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Council of Churches in Zambia Condemns the special treatment being accorded to politicians attending church gatherings

Headlines Council of Churches in Zambia Condemns the special treatment being accorded...

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has condemned the special treatment accorded to politicians who attend church gatherings, to the point of allowing them on the pulpit.

The church mother body has also condemned churches and members of the clergy who are in the habit of endorsing political candidates or parties ahead of the August 12 general elections, saying such actions depart from the calling of the church.

CCZ President, Saulos Phaika has also reminded political players that politics should be a battle of ideologies, showcasing what a political party stands for and not a platform to engage in violence.

Reverend Phaika has reminded the church of its non-partisan stance and the need to uphold its integrity as a core value in promoting peace and unity in the country.

He was speaking in Chipata district during a meeting dubbed “Youths against political violence” aimed at building peace amongst different political players.

Reverend Phaika noted that CCZ strongly condemns acts of political affiliation by those in the church saying it has continued engaging the clergy to desist from such.

He added that politicians who attend church gatherings should occupy seats like ordinary congregants and not be allowed on the pulpit.

“This should be done in order for the church to maintain autonomous and also avoid causing conflict amongst church members,” he said.

Rev. Phaika says CCZ further, regrets and condemns the political violence that is being experienced in the country.

Rev. Phaika said the violence being experienced is an indication that the country is losing its sense of unity and such should be halted.

“People are being harassed in bus stations, markets, and communities in general, hate speech, tribalism, regionalism, are almost becoming the new normal,” he said.

To this effect the church mother body has bemoaned a perceived non- decisive action from the police, alleging that the inaction from the law enforcers is making some people think they are above the law.

“I want to remind all political players and various stakeholders to take these matters seriously and always remember that when peace is lost it is difficult to regain. Therefore, we should not take this peace for granted,” he advised.

Rev Phaika further reminded the media to be actively involved in the fight against political violence as the country heads to the polls on August 12th.

He noted that the media plays an integral role in transforming society given the power it possesses in agenda setting and general information sharing.

Meanwhile, Vince Chipatuka, who is Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Programme Manager said his organization is partnering with the church to ensure violence free elections this year.

“We understand the importance of peace, peace is a prerequisite in the attainment of development, hence the reason why we are pushing this agenda,” he said.

The program for “Youths against political violence” meeting in Chipata is a replica of similar meetings in Lusaka, China, Kitwe and Solwezi.

The meetings are being conducted under the theme “Let us have a violence free election”.


  1. Finally a proper response from a church body. What a difference from all those church leaders who felt they had to respond to receiving huge sums of “empowerment” from Edgar China Lungu!

  2. The Church is the biggest failure in the system. All these politicians belong to one church or another. Every sunday or saturday all these politicians and cadres come to church . You must ask yourself as a church why the same people you preach to in church go out to pick pangas, machets and other weapons. The same people who were dancing together and drinking the blood of the lord and eating the eucharist go out few hour later and start insulting each other. IT ALL SHOWS THAT THE CHURCH HAS FAILED IN ITS PREACHING WORK. IT IS TIME THE CHURCH REVIEWED HOW TO CONVINCE ITS MEMBERS TO RESPECT EACH OTHER AND BE PEACEFUL.

  3. It’s the Zambians who sometimes lack reasoning capacity, they get too excited about a politician going to their church. Pastors and reverends have totally lost it and nothing is sacred anymore, there is no holy ground, churches are market places for traders. We need more like this reverend who can speak without fear of man.

  4. I agree that all politicians who attend church regardless of position or influence should sit with other members in the pews and submit to the leadership of that particular church…and even the sermons should be as planned not where some poeple get excited and start making false prophetic pronouncement just because some apiring is around!!!

  5. Destroy the rigged system that allowed so few to build extreme wealth. People who elect corrupt politicians are not victims but accomplices

  6. At last some patriotic and solid Reverend has spoken without fear or favor. I just feel Eastern province is for HH to lose. In this province, I find true and genuine clergymen who mean well for Zambia and Zambia who want to emphasize that the church should be separate from government hence no other clergymen should be endorsing political candidates anyways. … I like this it make me happy that there are a few good minds out there. With HH ni Zambia forward. Amen brother.


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