our secret investigation wing. My president don’t even worry about this

  4. This man is a real let down, he is campaigning and stopping others. Archbishop Mpundu once said if we are not in a dictatorship then we are just about to be there, and here we are, full blown

  5. What does Swaka sound like? I have been to Kapiri Mposhi and all I heard being spoken was Bemba, so if this is a chief of the ‘Swaka speaking people’ he must have fewer than a dozen people to chief over.

  6. It’s quite easy to get customary land in many parts of Zambia. Chiefs or their representatives will only ask for your NRC, where you have come from, marital status and why you want to settle in their chiefdom and usually the most response is farming. But in 2 provinces they’ll go further and ask if there’s no land where you hail from. And that’s it! Your application is not successful unless you show them some kind of paper from Lusaka with directives to be allocated land. That’s why there are very few settlers from other regions


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