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Uphold COVID-19 measures-President Lungu

General News Uphold COVID-19 measures-President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has urged market managements and associations to start sensitising traders and members of the general public accessing markets to uphold COVID-19 health guidelines to prevent the further spread of the virus in the country.

President Lungu advised market management to ensure that anyone entering markets is masked-up.

President Lungu said this in Kapiri Mposhi district when he distributed face masks and other COVID-19 preventive materials and sensitised traders at Tambalale market on the need to observe COVID-19 health measures.

President Lungu noted that the COVID-19 pandemic was getting more severe considering the rate of infection and number of lives being lost from it in the country.

“Government is concerned that COVID-19 is getting more and more lethal so for us to fight this virus we need to work together with the Ministry of Health and the council to ensure that everyone entering the markets are encouraged to wear face masks and are upholding COVID-19 preventive measures,” President Lungu said.

President Lungu further urged market authorities to make ready COVID-19 preventive materials such as face masks, sanitisers and washing buckets to traders.

The Head of State said government through the Ministry of Health and Local Authorities has intensified the implementation of COVID-19 health measures and provision of vaccines against the viral disease in order to safeguard lives of the people.

And Tambalele Market Chairperson, Lyson Milala thanked President Lungu for distributing face masks and taking time to sensitise traders on COVID-19.

Mr Milala further commended government for constructing a modern market in Kapiri Mposhi district.

Mr Milala noted that through the construction of Tambalale market government has provided a conducive trading environment for traders in the district.

“We thank our President for giving us this market because we used to trade on the floor,” Mr Milala said.

Mr Milala assured President Lungu of marketeers’ support in the 2021 general elections because he has delivered to their expectations in the district.

Meanwhile, Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) National Coordinator, Chanda Kabwe disclosed that DMMU has secured funding to empower marketeers across the ten provinces in the country to start manufacturing reusable face masks for distribution to members of the public.

Mr Chanda said DMMU has allocated K 5 Million to marketeers in each Province to empower them by venturing into production of reusable face masks.

Mr Kabwe has since called on Provincial Permanent Secretaries and Provincial Market Associations’ Coordinators to identify marketeers who have sewing machines to be empowered with funds to start manufacturing face masks.

“The President is very clear that the people in the informal sector are very key to national development so human capital is number one on government’s development agenda so we want to make sure that everyone is not left behind and this is not the first time we are empowering marketeers themselves,” Mr Kabwe said.

President Edgar Lungu was in Kapiri Mposhi today for a day’s working visit.

The President who was given a thunderous welcome by Kapiri Mposhi residents arrived at exactly 10:20 hours aboard the Presidential Chopper which landed at Kapiri Mposhi Secondary School grounds.

The Head of State toured Tambalele market and inspected the newly constructed Kapiri Mposhi Bus station before proceeding to Matililyo clinic where he checked on the clinics preparedness to handle COVID-19 cases.

President Lungu was received by Central Province Permanent Secretary, Bernard Chomba, Central Province PF Campaign Chairperson Jayson Mulando and Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) National Coordinator, Chanda Kabwe, District Commissioner, Smart Mwila and other senior Governemnt and PF Party officials.


  1. if the president can address such a serious issue via T.V ,it would still be heard loud and clear.

  2. Very wise advice. Tarino I don’t see my president isolating because of covid unlike your prime minister there in UK. Your prime minister even caught covid in past and again he is isolating we hear. Why don’t you occupy yourself with your whlte masters there abroad

  3. Edgar China Lungu being at its most hypocritical: super spreading the virus at all markets and then saying that people have to stick to the rules! One set of rules for the most unproductive and incompetent PF president the country has ever had, and another set of rules for the rest of us!

  4. So him going there under the pretext of distributing masks and receiving a thunderous welcome afterwards going to inspect markets, clinics is ok but when HH went to distribute the same way he receives a police call out.

  5. I am very sorry but I don’t respond to silly UK based trolls/ impostors pretending to be in Lusaka.
    Thank you!

  6. Here you are campaigning. Ntewewe was insulting American charge d affairs the other day that he is interfering in our country, the same americans have sent us Johnson and Johnson vaccine and you cant admonish him but encouraging people to get vaccines from Americans insulted by lost Ntewewe, your cadre

  7. I can tell you this is a bad President, but God does not sleep. You stop others campaigning and you are out yourself campaigning, then these observer missions should come and say the elections were free and fair, just How

  8. @8 A bad president can’t build roads, bridges, hospitals/health centres, schools, universities- you name it he has built it.

    • Continue eating, just in case you have jumped off the bus we cant eat the things you are mentioning, we are hungry, we were not hungry when mealie meal was at K30 under the MMD

  9. Destroy the rigged system that allowed so few to build extreme wealth. People who elect corrupt politicians are not victims but accomplices

  10. There was a time when people were saying, ‘Mr President please address the nation on Covid.’ The praise singers and so on defended the man. They said that he does not need to say anything. There are professionals at the MOH who are doing it. But, no, he was waiting for a chance to use Covid as a cover for HIM ALONE to campaign while prohibiting others. This is the most wicked President Zambia has ever had. I wonder how he sleeps at night. His ruthless cruelty is beyond understanding and even Hitler would blush. He is as subtle as the snake that tempted Eve.

  11. Good leadership. We need each other to fight the virus. We wash our hands with running water. Wash a soft drink can with running water before drinking soft drink, do the same with a beer can, roast bread before eating it. Use loud speaker when using a land phone. Do not use toilet tissue inside the toilet to clear your nose. Heat fast food before eating. War against virus is real. Take care. Vote ECL for better tomorrow.

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