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Antonio Mwanza rubbishes the latest Financial Intelligence report indicating that K 2.2 billion has been stolen

Economy Antonio Mwanza rubbishes the latest Financial Intelligence report indicating that K...

Patriotic Front (PF) Media Director Antonio Mwanza has rubbished the latest Financial Intelligence report indicating that K 2.2 billion has been stolen as reported by the Financial Intelligence Centre.

Speaking when he featured on a paid-for radio program on Radio Phoenix last evening, Mr. Mwanza said that the 2.2 billion being reported by the FIC to have been lost is simply money suspected to have been stolen and there’s no evidence to that effect.

Mr. Mwanza further explained that it is not the mandate of the Financial Intelligence Centre to give unverified Intelligence information to the media adding that it is for this reason that only two cases have been prosecuted in the courts out of the numerous cases they have given to the media.

“What the Intelligence Centre is doing releasing unverified, unreliable intelligence Information is Professional indiscipline,” Mr. Mwanza charged.

Mr. Mwanza has reiterated that President Lungu and the PF government remains committed to the fight against corruption and that it is for this reason that the PF government has strengthened and invested heavily in institutions that fight corruption such as improving the worker’s condition of service among others.

Mr. Mwanza further disclosed that immediately after President Lungu is sworn in after the August polls, the PF government will introduce integrity committees in every Ministry to help identify areas which people have been using as rupe holes to steal money from the government as well as identifying individuals involved in corruption.

The PF Media Director further stressed that President Lungu has demonstrated leadership in the fight against corruption by not shielding any of his cabinet ministers who were alleged to have been involved in corruption and allowed the due process of the law to take its course.


  1. That I accept but sorry to those who thought the report will buy them votes.

    Sorry alebwelelapo sorry

  2. This FIC unit has done nothing to help Zambia other than exciting the social media all over the world. Whom do they even expect to come and point at the thieves they claim to have had found?.
    Instead of exciting the eavesdroppers we have in Zambia we expect this unit to lead the ACC and the DEC to wherever they found those monies going.
    At least let’s have seriousness in these institutions for once. It all ends like a book of Mulenga and Jelita.

  3. Is there anybody in PF, anybody at all, just ONE person, who knows how to speak the truth???

  4. This group of girls and boys who thinks they’re running an online dating platform must be disbundled. So if I ask what’s the update on the previous reports, what has been recovered and what measures did they together with ACC and DEC put up to rectify things?. They’re simply wasting my tax.

  5. Oh my God how can you discredit something like an FIC Report…this is data collected from Banks and transfers…we can not continue with this trend. He is even lucky most of the data has been hidden like the PEPs and their lawyers who handled these transactions because Lazy Lungu has placed stooges in that department. I dont understand how these people dont feel any pain or anger at this type of money being lost.

  6. This is the usual PF tactic discredit or deny everything but dont give the other party to respond if they do they are not patriotic…brace yourself if Lazy Lungu wins this amounts will keep raising every year and he will not care one bit.

  7. PF is very lucky the opposition is not savvy enough on how to handle such information to their advantage …PF will sideline them with tribalism talk.

  8. FIC is just a bunch of overzealous western controlled c00ns. No evidence= rubbish. You cannot accuse people without solid evidence. Even me I can simply write a report which says all FIC workers are pedophiles. Would you believe me without solid evidence? FUSEKE !!!!

  9. The PF is a successful party. It has made corruption acceptable in Zambia and even turned it into a vote-winning tool. Well done PF.

  10. One million dollar each fire engines, 16 million dollar expired medicines, substandard condoms, night gassings of citizens all these are no problem to the PF. Alebwelelapo pamupando. Surely this sounds like success.

  11. Every year the theft of corn on the farmer’s field keeps getting bigger and bigger whilst his harvest reduces and every year the Velvet Monkey Edgar incharge of security keeps denying it. Meanwhile Edgar has put on so much weight he can not even chase after thieves.

  12. Firstly, FIC trends report is not a political too for the party in government or opposition.
    Antonio Mwanza rubbishing it makes him an even bigger 1di0t. What he should have is provide understanding to lay people. I listened to his interview on Phoenix FM, and as expected he was as clueless as Chimweka, and he took advantage of that.

  13. Firstly, FIC trends report is not a political too for the party in government or opposition.
    Antonio Mwanza rubbishing it shows he doesn’t know anything. What he should have done is provide understanding to lay people. I listened to his interview on Phoenix FM, and as expected he was as clueless as Chimweka, and he took advantage of that.

  14. As usual the UK based troll KZ is not reading the article. He says “no evidence”. But my dear KZ all the information gathered came from GOVERNMENT sources, so that is from YOUR OWN hopeless incompetent PF cadres. So we should NOT believe your own party? But is that not what we are saying all along??? And by the way, no I don’t think that you are a paedophile. You only know how to lie about the miniscule size of your lawnmower.

  15. IS IT THE NATURA OF ZAMBIAN OR ITS BECAUSE WE HAVE TOO MANY SO-CALLED EDUCATED FUULS, WHOSE INTELLIGENCE LEVEL DOESNT DIFFER FROM AN UNEDUCATED PERSON. I DON’T MEAN TO DEMEAN THE UNEDUCATED, BECAUSE YOU HAVE A BUNCH WHO CAN THINK CRITICALLY THAN THESE SO-CALLED EDUCATED ELITES. The fact that ECL has not acted on previous FIC reports, does NOT DISQUALIFY or DEVALUE the FIC REPORT ISSUED NOW AND in FUTURE. How can you not understand this? When we say there is corruption, which is going on untamed and nothing is being done about it, this is just a perfect example that the FIC report is not acted on. NOW, instead of you pushing the GRZ to ACT, you are taking the least resistance stance, and that is to condemn the production of FIC Report, are you normal?

  16. Yaba Mwaiche Antonia Mwanza you are shooting yourself in the foot. In breath you are rubbishing FIC but before you even finish you are admitting that after 12/08/21 when President is sworn in for the 3rd time he is going to seal all loop holes which have been in existence to stop people from stealing from the treasury and stop corruption. I think Antonio Mwanza is under intense heat and can’t stand resulting into giving uncoordinated statements. No matter how hard Antonia Mwanza will try to defend the Once Mighty PF nothing will change because THINGS HAVE FALLEN APART FOR THE ONCE MIGHTY PF. People are going to PACK AND SEE YOU OFF FROM POWER. Lets not belittle those men and women at FIC there is no way they can just try to grow hair on an egg. Mind you transactions have a trail from…

  17. I see the point. FIC was not instituted by the government of Zambia, it was instituted by the CIA and MI5. The PFGRZ has nothing to do with it. That is why after 10 years in power, come August 2021, the PFGRZ ‘will introduce integrity committees.’ After the cows have left the kraal and the monkeys have finished the field, the PF will now lock the kraal and fence off the field. They have stolen enough to live happily ever after.


  19. The PF should forget about the IMF bailout.
    If you vote for the PF, Zambia will end up worse than Zimbabwe.
    So vote wisely.

  20. 2.2 mwa something is not properly accounted for, its in personal accounts, is subject of theft, inflated trendprenuers or what? that is clearly not the function of the FIC….as previously stated in proper corridors the appointment of certain persons is questionable and even of their intentions are well conceived they must be professional….thats all…do you job and do it well…carry out a trends analysis…’missing cash’ sent to the auditors…

  21. Lungu will be screaming….

    ” mfwiti, mfwiti,.”

    When asked about this …… that is if you can catch him to ask him.

    Other wise , it is business as usual for lungu and his GRZ …….

    loot , steal , deny , ask for evidence, threaten to sue but not sue, deny , borrow then loot again…..

  22. The guilty are afraid and defensive. This has happened every year – thefts and then denials because no institution has the guts to follow these up. All have either been bought or shut up with veiled threats. The same with the Auditor-Generals report. Every year it shows misappropriation of funds in ministries. It seats on ECL’s desk and nothing comes of it – and then we simply wait for the following year’s report. It’s clear from the wealth that has been flaunted by officials, not long after assuming office, that huge amounts have been syphoned off. In league with civil servants off course and other ‘investment’ players.

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